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Emily: A Very Special Placement for IMPS - 15 Mar
--- Emily Jane - 20 Mar
Pics from John - 18 Mar
J.D.'s Story (long) - 29 Mar
Imps two brothers in Atlanta - 11 Apr
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Tiny & Spencer - 14 Apr
--- Spencer-Smile Update - 15 Apr
--- Tiny & Spencer's "Grandma" - 16 Apr
Pic of Giselle from Lynn - 16 Apr
Tiny has a home!!! - 17 Apr
More Atlanta Pins! - 22 Apr
Atlanta Pin's (Simon Update) - 26 Apr
A note about Butch - 13 May
Butch update - 18 May
Pics of Tiny - Rescue Poster Child - 20 May
Pics of J.D. (Rusty) - 20 May
Two Pins in Atlanta need homes - 28 May
--- Spencer update - 29 May
Giselle / Agility Pics - 22 June
Spencer Pics - 22 June
Pics from IMPS Atlanta - 6 Aug
IMPS Atlanta pics (inc. Max the Rescue) - 9 Aug

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Emily: A Very Special Placement for IMPS

Mon, 15 Mar 1999 16:28:30 EST - from IMPS Atlanta

This is the story of how Emily found a home, or probably more appropriately: how a home found Emily. A couple of months ago, in February, everyone may remember reading a touching email from a mother and daugher (& daughter's fiancee) in Panama City, Florida. The mother, Sherry, described a particularly hard year in 1998 for them both, as she had lost both her husband and son to a very rare tumor, both within 6 months of each other. She inquired about a rescue for her daughter, Jennifer, who had fallen in love with her Uncle's MinPin. They had specifically requested a black and tan, hopefully before the March 17th anniversary of the son's death. Both homes were approved at this point as Sherry and Jennifer currently live together before Jennifer gets married in May.

Finally we were able to get all the details worked out and both Sherry and Jennifer have been waiting for a new "furkid". This is where Emily comes in.

Emily is an owner give up out of South Carolina. She is 10 month olds, b/t, docked, not cropped, 12 inches tall and 12 pounds. Kathy, the current owner, is heartbroken to give up her obedience trained pup that reportedly loves toilet paper still on the roll!!! However, due to her life circumstances at this time, she is unable to keep Emily. We also understand that Emily is quite a jumper and requires a 6 foot fence, as she has been known to climb Kathy's 4 foot fence!!

That's were Sherry, Jennifer & Lady (their lab) come in...... they tell us that they are soooooo excited to get Emily. AND they have a 6 foot fence!! They will be driving up from Panama City to Atlanta, a 6-7 hour drive on Saturday, to claim her. IMPS Atlanta will be meeting Kathy in east Georgia on Saturday. We will then chauffer her to Atlanta and will be stopping to have a microchip implant done on the way! SHEW!!! Talk about logistics and planning...... We will meet Sherry in Atlanta late on Saturday for Emily's final "leg" to her new home in sunny Florida. (We wish we could go!)

We are glad we had a part in making the March 17th anniversary a happier day for both Sherry and Jennifer. This is, after all, why we do rescue work!

Thanks to Petie for her help on this rescue and thanks to MinPinDad for being "on call" for duty at a moments notice.

John, Lynn, Brutus & Giselle
(IMPS Atlanta)

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Emily Jane
Click here for previous posts on Emily.

Sat, 20 Mar 1999 20:03:37 EST - from Lynn

Tonight John and I turned over Emily Jane to her new owners' Mom, Sherry. She drove all the way from Panama City to claim her. Once she entered the house and figured out which one Emily was (there were three here that simply rushed her as she came throught the door)....she said, "Wow, she's so pretty". Emily has such a good nature, she went right to her. The girl we picked her up from this morning, Kathy, gave up baby pictures and a little "book" entitled Emily 101 so that the new family can get to know her. In it, she covered absolutely EVERYTHING they would need to know about Emily. Sherry swore that once they get home, they will take pictures and send them to us so we can post them on the internet at the Saluki site (Mag's site) for everyone to see......of course, that's if they can catch her long enough to get a picture....she's quite an active little girl!!!!

It looks as though the previous owner and the new owner will be in touch as this was an "open" adoption. We were glad to be a part of it.

IMPS Atlanta
(John, Lynn, Brutus, Giselle) (all very tired puppies)

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Pics from John

Thu, 18 Mar 1999 - from John


This is Giselle aka "Snif-in-it" Lynn's dog..


John's Brutus


This is a rescue we did with Kelli the new owner 5 minutes after they met!
(Read on for an email from Kelli or Click here for previous posts on Sasha).


Thu, 18 Mar 1999 09:55:16 EST - from Kelli, via John

I am not sure where to post about how Sasha is I will post to you and maybe you can send it on!

We have had Sasha for about 2 weeks. When she first came to us she was very skinny and shy....mostly afraid of men's feet. But low and behold, she is an amazing little thing! She has filled out quite a bit and has the most loving and gentle nature! She and my other minpin, Tucker, are just on their way to a beautiful friendship...(I think that Tucker is in love). I know that I am!

Thank you all,
Kelli P , Tucker, and lil' Sasha

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J.D.'s Story (long)

Mon, 29 Mar 1999 12:43:38 EST - from Lynn

Hi Everybody!

This is to introduce J.D., the "Vanishing Nashville MinPin". We have had a really difficult time just getting our hands on this little guy.

It all started a little over a month ago when there was an email sent to the list about a male MinPin in Tennessee, under the care of Chi Rescue. They did say anything else in the email, not even WHERE, just that he was a male. So an investigation was started by John (Bryantjw) who, with very little information, was able to contact "Special Agent" Tonya from the list. Tonya did much leg work in locating this little man and was standing on "ready" for most of the month waiting for us to say "pick him up". What she was able to find out was that this dog was a stray who was picked up by a kind woman who thought she had a really, really big Chihuahua.

So, she called Chi Rescue, who came to the scene and determined that he actually was a MinPin. The lady who found him wanted to run an ad in the paper for 2 weeks in order to find his owner. YIKES!!! Two more weeks of waiting for us.

In the mean time, we couldn't get ahold of the Chi Rescue lady because her computer crashed.....we sat on pins and needles for over a month total waiting to hear about details and availability.

FINALLY, this past Wednesday, Chi Rescue emailed several folks on the list trying to get back in touch with John and wanted the dog picked up immediately, if not sooner. That evening she advised John she wanted him gone asap because he wasn't getting along with one of her other rescues. We couldn't pick him up that night because it was already 6:30 pm and they were in Nashville....a 4 hour ride from Atlanta.

Into the story comes Shelly. She is living in Nashville and agreed to pick up the dog at 8:00 am the next morning. All things considered, we think that's pretty fast service from IMPS!!!! Shelly then met up with Kelly, who just adopted our rescue Sasha, halfway between Chattanooga and Nashville for the pass off. Kelly fostered our little man until Sunday, when we could meet her halfway between Chattanooga and Atlanta for the next leg of JD's journey!

Right here we want to thank Tonya, Shelly and Kelly for their involvement in this rescue and to commend all of them for a job well done! None of them had ever been involved with a rescue before (other than the adoption side) and they were terrific, ready, willing and able each and every step of the way.

That brings us to J.D. and let's just say he is cuter than cute. Of course, Shelly and Kelly prewarned us that he was a great little dog, be we were still surprised about WHAT a fabulous guy he is.....he's deep red in color, about 12-13 inches high and about 20 pounds. He's docked, but not cropped but ears stand straight up. He's a great big cuddler and a very handsome little man.

On the way back from Chattanooga, we started him out in the crate, but soon realized that it wasn't going to work too well, so I unlocked him and he crawled into my lap (much to the chagrin on Brutus & Giselle) on the passerger side. BUT, he seemed to have bonded with John very quickly and couldn't ride any further without actually touching him. So, with his hiney on my lap (I got the smelly end), he reached his chin allll the way over to John's shoulder and rested it there. He stradled the console in this fashion for the entire 1.5 hour trip. Trust me when I say, I got the stinky end....the little man had an upset stomach from all the travelling we think!!!

Within 2 hours we had a perspective home there to view him and they liked him a lot. They have a fenced in yard, a doggie door and he would be the only dog. They stayed about an hour and left saying they would think about it. Of course, J.D. did his best for them as he wants a permanent home really bad.

This morning he was dropped off at the vet for nuetering, all shots except rabies plus a heartworm check. He'll come back to the house to stay for just ONE day, because as I was typing this, John called to say that the folks that saw him last night have decided to give him a home!!!

Yippeee!!! We are sooooo excited.

Finally, little J.D. can unpack his suitcase and settle in.........

IMPS Atlanta
John, Brutus, Lynn & Giselle

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Imps two brothers in Atlanta

Sun, 11 Apr 1999 18:43:33 -0400 - from Petie

Lynn (Zehava) is taking in two to foster tomorrow because the owner will send them to the pound if they aren't gone. They are both red and since none of the approved homes she presently has in that area I am posting them as well as listing them on the web site to see if theres any interest or if any of you in areas around GA know of anyone looking to adopt....They would obviously have to fill out an Imps Prospective Home Applicationand be approved :-)
They are both very small 7 & 8 lbs, tails docked natural ears one is under 1 yr,the other under 2...father & son but do not have to be placed together.

Mon, 12 Apr 1999 21:10:13 EDT - from Lynn

Hi Everybody:

I just wanted to let ya'll know that I picked up Tiny & Spencer tonight. They are the father & son pair. Tiny is the father and boy, is he tiny. He weighs in at 6.5 pounds, but he's only about 9-10 inches tall. His son, Spencer, is about 12 inches tall and 8.8 pounds. Neither appear to be overweight, though Tiny is a stocky little muscular man. He is 2 years old, his son is one. They both are great natured little guys. I was able to reach right in the car window and pick up Tiny and he didn't so much as look at me crooked. He is the little lover and would like nothing more than a great lap. He is very gentle and happy. Spencer is the wild man, very interested in everything and can't stop long enough to smell one thing really good.....who knows, there might be something over....there....that smells better!

They are a great red color and neither of their ears are cropped. Tiny's stand straight up and Spencer's stand up, but flop over at the ends.

These dogs do not have to be placed together, although they seem to feel secure with each other right now, that is to be expected. They were thrown outside in the yard, with no shelter from even the rain, when the divorce started, so all they have right now in their confusing little world is each other. However, both have a such a great personality that they would be just fine separated.

Ok, so these are my first impressions after picking up the little critters and they have an appointment for the old snip snip on Wednesday morning. I'll know more by then. Thanks for being there, everybody......

Lynn and Little G. <----do they have to stay HERE?
& Brutus <----ha ha ha ha ha....wednesday's right around the corner, fellas

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Tiny & Spencer
Click here for previous posts on Tiny & Spencer.

Wed, 14 Apr 1999 21:16:21 EDT - from Lynn

Good Evening Everyone:
Well, Tiny & Spencer got the ol' snip snip today. They are both doing beautifully. Tiny will convalecse with me for a couple of days and guess what?????? Spencer went to his new home this evening. He will do his recouping and bonding at their house. What luck to find such a terrific home so quickly!! Spencer's new family consists of Mom & Dad, 2 cats and another mixed poodle pooch. Spencer spent last evening (before surgery) getting to know his new family and he did great with cats, dogs and people. He and Tiny are both little lovers. They want attention desperately because they had been thrown out in the yard for so long.

We do have some folks in Georgia interested in seeing Tiny and if that works out, we'll let everyone know, of course. I feel everyone's support from here, you guys!!!

Lynn & Giselle <----one down & one to go
& Brutus <-----this is all very boring

Thu, 15 Apr 1999 15:18:38 EDT - from Lynn

Hi Everyone:

I just talked to Spencer's new Aunt this afternoon. From her I have that Spence was crated last night when Mom & Dad went to bed and at 4:30 AM Spencer's barking from his crate to be let outside. Sooooo, Dad/MinPin Slave gets up and lets him out and then, instead of putting him back in the crate for the night.........

they both curl up on the recliner and Spence sleeps in Dad's lap for the rest of the night!!!!!

Does he have it made, or what???? I just thought that tidbit would make everyone did me.

Lynn & Little G.
& Brutus
& Tiny

Fri, 16 Apr 1999 14:58:29 EDT - from Lynn

Hi Everyone:
I just want to let you know that I heard from Tiny & Spencer's "Grandma" this morning. She is the lady that worked very hard to place these dogs with IMPS and save them from the pound. She was wondering how they were doing and I was happy to tell her that Spencer went to his new home on Wednesday evening. It just broke her heart to have to give them up, but right now, other things in her son's life are a priority, as is so often the case. It's thanks to her that we have these guys to find a home for. She told me that she knows she did the right thing. I'm so glad she made such an effort.

She was tickled pink to hear about Spencer and I have an appointment about 2 hours away tomorrow to show off Tiny. He is such a cutie and well, I'll admit that he slept in the bed with us last night. Ok, I'm a sucker for a handsome little man! He actually conjoled his way typical MinPin style, too!

So I've got him in a crate beside the bed and he doesn't like it, not one little bit and he's very vocally making his displeasure be known. I take this for about an hour and take him to the downstairs crate. Maybe he'll be more quite if he's alone and can't see us, right? Wrong. I'm back in bed (about midnight now) and I hear him whining and carrying on downstairs and I hear Giselle jump back up on the bed (Ms. Curious had to go see what was what). Then in about 5 minutes, no more whining from Tiny, so I'm smugly thinking I was right about him being by himself and begin to settle in for a good nights sleep. Then I hear Giselle jump off the bed and on again, then off, then on and I'm laying there with my eyes closed thinking what the heck is going on here. It's midnight for crying out loud and I have to work tomorrow and she's jumping around like a mad woman!!!!!

So, I crack my eyes in the dark to give Giselle a good talking to and guess who's standing on the bed staring down at me straight in the face, but TINY!!!

No wonder he was quiet....he got out of the crate, came upstairs and jumped up on the bed. (So, THAT's what all the jumping was about!!) HE wasn't going to be left out, no way, no how. And that is the story of how Tiny came to sleep in the bed with us, the little rascal!

Well, that's my smile story for the day. I hope I don't bore everyone with my stories. I just feel better sharing my foster makes me feel like I have help in some way. Thanks for being there!!

Lynn & Giselle <-----com'on, he's not on the bed TOO??
& Brutus <---just give me enough room, bub, and you're alright with me
& Tiny <---what's all the fuss?

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Pic of Giselle
Click here for previous pic of Giselle.

Fri, 16 Apr 1999 21:04:25 EDT - from Lynn

Hi Mag: The last pic you have of Giselle really didn't do her justice. Here is a better picture of my Giselle (Little G.) when we were in New York in May 1998. She's my little baby girl and a little more than spoiled!!! Thanks, Lynn


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Tiny has a home!!!
Click here for previous posts on Tiny.

Sat, 17 Apr 1999 20:09:50 EDT - from Lynn

Good News! Good News!

I just walked through the door after travelling 2.5 hours each way to bring Tiny to his new parents. Jan & Jerry have been on the waiting list for about a month and I contacted them the night I picked up Tiny & Spencer. They were looking for a MinPin to travel with them in their RV. They told me they were interested in Tiny right away. It sounded as though it would be a good match.

In fact, I think it's one of the best matches we done! Jan and Jerry met us at a gas station and they were terrific, very nice people. Jan just lit up when she saw Tiny (I told you he was a charmer). In fact, she asked Jerry to drive back so she could hold the little guy and Jerry said, How 'bout that, she NEVER asks me to drive!! (smile). Don't worry though, I saw Jerry getting in his hugs before they left!

I was just tickled to death that they seem to fit so well together, but, truthfully, I had a hard time letting Tiny go. Everybody that saw him this past week wanted him instantly. I can't explain it exactly, but there's something very special about my Little Tiny Man. Fortunately, Jan & Jerry were so kind, they said I could come and see him if I want. Letting him go to such a kind and generous home made it so much easier.

I love happy endings (beginnings).....

Lynn and Little G. <-----almost alone, yippee!
& Brutus <----who WERE those two little red blurs anyway?

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More Atlanta Pins!

Thu, 22 Apr 1999 13:46:35 EDT - from IMPS Atlanta

Hi Everyone:

We picked up two more in Atlanta this week (both on Tuesday). Really, we don't know where they're all coming from. Both were owner give-ups, both male, both b/t, both nuetered, one 14 lbs. & 3 years old (Jackson), one puppy 6-12 mos old and 7 pounds (Simon).

Well, Jackson found a home with someone on our waiting list Tuesday night and they are very happy with him. He's a very lovely boy who was originally adopted from the shelter by a very good home. Unfortunately, he didn't get along with their current, larger dog so they contacted IMPS. Jackson should be very happy with his new home. They have a 10 year old girl (who had him sitting for her in no time) and no other pets.

Simon is beautiful! (Do I say that about them all? <G>) He's such a puppy. I don't show, nor have I ever shown, but I just think this guy would have been a great show dog. He just prances on the leash, alert, happy, with a real "look at me" attitude. I have fostered a few but he's the only one that's had this little attitude. Very cute indeed.

He was originally found as a stray by a family who couldn't keep him so they turned him into a vet. He was adopted out to a lady who already had 8 dogs. Her county will only allow 8 dogs, so being as Simon was number 9, she called us. I'm fostering him until Saturday when his new family is coming get him. They've been on the waiting list as well, and you would've thought we had called and told them they won the lottery, they were so excited when we called to say we had a rescue for them.

Well, that's been our week, folks. It seems to be a never ending story down here lately.

John, Lynn, Brutus & Giselle
IMPS - Atlanta

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Atlanta Pin's (Simon Update)
Click here for previous posts on Simon.

Mon, 26 Apr 1999 16:05:26 EDT - from Lynn

Well Folks, this is a little late in coming but the update on Simon is that he has found a home with the Ivey Family who had been on our waiting list. They drove 1.5 hours to the house on Saturday afternoon and brought their daughter and two red MinPins to meet him.

They did wonderfully and the Ivey's left with their new bundle of joy. She called me last night to say Simon was fitting him great with the family already. Wonderful news.

Well, we haven't received a call to place or pick up a MinPin now in about 24 hours so all is well!!! <G>

John & Lynn & Brutus & Giselle
IMPS-Atlanta (whew!)

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A note about Butch

Thu, 13 May 1999 20:11:41 EDT - from Lynn

Hi Everyone!

Well, you knew it couldn't stay quiet for too, too long in Atlanta, didn't you? I received a call from an owner give-up this week. Went to see the little guy this morning. His name is Butch, @ 6 years old, @ 12-15 lbs., b/t, docked & cropped, neutered, h/w neg, up to date on shot, etc. He was a definate sweety....didn't even bark at the door, just wagged his little stump and sidled up to me. He didn't mind being picked up and wanted to cuddle right away.

Owner is giving up due to taking a night job and going to school during the day. He says he simply doesn't have enough time to spend with him anymore.

Good News is I called a family on the waiting list and she was thrilled to death to hear from us. She said Butch sounds like just what they are looking for. We are going to try to plan a meeting for sometime this weekend.

Send us wishes and prayers that Butch finds an excellent home!!!

Lynn & Little G.

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Butch update
Click here for previous posts on Butch.

Tue, 18 May 1999 18:42:41 EDT - from Lynn

Thanks, everyone, for your well wishes. The Foley family (on waiting list for about 3 weeks or so) all came up to the house on Saturday and fell in love with Butch. Of course, he did his part to endear himself pretty quickly. It certainly didn't hurt when he ran up wiggling tail and behind like a mad-man. They have a 4.5 foot fence and two human kids to play other pets. I called to check on him the next day and they said he was doing just fine.

Just as a note: My next door neighbor called me on Monday morning and said, "I guess that's another one gone, huh? I saw yet another family come and yet another dog go out of your backyard this weekend!" That just goes to show that I have a very, very busy backyard!! LOL

Anyway, thanks again, everyone.

Lynn & Little G.

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Tiny - Rescue Poster Child
Click here for previous posts on Tiny.

Thu, 20 May 1999 21:59:35 EDT - from Lynn


Hi Mag:
Here is a picture of Tiny, the little fellow (6 lbs!) we rescued last month. I unfortunately did not get a picture of his brother, Spencer, as he was adopted earlier that week. This picture of Tiny is called "Rescue Poster Child". With a look like that, who could resist a rescue? Can you see why he stole my heart entirely???? The next picture is of Tiny with his new parents. They were sooooo excited to get him and they've written me to tell me that he "rules their house." Now that's easy to believe!
Lynn & Giselle (Little G.)

Tiny and parents

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J.D. (Rusty)
Click here for J.D.'s Story.

Thu, 20 May 1999 22:04:06 EDT - from Lynn

J.D. (Rusty)

Hi Again Mag:
Here is a picture of J.D., renamed Rusty, on the day he was picked up by his new parents. He wasn't too happy about getting his picture taken, but he was VERY happy to get a new home.
Lynn & Little G.

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Two Pins in Atlanta need homes
Click here for previous posts on Spencer.

Fri, 28 May 1999 10:28:53 EDT - from Lynn

Hi Everyone:
The saying "when it rains, it pours" has never been more true than in Atlanta right now. Writing this to see if we have any interest out there and here is what we've got.

Spencer, the son of the father & son, I placed last month was returned to me last night.
He is just a year old or so old,
docked, not cropped (ears stand mostly up, but curl over at ends)
about 11" tall, weighs about 8-9 pounds
gets along with everyone & everything (including cats)

Spencer is a very, very attractive boy with a terrific temperment. He was return to me because they said he was pooping in the house & in his crate. They said they let him outside to play and when he came back in, he'd poop inside. I believe this is because they did not train him that outside was for going to the bathroom. They just let him out and expected him to "know".
They advised that he was not marking or peeing in the house, just #2. He will need some housetraining work, but other than that, he is a fine little dog. Some of you may remember that he was put out in the backyard when his original owners got a divorce and he wasn't given any training.

Next, we have a little girl who is coming to me tonight. I don't know much about her except that she was found running down the side of the highway. For this reason, I've dubbed her "Xena", Warrior Princess. I figure only a Warrior Princess could be found running down the highway. Here is what I know about her:
1-2 years old
@12 lbs.
@ 12 " tall
Not spayed, have an appointment on Wednesday (6/2)
docked, not cropped (ears stand straight up)
heartworm negative, getting the rest of her shots today
crate trained, probably housebroken
great with other dogs, kids, not sure about cats

Of course, I'll know more about her when I pick her up tonight. One of them (probably Spencer) will be fostered in south Tennessee effective tonight, unless I have someone that absolutely wants him this weekend and they let me know today. Judy H., on the list, has graciously offered to meet me half way in order to take him in. (Thank you, Judy!!)

Soooo, if some of you folks in Florida, and close to Alabama, who do rescue could give me a call, maybe you could do some checking for me in the approved homes in Florida & the surrounds. I have the stats. You could email me privately or call me today at work if you have something that looks pretty viable. Thanks for any help at all.

Lynn & Little G. <---is the rest of the world RED, mama?

Sat, 29 May 1999 08:22:28 EDT - from Judy

Hi Lynn
Spencer is fine. We made it home about 12 last night. Hope you made it back okay.

Spencer and Hunter are having so much fun this morning. It was so late when we got in they didn't get to do much socializing last night. Spencer slept in his crate right by my bed and was very content. He is a wonderful little dog. I already love him so much. By the way no problem so far with his so called problem. Went out with Hunter & Pongo this morning at "6AM" and found the back yard a prefect place to do his thing. Lynn just want to stay you are a special person for all the rescues you have done and still being in a great mood after being stuck in all that traffic last night to deliver Spencer.
You're the greatest. Spencer says hi but hasn't got time to say anymore has to run catch Hunter before he gets away. I'll talk to you soon.
Judy H Hunter, & Spencer in TN.

Sun, 30 May 1999 08:58:54 EDT - from Judy

Just a short update on Spencer. He is doing Min Pins proud. Everyone in Tennessee that sees him loves him. I have a prospective home for him. He would have his own fenced in play area in the back yard and in the country too. She is filling out the application now. This is also my sister-in-law so aunt Judy would always be close by watching and sitting when needed. We have been socializing and spreading the word of the IMPS here in Tennessee. I know Bandit is watching from above and being proud of his Mommy. Losing Bandit was how I came to join the group. I just wanted to help other min pins and let others know what one special min pin did for me.

Judy H Hunter and Spencer in Tn

Mon, 31 May 1999 11:27:21 EDT - from Judy

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know, I got the adoption contract signed and collected fees yesterday. Spencer is just fine and likes his new Mommy but still loves his favorite aunt alot. Will keep everyone informed on him from time to time. I will get all the paperwork in the mail tomorrow. He is just so wonderful and only a few minutes away so I can keep a close watch on him.

Judy H and Hunter(who is missing little Spencer)

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Giselle / Agility Pics

Tue, 22 Jun 1999 18:36:27 EDT - from Lynn

Giselle - The Bullet

Hi Mag: I tried to send these last night as .bmp's but the file was tooooo big to go through. Maybe they'll make it to you today as .jpg's.

These pics are of Giselle doing Agility at a trial in North Carolina this past Saturday. You can tell by the look on her face that she just LOVES to do it. Her nickname in Agility circles is "The Bullet" and I think these pictures say it all. All I can say is: With a MinPin, this is truly beauty in motion.......

Lynn & Little G.

Giselle - The Bullet

Giselle - The Bullet

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Spencer Pics
Click here for previous posts on Spencer.

Tue, 22 Jun 1999 18:46:54 EDT - from Lynn


Hi Mag: I downloaded what Judy Humphrey sent me, re-saved it as a .jpg and am now trying to attach to this. I'll only try this picture since we've had so much trouble. Let me know if it comes through and if it does, I'll send the other two, ok? Thanks,

Lynn & Little G.

Tue, 22 Jun 1999 19:16:48 EDT - from Judy H.


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Pics from IMPS Atlanta

Fri, 6 Aug 1999 20:31:53 EDT - from John


This is Chip which Lynn is fostering

From right to left standing are Boscoe (Bossy), Chip and Gisselle. Lynn is holding from right to left Brutus and Winky now Max.



This is Lynn holding Brutus and Winky aka Max wth Gisselle aka Sniffinit

This is Boscoe aka Bossy showing the leg he had surgury on.



this is Winky now named Max as in Maximum Attitude, Maximum Overdrive and so on!

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IMPS Atlanta Pics

Sun, 15 Aug 1999 16:08:32 EDT - from Lynn

Hi Mag:

These are 2 pics of Max we took today (8/15/99) in the backyard.

Da Gang in Atlanta



Here is another of Max in the backyard & one of John holding him.



Here is one of John holding Brutus shaking hands.


One of Brutus out in the yard.


One of me & Giselle doing the weave poles with Max close behind trying to be an "Agility wanna be". Note: I am NOT pregnant, my shirt just fell down like that. These all taken today, 8/15/99.



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