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Mon, 18 Jan 1999 19:28:55 EST - from Susan

Emily wrote:

<<Which leads to my question about Buddy. He's been on the website for awhile now. What's his story? Anne in FL has him.>>

Write directly to Anne (RAT2220@aol.com) and reference Buddy in the subject title. She's had the dog for a couple of months, so she knows best.

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[IMPS] Buddy in FL

Fri, 22 Jan 1999 13:33:29 -0500 - from Emily, Mike, and Glory

Hi, Everyone!!

Well, I've been absolutely dying to tell this, but I wanted to wait until it was absolutely certain before I did! A few days ago, I sent a message asking about Buddy, the minpin who'd been on the list for quite some time. Susan referred me to Anne, Buddy's foster mom (and official godmother). So, I contacted Anne, told her about Mike, Glory, and me and asked for more info about Buddy. Well, after several emails back and forth, I am happy to announce that Buddy will be joining our family next Saturday, January 30.


I've already gone to SuperPetz and bought his new crate, leash, collar, etc., etc., etc. He already has his own Booda Velvet bone (Glory loves these) waiting for him and several other toys. And he'll be getting his own Kong--Glory's favorite thing when it's filled with something yummy! Mike is very excited too!! He's hoping Buddy becomes a Daddy's Boy (Glory's a big-time Mommy's Girl)! But we'll see about that! =-)

In the next few weeks, please send your prayers up for Anne. After all, she's really turned Buddy's life around and has fostered him for over 3 months. (She said she already misses him and he isn't even gone yet!) I have a feeling that it's going to be quite the emotional meeting next Saturday. And I can't thank Anne enough for all she's done for this little guy. When she rescued him from the shelter, he was deemed "unadoptable" and faced certain doom. But Anne really saved him and has done so much work with him--even obedience school!

I always get excited when I read of successful rescues. I'm glad to now be a part of one. And thanks to the one who sent out the "Two Dogs in Bed" article. I'm going to be needing that really soon!

Happily Expecting!!!!
Emily, Mike, and Glory (and Buddy's on the way)

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Fri, 29 Jan 1999 12:33:08 -0500 - from Emily

One more day!!!!

Michael and I are so excited! We will meet Anne and her family (and Buddy) in Georgia tomorrow to meet the newest McGinnis family member, Buddy. Thankfully, this week has been a busy one and has gone by quickly! I was worried it would drag along, which is what usually happens when you're excited about something.

We keep telling Glory that she's getting a "brother." She just cocks her head from side to side. Plus, she has big uncropped ears that stand straight up (just ask Mary in WI) and they look like they will throw her off balance and topple her over. She's just too adorable! She'll be staying with Mike's parents tonight and tomorrow until we get back and can introduce her to Buddy. Mike's mom is also really excited. Another dog to spoil!!! She is waiting awhile to get her own dog, so for now she spoils ours (and we let her because they deserve it).

I will probably post to the list tomorrow evening to let you all know how everything is going. This is just such an exciting thing. I'm thrilled to be part of it.

Well, Glory is causing a stir and practically begging me to get off the computer. Since this will be our last little bit of "girls only" time, I better go make the best of it.

More tomorrow!!!
Emily and Glory

Sun, 31 Jan 1999 15:27:54 -0500 - from Emily

Hello all!

Today is a better day as far as Glory and Buddy. Not that they didn't do well last night, but today is going better.

Glory is now in the stage where she is ready to play with this new intruder and has decided that he's okay, kind of. Buddy is still a little reserved and quiet (who can really blame him). They haven't decided who is the boss yet. You see, Buddy lived with 3 females when Anne had him and was used to being ganged up on. Now, he just has Glory. Sometimes he looks at her like "Listen here little girl. If I can deal with three females, I can most certainly handle you." So, he isn't backing down from her at all. And he is quite obedient. Anne, you have done a wonderful job! He sits and just waits for his food (while Glory jumps up and down--can you say future obedience school student). And he is so mild-mannered. Then again, when we first got Glory, she was the same way.

We had one potetial problem when we got home from church this morning--Buddy didn't want to come out of his crate?!? But we just let him be with the door open and then he came out, ran across the living room, and jumped into Mike's lap. After that, all was fine. He still has to get used to these changes. And of course, now the weather has turned pretty cold here, so I'm sure he isn't liking that very much. But we actually heard him bark for the first time when we got home this morning--up until then, he hadn't uttered a peep. He did whine a little this morning because he was hungry.

Now, Glory gets terribly jealous if I show Buddy any attention. Mike dotes all over Buddy and Glory doesn't care a bit. But if I start talking to Buddy, she is right there in my face. So, I'm trying to baby her a bit until she realizes that I'm not abadoning her. And I'm trying to let her know that when I do cuddle with Buddy or pay him attention, it doesn't mean I ignore her or forget about her. Anybody have any other suggestions about this? She doesn't get mean or bark or growl, she just gets nosey and has to be right there.

But if Mike and I pretend to ignore both of them, they get along famously. They even ate their food at the same time without any problems. However, they both must make sure before each of them takes a bite that they have the same type of food in their dishes. Once that's decided, they eat until it's gone and leave each other alone.

I think once Buddy gets totally used to his new home, they'll be inseparable. Glory has a little jealousy problem. So I'm just trying to be fair to both of them. Mike absolutely loves Buddy. He'll look at Buddy and tell him "We're the men of the house. That's why we don't act like those silly girls--'cause we're men." And Buddy just looks at him with (Anne's favorite expression) his little forehead all wrinkled. In fact, I even think Mike gets a little jealous if I show Buddy attention (because he wants to). Buddy's is definitely going to be a "daddy's boy."

So, all is well here. I'm sure in a few days, Glory will still be jealous, but instead it will be because she wants Buddy's attention, not mine! =-)

I will have my father-in-law send via email a picture of Glory for those of you interested in her big ears. And then when I get a decent picture of her and Buddy, I will send that also.

Thanks to IMPS and to Anne (He's definitely making you proud)!!

Emily, Glory, and Buddy

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Buddy and Glory
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Sat, 6 Feb 1999 22:05:44 -0500 - from Emily

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to give you all an update on Buddy and Glory. They are pretty much inseparable by now. Wherever one is the other HAS to be. They chase each other everywhere. It's a trip! They'll be sitting on the bed, jump off to run around the living room and then run back and jump on the bed and start the whole process all over again. They are like two little balls of fire. Sometimes I have to calm them both down because they get so wound up.

They haven't yet learned to share (as in, share a pillow). They've been forced to learn to share me, although Glory doesn't always like it. She's always preferred to sit in the fold of my legs. Well, Buddy likes to be near my face and Glory acts all upset. So, I try to give her a little extra love when I can because I don't want her to think I'm deserting her.

Buddy is a little sweetheart. He just loves and loves and loves. Last night, he slept with his little head on my shoulder! How adorable is that. And he just looks at me with the most loving little expression. He's definitely a doll!! Right now, he's snoozing on my lap. He's kind of gotten more attached to me. I think it's because Mike hasn't gotten to spend a lot of time with him because of his mom being in the hospital. I come home for lunch and get home first after work, so they see me more than Mike. And we've been at the hospital some this week--Mike every single night since Tuesday. But now Mike's mom is at home and doing a lot better. So, Mike can spend some time with the babies! In a few weeks, when his mom feels up to it, we'll take Buddy and Glory over to their house for a visit (and they also may spend a few days there with her to keep her company).

Glory and Buddy sent her the sweetest card. And they totally sympathized with her operation since Glory had a hysterectomy and Buddy had his operation also. I guess I should explain---Mike's mom had a hysterectomy because the doctor really suspected she had cancer (there was a mass behind her uterus). Four years ago, they suspected she had cancer and came back a month later and it had disappeared. And again this time, the tumor was benign. It's truly a testament to the power of prayer. Miracles do happen! But she's obviously in a great deal of pain. Anyway, she loves our babies--kept a picture of Glory by her bed with her card (we didn't yet have a pic of Buddy--we do now, but I'm not about to give it up!). She also kept a Doby beanie baby that we gave her by her bed. I said if you hold the ears straight up, it's Glory; if you fold the ears over, it's Buddy (he's cropped). That rendered a smile--laughing hurts her!

Well, just wanted you all to know that the IMPS dog in my home is doing great. And I tell everybody I know about him. My neighbor (who owns a minpin) is very interested in IMPS. But we just love Buddy. One question though ( I don't mean to be crude)-- he passes a lot of gas. Is there something to this? Glory doesn't have this habit. Is this normal for some minpins?

Well, Mike needs the computer and Buddy needs out. So, I'd better go!

Emily, Glory, and Buddy

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