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Mon, 31 Aug 1998 20:57:58 -0400 - from Karan & Casey

Casey went to have her stitches removed today. The vet was amazed how rapidly she had progressed. He moved her hip/leg and said that things were moving smoothly. He did not even recommend physical therapy at this time since he felt that Casey was stretching and moving it sufficiently. She is already putting it down some. I was so happy that I cried.
Thanks for caring and for those whispered prayers.
Karan & Casey

Sun, 06 Sep 1998 21:55:32 -0400 - from Karan & Casey

Just a brief update on Casey. She is limping around, testing her leg more and more each day. She continues to be in pain, but her vets say that she is doing exceptionally well for only being 2 weeks post surgery. The vets have canceled her physical therapy saying that she is so active that she is doing all of her pt by herself. She is unbelievable. I do admit that I have given up all ideas of having a perfectly behaved dog... oh, well, who wants perfection any way? Casey is still not eating well. She has lost some weight but is still doing fine. She is still eating some and drinking adequately so I am pleased.

I remember someone on this list (I think) talking about a sling or something that attached to the headrest in a car. Does this sound familiar to anyone? It hurts Casey to ride in her carrier and I thought a different device might help her somewhat. If you remember or can advise, please let me know.
Again, I thank so many of you for helping me throughout this surgery. Special thanks to those who encouraged me to go ahead and have it done quickly and to the one special lady who shared a name and number of a vet who would discuss this with me.
Glad that Dianne is home and that Speedy is safe.
Karan & Casey

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