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minpins Chester...Part 1

Wed, 14 Apr 1999 13:33:11 EDT - from Cheryl

Last Monday I got a call from a woman who needed to give up Chester her MinPin. We both use the same vet and the animal hospital referred her to me for help in placing him in a suitable new home. We are fortunate she thought to call them as this was actually her husbands dog (he jumped ship.... leaving wife, child & his dog) and he told her "just take him to the pound" Thankfully, she obviously cared a lot more about Chester than he did but is having to sell their home & move into her parents & having a dog of her own she was unable to take Chester with her. He was also used to much more attention than he was getting since she had been a stay at home mom & now had to work & this was affecting his behavior a bit. Chester is a total LOVE!! He just wants attention....attention....attention. He is red, a tad overweight (OK quite a bit overweight) and has absolutely everything done, neutered, all shots, heartworm tested & came with a summer supply of preventative & all his toys which included a buster cube! Chester was a dearly loved dog in an impossible situation and I personally feel his owners were doing right by placing him with IMPS to get him the love and home he deserved. Petie had found him a home with a couple in Erie Pa. within hours of my contacting her and all seemed right with the world for Chester. The Pa couple met me in Buffalo for the transfer on Sunday and seemed to like him very much & off they went. At 9:30 AM the next day I received a call that Chester was not going to work out for them. I was devastated to say the least, my very first hands on rescue and placement for IMPS was not going to work out. Without getting into details, a sudden change had occurred in their lives and the feeling was that Chester was a little too needy for them to deal with and would better suited somewhere else. Based on a copy of a post from Petie, I have reason to believe that there will soon be a new home for Chester and am grateful for his intermediate family for holding him & their part in delivering him to his new home or into foster care if needed. Though I feel a failure in not completing a permanent placement for Chester I am happy I was able to be available to save him form the pound and I KNOW IMPS will work until he is placed happily ever after! No doubt "part 2" will be coming soon from myself or from others who are now orchestrating his transfer, and he is such a sweet guy there will surly be a happy ending for Chester. It has been a pleasure to be a part of this and I only wish I could have done better. I took some shots of Chester when I delivered him and will get them developed this week, I also have a baby picture that came with Chester and I will get it scanned for the page so everyone can see him.


IMPS Guardian Angel

Wed, 14 Apr 1999 18:42:50 -0400 - from Petie

Well guys I didn't think I could actually finish Chesters story until Thursday because thats the day his new family was going to drive a couple of hundred miles to see him.
I called the family that was giving him up just now to see if everything was still scheduled for tomorrow and they said "oh they came for him yesterday".
So Chester went from upstate NY to Erie PA to Worthington OH to become the new best friend for a 13 year old boy ,who is recuperating from a serious illness. The family used to have a Dobie and the son therefore wanted a Min Pin.
I just wrote and told them about the pumpkin diet, since Cheryl said Chester needed to lose some weight.
I hope to hear how he is doing soon and will keep everyone advised, maybe they will send us some pictures once he has settled in.
I'll send them the url for Mags page so they can read about the two time rescue doggy. Thanks Cheryl,you afterall rescued him and it was I that picked the home that rejected him but maybe its for the best (gotta say that Lister probably did it:-)) and his new young master will recover extra quickly because of Chester.

Wed, 14 Apr 1999 23:15:51 -0400 - from Petie

Here is a message from Chesters short stay in PA:

<<Hi Petie,

Thanks so much for all of your assistance in helping us get Chester and also in helping us find him a new home.

Unfortunately, our timing was off. We had been trying for a baby for almost two years and finally decided to stop worrying so much. We wanted Chester to fill an empty space in our lives and he was the perfect dog. I never dreamed that we would get him so quickly and that we would love him so much. And I NEVER dreamed that I would get pregnant at the same time!

Chester touched our hearts in so many ways despite our short time together. He is an exceptional dog and we really did enjoy our time together. He is so smart and kind and he gave his heart so freely to us. With the reality of a baby on the way, we knew we wouldn't be able to give Chester the attention he deserves.

It was so difficult to watch him drive away with another family. We felt that he was part of our family and it was very emotional for both of us. I can imagine how his family of three years must have felt to see him go.

Chester's new family seems to be happy with him. Chester will have his very own 13 year old boy to sleep with and play with and both he and the boy will benefit from the relationship.

We will never forget him and hope to be able to adopt a minpin in the future when the time is right.

Again, thanks for your help and understanding.

Amy and Steve>>

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MinPin & Tiger Photo.......And Chester
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Sun, 25 Apr 1999 23:05:57 EDT - from Cheryl

Tiger Lilly,Baby Rae

Hi Mag,
Just had to share this one with you and the list! It is of my 5 month MinPin Baby Rae & Tiger Lilly.......We call it the indignant MinPin! It was taken just before the puppy decided it was time to reclaim her bed & toy....the MinPin puppy won!!

Also, to conclude the Chester story, I wanted to be sure to thank Amy & Steve Lung and Chester's original owners who had to give him up for their donations to IMPS. I guess Petie was right on when she mentioned that Lister had a paw in there to get Chester to the home with the little boy who needed a companion! I had an email from Gary his dad & he said Chester is doing GREAT & sleeps in the bed and is settled in nicely. Thanks again everyone who helped out with this one!!

Shellamar Miniature Pinschers
Upstate, NY USA


Mon, 26 Apr 1999 23:27:34 EDT - from Cheryl

Hi Mag,
Gee I forgot to send the pictures of Chester! The rather chubby MinPin with the couple is Chester on the day I delivered him to amy & Steve Lung. The baby is also Chester and was provided by his family who had to give him up.


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