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IMPS ~ red male in SW Florida - Copper

Fri, 15 Jan 1999 11:30:45 EST - from Susan

I was just advised by SpayLee that there's a 4 year old, neutered, red male with cropped ears at a Ft. Myers vet. He's an owner turn in and they need assistance in placing him. I'll advise once I speak to the vet and determine the need for foster care, etc.

Sat, 16 Jan 1999 08:43:17 EST - from Susan

Angie Homoky, Cocoa/Katie's foster mom is picking up the little boy today. We have one potential home in the Orlando area (Altamonte Springs).

Thanks to Angie for "stepping up" again!


Sat, 16 Jan 1999 10:34:52 EST - from Susan

Angie named the 4 year old red, Copper and took him home. We did get some bad news. He is heartworm positive (early stages) and requires treatment. One test was done yesterday and it showed positive, but the vet ran a second, more accurate test last night or this morning. Both Angie and I have spoken to the vet techs and at this point, it appears that Copper will be going back on Monday to start the treatment. IMPS funds will be used to front the costs, so we'll be looking for reimbursement from the adoptive home.
More later ~

Sat, 16 Jan 1999 19:48:30 EST - from Angie

Ok, guys... here is the story on Copper, the 4 y o minpin in SW Florida.
As you know, he is heartworm positive, but in the early stages. I named him Copper because he did not have a name. The vet tech explained that he has been shifted from one home to another so often that he lost his name in the process :{ very sad, so I named him Copper because he is such a beautiful red color that he reminds me of a shiny Penny, but Penny is for girls, so copper, it is.
I'm wondering if I should have named him "Gordito" though because he has definately not been underfed. He is a bit of a butterball. He weighs about 10 lbs now, but should maybe be about 7, I would guess. he is very sweet, and immediately warms up to men and other dogs. He is a little reserved around women although, he is on my lap right now and Parker is once again being a gentleman and allowing this. He supposedly was the owned by an elderly man and woman and the woman was petrified of him and possibly hit him a lot, explaining the shyness around woman. He was having a tendancy to bite, but not hard, more out of fright at first, but he is getting almost completely over this already.
He seems to be potty trained fairly well, which is great and he seems smart and wanting to please. He will make a great pet!
So, I am planning on keeping him this weekend and then he goes in on Monday for his treatments.
I'm so glad that IMPS is here, we have definately saved this dogs life and that is the direct words from the vet.
By the way, the vet gave him all of his shots at No Charge, so I think that they are definately working with us. I think that it would be good to stay with this office. They are doing a lot of things at No Charge and Discounts!
Keep me informed on perspective adoptive parents!
Angie, Parker and Copper (and Joseph, the loving husband who allows me to do this)

Sun, 17 Jan 1999 18:35:27 EST - from Angie

I know that there is some interest as to why Copper's vet bills are totalling close to $350.00 to get rid of his heartworms and many list members have stated that their vet only charges close to $200.
From what I understand from the vet office, there are two types of treatments to get rid of heartworms. One offered by our vet is about $200 and it involves placing an IV for an extended amount of time in the dog for a few treatments. The other treatment is more costly (350.00) and only involves two seperate injections a day apart in the back of the dog on either side of his spine.
The vet and the vet technicians that had been working with Copper have suggested the 350 treatment because Copper is a needle phobic and I gather that collecting the blood work for his heartworm tests was quite a chore. They thought that placing an IV in him several times, would not only be excessively traumatic, but also more dangerous to Copper.
So, we are going with the more expensive treatment for that reason.
He goes in tomorrow morning and stays at the vet for the two days. The next 5 days or so is critical for him because there is a chance that the dissolving worms might block his heart and cause a heart attack or even a stroke, so we will be saying prayers for him.
He has turned into an absolute doll, all be it a little piglet running around. He is not trying to bite anyone anymore and is such a lap angel. He is so funny. If we can find someone to cover his vet bills, he will be an easy placement otherwise, I think!
Angie, Joseph, Parker and Copper

Wed, 20 Jan 1999 12:52:08 EST - from Susan

The vet's office just called me regarding Copper and to acknowledge receipt of the IMPS check I mailed them (we're paying in three installments over a couple of week period). I'm happy to say that they've reduced the price another $50 and I asked them to continue to "shave it" if possible. Apparently the letter I sent along with the check did some good :)

Anyway, Copper is doing very well and will go home with Angie tonight. He'll be started on preventative next week, will take a baby aspirin each day and will have to stay fairly calm for the next 4 weeks. I asked about pain and they told me that they'd send him home with a few days' supply of rimadil (sp?). I'm sure Angie will be updating us once she picks him up. I'm sure that he'll be SO EXCITED to see her!

I was also asked if I knew anyone in the area that did Papilion (sp?) rescue work. I don't, but I said I'd check around. If anyone knows a contact, please advise. THANKS!


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Sat, 6 Feb 1999 17:16:05 EST - from Angie

Hi all!
Copper is still here and he is doing great! Other than getting a half a baby aspirin a day, he is just like any other minpin.
He is such a happy dog and so lovie.
I was disappointed when a lady named Michelle changed her mind on adopting him, but I am keeping my eyes and ears open for the perfect home for him, and in the meantime, or however long it takes, his home is here!
Thanks for your concern all!
angie, parker and copper

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Copper's new home!
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Sun, 28 Feb 1999 19:36:57 EST - from Angie

I have just informed luci in RI that I would like for Copper to have a home with them, and she is crying; they are so happy.
It is gonna be hard for me to let him go, but they sound like they will have a lot of love for him!
Now, getting him to RI...
I have had lots of emails with potential leg drivers.
I have also had suggestions for Counter to Counter flight.
How do I do this, help me out guys!

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Copper's Home
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Wed, 17 Mar 1999 20:16:04 EST - from Luci

hi, Happy St. Patty's Day we will always celebrate this day!!!!!!! We picked up copper today at the airport. He was not to happy at first but as I speak he is laying down next to my husband. wiil keep you informed thanks for the great rescue..... Especially Petie got to go take care of our new arrival

Sun, 21 Mar 1999 08:12:57 EST - from Angie

This is from Copper's new mom. It seems like things are going better! I am very excited for them and they promise to keep in touch!
Thanks for everyone's help!
Angie and Parker

<<hi i wrote a big letter to you and got knocked off of aol now i have to write it again.
well copper is doing fine fits right in with the rest of us we all went for a ride today. he does so many funny things we bought him a bunny and he shakes it to death. he''s always on his back looking for a rub. we love him to death.
well have to go now will keep in tough bye luci

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