NY Shelter, Dec 1998

IMPS: 3 MinPins just arrived at our shelter - 13 Dec
--- IMPS: 3 MinPins in NY shelter Update - 14 Dec
--- 1yr & 2 yr MinPins STILL need homes!! - 17 Dec
--- NY Rescues Update - 17 Dec
--- IMPS Min Pins from NY update - 19 Dec
Update NY dogs/Nancy & Vinny - 20 Dec
--- New York Boys - 20 Dec
--- Elvis(boy from NY) - 21 Dec

IMPS: 3 MinPins just arrived at our shelter

Sun, 13 Dec 1998 16:05:02 -0600 - from Sue, via Liz

My name is Sue Sternberg and I have a small animal shelter in upstate NY. I took in 3 red Min Pins today from a hideous woman who said her "husband wanted them out of the house NOW". They are uncropped but docked, two have a very low ear set, and the youngest has almost prick ears.

1 year old male
2 year old male
2 year old female

We are a great shelter, all the dogs get spayed/neutered, Dist/Parvo, bordetella, rabies vacc, de-wormed with Panacur, de-flea-ed, temperament evaluated, crate trained. We are separating the males from the bitch because we don't know when she's due to come in season. They were in this person's home for a year, she originally got them from her aunt, who originally got them from the pet store in the mall. They are not housebroken, are used to sleeping under the covers with the woman, are friendly and handleable when they get to know you but barky and yappy and growly when they were on her lap and we went over. They seem frightened but like very decent companions. It's too early to tell about placing them with older children. They were raised with cats and get along with each other very well. I will call our vet on Monday and get them appointments for spaying and neutering ASAP. They are in no danger of being euthanized here, as I believe them to be highly placeable, but I always like to contact good rescue groups who may have good people on a waiting list, and since these are young....

I also contacted a Linda in Long Island NY who also does Min Pin rescue and helped us with a black and tan male we had a few months ago.

Thanking you for your web page and any help you can give us.
Sue Sternberg

Sun, 13 Dec 1998 18:44:38 EST - from Cheryl

OK Folks........HELP!!!!!! Just got off the phone with Sue, she is acting really fast on these! I told her we would do our best to cover expenses also told her about MPCA $50.00 (has anyone actually gotten this?)! If she can get squeezed in they should be neutered/spayed, fully vetted & ready to go to homes or foster by....yikes....Wednsday! She is really not set up to keep them for long so we need to act fast! She is in Kingston, NY ......The boys are wonderful, girl a bit more cautious but wants to be loved! No need to go together so that's easier. OK, lets go folks, I don't know what else to say so will wait to hear from U!


Mon, 14 Dec 1998 09:13:43 EST - from Cheryl

Well, now I am working on ZERO permanent homes! The gal in NY looking to adopt has an affinity for the cropped look and these dogs are not cropped. She sounds sweet & I told her we would keep her in mind for a young cropped female should one come available. She likes red or chocolate & on the smaller side. We are now back to square one, I am hoping there are some other thoughts or applicants we can contact or foster care is our only option for the moment!


1yr & 2 yr MinPins STILL need homes!!

Thu, 17 Dec 1998 01:57:40 EST - from Cheryl

Hi all!

We still need homes for the 2 young red boys in NY! It would be great to get these guys into homes ASAP!! They are loving sweet boys & in good overall health & condition!! I am told they are about 11 to 12 inches tall & are approx. 10 pounds! They will be neutered tomorrow and WANT to find new homes!! A couple new ways to get names of potential new homes have been mentioned! Please let the list know if this pans out! Also Petie made a good suggestion! As part of the application for adoption questionnaire we should ask if folks are willing to, or would consider paying the approx. $150.00 it would cost to air ship a rescue. This way we would know weather we should contact prospects who are not in the immediate viscidity of the dogs that are available. Any other suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated!


Thu, 17 Dec 1998 14:53:07 -0500 - from Dawn

Hey guys, Just a quick note to let you know that I have been contacting people regarding these 2 males and what the status is. Cheryl, I spoke with Nick today. His appt. changed to Sat, so he is going to call me sometime Sat to let me know what happened. If this doesn't go through, he would like one of the NY boys. Also heard back via phone mail from PA, they are interested as well. I'm still waiting for a home in NJ to respond for the NY boys. For Saz's little pepper boy, we are planning on CT as a home, but need to verify a few things first. I've sent an email out to all of the homes waiting asking if they were still interested so we can be sure that we still have homes waiting in those areas. We'll update the web page once all the results are in. I'm also in the process of contacting everyone who has dogs available to verify they are still around. The web site will reflect those results as well. I did mention in the memo to the waiting list that shipping is an OPTION and not a necessity to adopt a dog through IMPS, so hopefully that will clear up any confusion. For those of you on the waiting list that actively post to this list, I did not add you to that memo because I would have heard you were no longer interested once you'd bragged about your new pup. If you'd like a copy of that email, send me a private one and I'll forward it to you. I think that's about it for now, should try and actually work while I'm at work! : )

P.S. - Doolittle and Linda Lipe - I may have a home for the little Daschie, but will be involved for home check and transport only. If it does come to pass, it will have to be on someone else's contract, not IMPS.

Sat, 19 Dec 1998 16:11:00 -0500 - from Petie

They will all be out of the shelter and on their way by Sunday evening. The two yr old red female is being adopted by a lady in NJ who was on our waiting list. She is driving to Kingston and picking her up arranged by Cheryl (Shellamar1).
The two yr old red males are being driven sunday from the shelter to Nancy and Vince's (Vinnysnag,Minpindady)home in NJ by friends who are visiting the shelter owner for the weekend.
A couple in PA from our waiting list is driving to pick one up at Nancy's work on Monday morning arranged by Dawn (Dawn Sullivan ).
Sheila Stepp is driving to the NJ Delaware border probably monday or tuesday to pick up the other from Nancy or Vince....she has a possible home but will foster the dog until we make other arrangements.
My sincere thanks for all their help,phone calls and general hand holding to Cheryl,Dawn,Liz,and Linda (doolittle) and of course to the people who are driving,fostering and actually getting these little guys to their new homes, Nancy & Vince and Sheila Stepp.

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Update NY dogs/Nancy & Vinny
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Sun, 20 Dec 1998 14:51:08 -0500 - from Petie

Please everyone think kind,warm and grateful thoughts for Nancy & Vinny today....and tomorrow...The ride that was to bring the two boys TO THEIR HOUSE just decided they could only bring them as far as 3 hours from them.....The shelter had this information yesterday morning and I specifically asked if there were any problems to call me immediately and we could arrange additional transportation, but they call just giving Nancy and Vince time to start NOW to meet them.....saying if they couldn't do it they would place the dogs.
So totally above and beyond the call of duty these guys will get the boys and make their arranged meeting tomorrow to thier new homes. Who said rescue was easy! I guess we are learning.

New York Boys

NY Boys

Sun, 20 Dec 1998 20:35:57 EST - from Nancy

Attached is a photo the the two boys from New York. We picked them up and they have been pretty good so far.

Petie you were right. Vince can't do it. I called Shiela and she does not have a definite home for the second little boy, so he wants to keep him. So I guess you will be getting the agreement with our signatures on it.

We haven't decided which one to keep yet. The little one with dumbo ears is livelier so I assume he is the younger of the to. He seems to get along with our three better than the other little boy.

So I guess it will be Max, Nikki, Lucky & ???

Lots of hugs,


Sun, 20 Dec 1998 20:35:58 EST - from Nancy & Vince

Well, as you have probably already guessed, since one of the boys did not yet have a permanent home, Vince has decided that we are going to keep one. I have sent a photo to Mag, but if anyone wants it sent privately, just let me know.

We have not decided which one at this point, and probably won't decide until tomorrow morning when I leave for work with one of them. The new owners will be coming to my office at 7:00AM to pick him up. I spoke with his new mother and she is really excited.

We will keep you posted on what we do. We plan on naming him Dally after my grandfather John Dallas Clark. We don't have any children to name after our kin and might as well name the dogs after them.

Nancy & Vince
Max, Nikki, Lucky & Dally

Mon, 21 Dec 1998 19:45:36 EST - from Nancy

Well, the Kinnard family came to my office around 7:15AM this morning, (they were so excited that they even kept the kids out of school so they could come to pick him up) and picked up "Elvis". They started out with "Cocoa" but when I called them around 2PM to see how they were making out they had changed his name to "Elvis".

They were a really nice family and I think Elvis will have a great home with lots of love. Linda told me he was getting along great with their mixed sheppard and cat and hadn't had any accidents (yet! ). Everyone did a great job of picking this family.

As for the Pistol named Dally, he is doing OK. He gets along great with our three, but is a horn toad.

I have to tell you about last night. Elvis and Dally were inseparable. They were both constantly humping each other. So much so that I had to separate them in different crates when we went to bed because they continued humping each other. (Both of these guys were neutered on 12/18) This morning Elvis was again humping on Dally and on my way to work I noticed that Elvis' penis was still out and very swollen. An hour later when I arrived at work it was still the same way. When the Kinnards arrived it was still the same way. (Men, don't be jealous! ) I assured them that it was not like that prior to this morning, and suggested they take him to the vet. Linda told me that the vet just pulled the skin around the swollen end and gave them some cream to put on it.

These guys are little perverts. I had to keep squirting them with water to break them apart. It's not working so good with Dally when he is trying to hump Lucky's leg. And of course Lucky just lays there. DUH!

My Christmas is complete. I was able to take part in seeing a family's joy when they first laid eyes on their new Minpin baby and I have a new one that joined our family.
I hope that everyone out there has a Safe, Happy & Healthy Holiday.


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