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Dianna is going home! - 30 Aug
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Today's the day (Dianna!) - 5 Sept
Dianna & Erika! - 5 Sept
Dianna's Night - 6 Sept
Viv is home - 8 Sept
Dianna Update - 8 Sept
Dianna missings Erika - 9 Sept
Dianna Milestone - 14 Sept
Photos of Erika & Dianna... - 18 Sept
Dianna's Surgery - 23 Sept
Dianna's Update - 25 Sept
Erika & Dianna Update - 4 Oct
Update on Dianna - 10 July




19 August - from Wendy ........ Original Rescue Post & more Dianna pics

DIANNA Red Bitch approx 8-10 mos old,Cropped Ears.She was abandoned at a rest area off I-10 where it joins Texas from New Mexico. I was called by the Private Rescue group and it took me about 6 hours to catch her. Even though she could only hobble along she was very fast and in deplorable condition! Only weighed 4 1/2lbs and was covered in ticks. I got her home and cleaned her up, gave her all her shots,wormed her and got her into good enough condition to withstand surgery. She had one very severe luxated patella and the other was becoming bad because she used it so much. Now she was up to 7 1/2lbs she could have the Surgery.I talked my Veterinarian into doing this extensive surgery for $350.00 which would normally have cost up to $1,000.00!! She is now recuperating very fast and can already walk on the one hind leg and should be able to walk on all fours within the next two weeks. She is being adopted by a very responsible teenager called Erika G, who is also on our MinPin Internet List and is earning the money herself to pay for her spaying,shipping and Health Certificate.She has also sent me the money for a new crate for her.This little dog is an example to ALL of us as she never once complained through this whole ordeal.Most people would be screaming for Morphine every 5 minutes but Dianna never even whimpered. She will always have my greatest admiration. She is also a very good example of the MinPin breed. she should be able to go to her new home within the next two weeks as long as the weather cools down some.It is still in the high 90s here and has to be less than 85 degrees before the Airlines will take her.

Update from Wendy - Sat, 22 Aug 1998 20:18:53 EDT
Dianna went to the Vet this morning and he pronounced her in great shape. He thinks it might take her a few more weeks to be able to run around because the bone surgery on her right leg was very extensive but he checked everything and it is all OK.It will just take a little time now. The Dianna Surgery fund is now up to $325.95 thanks to a donation from Robin.Dianna says a big thankyou. I took a picture of Dr.Bob C. holding her in his office and will send it to anyone who would like to see it. If the airlines will cooperate I will get her to Erika next week sometime.

Dianna and Dr Bob ... Dianna & Dr Bob!

Update from Erika - Sun, 23 Aug 1998 14:45:49 EDT
I spoke to Wendy earlier today and the airlines are STILL saying that they won't fly until Sept. 15th (which, I think everyone has already pointed out it isn't THAT long). Wendy is going to call around tomorrow and see what she finds out about maybe getting Dianna here sooner (depending on weather and stuff). So everyone, pray that the weather cools down SOON and we can get a definate date. =)

Good news is though, that right now I only owe my dad the money for Dianna's plane ticket. Until next month when I will have vet bills to pay that is. I have everything paid off!!! Which is nice since I will have Christmas and b- day presents.... I already paid my parents back for those cost (since they said it could be a gift or I could pay it back, which I did.)

The main thing for this was just to let ya'll know about her flying status....

Love and Peace, a bouncing off the walls, too excited to speak, counting down the days till her baby comes, Erika

Update from Wendy - Sun, 30 Aug 1998 15:38:47 EDT
Thought you would all be very happy to know that the Dianna Fund is paid in full thanks to donations from Diana B,Susan S and Jennifer B. Her final bill was for $370.00 as I got an extra prescription of Rimadyl for her. We actually have a .95c Credit!LOL I think you will all be getting an extra special posting from Erika either today or tomorrow. I will let her tell you,

Update from Erika - Sun, 30 Aug 1998 15:53:11 EDT


Dianna will be here this weekend!!!!!! Vivian is going to bring her here! How groovey is that???

Wendy has to go to shows in Wyoming, but she goes through where Viv lives at. Vivian and her husband will drive to me on Saturday. So.... by, let's say, Monday of next week. I shall be able to sign my name along with Dianna's! Needless to say, I am VERY excited (in fact, I think that's an understatement!) I still have details to work out with Vivian and all.

Before I go, I would like to thank everyone who helped with Dianna's surgery!

Love and Peace,
Erika <--who can hardly sit still long enough to type this letter!!!

Update from Viv & Her 6 Pack - Mon, 31 Aug 1998 10:55:44 EDT
<< Viv you really are such a neat lady and really enjoy your enthusiasm So glad you will have this opportunity to assist these two fine young ladies.....Di and Erika.....I will look forward to pictures........Keep packin......Pam n Friends >>

Almost all packed up, will wait until Thursday to pack the food...I am not that EAGER!!! Lily knows something is up, we got her carrier out and washed it up this morning, all the girls keep going back and forth in and out of it...I think they are saying so which one of us gets to go????? I wish I could bring all 6 but think that might be just a tad much...Lily is a delight and does very well in the car, sleeps almost the whole time, so will be just right for our little adventure...I will sign off on Thursday night and sign back on Monday night or early Tuesday Morning, pics will be developed as fast as I can get them in the store...I am just so excited about Erika, she is a sweet girl and I cannot wait to see her face when she gets Dianna in her arms...That is why I am doing this, just to see the SMILE...Viv & Her 6 Pack

Thu, 3 Sep 1998 12:38:34 EDT - from Erika

Hi all,
Here is the deal. =) Vivian, Keith, and Lily are going to meet Wendy and Dianna in New Mexico. Vivian and them will leave their house at 3a.m. Friday.... drive to New Mexico and hopefully meet Wendy and Dianna their at 11a.m. Then they are off to O.K.C. where they will spend the night. Then around 7:00-8:00a.m. they will be off to Benton... hopefully getting in around 4-6. Maybe they will arrive ahead of schedule!!!
There will be plenty of pictures took and I will send some to whoever wants them whenver I get them scanned and such. =) Also, when Vivian and Dianna and the rest arrive... ya'll will be told!


Thu, 3 Sep 1998 19:48:31 EDT - from Vivian

Erika, everything is done but the food, Keith will be home in about half hour then we eat, go to store, get gas and go to bed...we will drive very safely with "your" Baby, and will be there soon...say an extra prayer for us at bedtime and know we are just as excited as you...Love and Lots of Joy....Vivian

Sat, 5 Sep 1998 09:58:24 EDT - from Erika

Today is the day! Dianna is on her way here and should be here in 7-9 hours! I can't wait!!!!
Last night I got a little cardboard box to put her toys in, got some food out of Mindy's food bag (we decided we would share the cost on one big bag since then the food would be fresher) got some treats from Mindy too! When I get Dianna, I am going to put her name tag on, spray her with flea stuff and give her a heartworm pill right away.
Mindy knows something is up! She knows I got t-r-e-a-t-s (gotta spell that 'cuz she knows what they mean! lol) and f-o-o-d in my room! She also knows I have toys and stuff. I've tried not to show her, but she is too smart!
Dianna doesn't have any water or food bowls yet. We are going to use some plastic bowls until my order comes. I ordered these matching ones with little black dogs on it and a matching placemat!
I am so excited that even though I slept good last night, when I woke up at 7:30 all I could do was toss and turn for a hour before I finally decided to get up! I just hope I can find something to fill in the next 7 hours! I also hope they get here around 4 and not like 6! OR LATER!!!! I think by then, all the patience I've been TRYING to have will disappear! lol!
I will let you all know when she arrives! And then keep ya'll updated for the next day or so how she is adjusting. =)

Love and Peace,
Erika <--who know doesn't have days to countdown too, but hours!

Sat, 5 Sep 1998 16:26:16 EDT - from Erika

Hi all!
Dianna, Vivian, Keith and Lily arrived WAY early! They got here around 1:00ish. Lily and Mindy had a BALL! They ran and jumped and tackled and everything!!! They are very cute to watch! Dianna is VERY attached to Viv and Keith, so right now she prefers them to me. That's okay, right now... as I know Viv and Keith won't be here for more than a few hours and that will have the rest of the day and her life to have her all mine! She is adorable though! She has ate alittle and used the restroom.
We THOUGHT MIndy would be the one who growled, but actually it's Dianna. She just isn't too sure of Mindy as Mindy is VERY hyper right now!
I will keep you updated... Vivian and Keith will probably leave in a few hours to go see Viv's friend.... so... Dianna is just resting right now. =) I hope it won't take long beofre Dianna grows attached to me....

Love and Peace,
(get this! I get to sign this way now!!!)

Erika and DIANNA!!!!!

Sat, 5 Sep 1998 18:59:43 EDT - from Erika

Hey Gang,
This is the proud new mama of the worlds most beautiful minpin!!! I will fill you in with details now. =)
I know Viv said that Wendy gave Dianna a bath the other day, but I felt better knowing that after being out in the heat with all the bugs that she had a bath. So I gave her one and before she goes outside again I will spray her with flea/tick spray. When I first got her I gave her a heartworm pill!
Vivian and Keith have left. Dianna was asleep on my arms right before they left and stayed in my arms until I put her down to 'plore her house. She went outside as soon as she got here practically and she went to the restroom... she even ran!!!! She switches on her legs, sometimes all four, sometimes just two... sometimes just three! It usually starts out on two. =) I am keeping her low to the ground... Right now I have Dianna in a big soft blanket on my lap. She is so beautiful! I know it will take a few days before everything goes into play correctly.
Wendy, I don't know if you are back yet, but if you are or when you do, could you e-mail me with Dianna's usual schedule (eating and stuff) and when she has to go potty and what commands you use with her. I'd appreciate it!
Dianna hasn't ate much since she got here. A few dry food and a doggie treat.... I will moniter carefully on how much she eats and drinks.
Any suggestions on how to ease her gently into a house that alreadys has a minpin and stuff like that I'd appreciate it! Also, how to get her to bond with me! I think that is happening as we speak, but any suggestions on anything would be great! I already have a helper (my mom) but outside help is welcomed!
I probably won't write again today, but I will write sometime tomorrow with how Dianna did during the night and stuff!

Love and Peace,
Erika & Dianna

Sun, 6 Sep 1998 09:52:35 EDT - from Erika

Okay, this will be short as Dianna is in my arms and yawning!!!

She slept good last night... ate some food, but not near as much as she usually does according to Wendy... that's okay though, 'cuz she is drinking! She doesn't mind getting her teeth brushed TOO much. She'll get used to it.. the GREAT thing is though, that I think she knows that I'm her mom 'cuz she follows me and last night she put her nose laying upside down under mine! And she only woke up I think 2 times last night, but that was just to move around and stretch. She still isn't too sure of Mindy and Foxy... she keeps snapping at them. =/

Love and Peace,
Erika & Dianna

Mon, 7 Sep 1998 21:35:38 EDT - from Keith, Viv & the 6 Pack

We made it home, long long drive, but so well worth it...We think Erika and Family are the nicest people in the world, and Dianna is gonna be SPOILED rotten...Lily & Mindy just adored each other, played the whole time we were there...We miss Dianna already..she is a doll and so well behaved, she was a great little car rider...Lily did not like that fact we bonded so well with her though..I think she is kinda attached to Keith & I..hee hee...Well time for food and bed, I will write some more tomorrow, and pics will be in the store tomorrow, so should have them on computer by Friday...Night all and Hugs and Kisses to Erika & Dianna...Keith, Viv & the 6 Pack

Tue, 8 Sep 1998 19:48:20 EDT - from Erika & Dianna

Hi all,
Dianna wanted me to tell ya'll about her webpage that she has.... A friend of mine is helping me load pictures on it, so eventually we will have those, and I'll update it from time to time... So far I have links to other webpages and a brief thing on her before I got her.. haven't had time to update it since then as I have been busy with her and she's been busy fitting in and stuff. Anyways, here is a link for AOL people: Dianna's Page

and the web address for non-AOL people:

So, please check it out and any suggestions or comments would be appreciated (and yes, there ARE misspelled words, and probably bad grammer in there, but keep in mind, that I haven't had all the wonderful years of English as most of ya'll have! lol)

Love and Peace,
Erika and her trusty shadow Dianna

Tue, 8 Sep 1998 20:22:34 EDT - from Erika & Dianna

Just thought I would let everyone know that Dianna is doing REALLY great adjusting to us. She is becoming more and more familiar with our house and people in it. She loves to sleep though! lol! In fact, she is asleep in my arms right now! We are moving up to my bed tonight as I have been sleeping on the floor, but Dr. Carol said today at Dianna's vet appt. that she will be okay sleeping up in my bed. I have put some blankets by my bed as sorta a stool for her to jump up and down from my bed. =)
We had her checked for heartworms and there are none, just like Wendy said. Dr. C thought that Dianna was doing great! We plan on having her spayed later this month.
She ate REALLY good tonight! First time she has since she has been here! I was so happy! Now, if she'll just use the restroom at set times!
I am dreading tomorrow... IT will be the first day that I will be gone for more than 30 minutes away from my baby. I gotta work tomorrow, but I know that she'll be fine without me... she'll just miss me as much as I'll miss her! AT least I don'thave to work from 9-5 five days a week or more! =)
Everyone have a good night! I'm real glad to hear about Speedy! So's Dianna!

Love and Peace.
Erika and Dianna

Wed, 9 Sep 1998 12:18:11 EDT - from Debra (Erika's Mum)

Hi all, I just wanted you all to know that Dianna has really attached herself to Erika. Today is Erika's workday and Dianna is missing her something terriable. We, (Rich-Erika's dad, I, David- Erika's brother and Mindy-our minpin) are trying to reassure Dianna that Erika will be back in a few hours. But I think it is going to take Dianna seeing Erika to believe us. Dianna spent the first 2 and a half hours walking around the house howling looking for Erika. Now she is finally tiring out and trying to go to sleep in Rich's arms. Whenever we put her down she goes back through the house searching for Erika. It is so cute, since Saturday the day Erika got her, she has followed Erika like a shadow. She will be one happy minpin when we leave at 2:30 to go pick Erika up from work.

Wed, 9 Sep 1998 18:38:40 EDT - from Erika & Dianna

(sighs) The first day I am gone most of it is over! Needless to say, I was happy to see Dianna when I got home and glad that she missed me so much, though I would have prefered her to not have given my parents such a hard time and kinda relaxed! But, that's okay, she'll get use to me being gone some of the time. I make sure to love her tons before I leave and love her tons when I get back....

She is doing better each day adjusting more and more and she is even sleeping closer to me! Last night she was under my chin, her head on my pillow!!!

I love her lots and am glad that everyone helped the way they could, with payments for her surgery, Viv and Keith bringing her here, Wendy taking care of her!

I'm off now, to spend the rest of the day with my baby!

Love and Peace,
Erika & Dianna

Mon, 14 Sep 1998 19:47:09 EDT - from Erika

Hey all!
Well, we made a first today with Dianna. I was gone for about 3 hours this morning baby-sitting, and as everyone knows before when I would leave she would HOWL and WHINE and everything! Right? Well, today, for about a hour and half she actually was in my room alone SLEEPING! I was soooooooooo proud of her. To me it means she trust me and knows that I'm coming back. That she is relaxed enough to sleep and to have fun! Just thought ya'll would like to know. =)

Erika and Dianna

Tue, 15 Sep 1998 12:34:35 EDT - from Erika

Hi all,
Wendy- you didn't tell me you were sending me a thief! lol! Dianna has so far stolen 2 shoes!!! Thankfully she hasn't ate them (and believe me, she won't!). It's funny though to watch her take them. We've never had a dog who's done that! I hope to break her of that though... don't need anymore trouble finding shoes!!!
Did you know Dianna snores?! She does! It's very polite and all, and it isn't loud... but I swear she does it! Never heard a dog do that. Oh well, life sure is gonna be lots of fun with her!
The only thing is, she somehow doesn't like my brother, David...
Well, that's my story for the day.

Peace and Love,
Erika and Doggie on the Run, Dianna

Photos of Erika & Dianna... ...
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Fri, 18 Sep 1998 12:32:59 -0500 - from Terri


I've been scanning photos for Erika and putting them on a floppy for her. I'll get them in the mail and back to her tomorrow but here are two photos I thought would be great for your page.


Dianna's Surgery

Wed, 23 Sep 1998 15:13:49 EDT - from Debra (Erika's Mom)

Dianna is home from her spaying. She woke up real well after the surgery and so they let Erika bring her on home. (I got to bring Mindy home the same day of her surgery 2 years ago, as well) Erika and I rented some videos and her and Dianna are camped out on her bedroom floor. She has her bed fixed so Dianna won't try to jump up any the next couple of days. Dianna is napping right now and doing great.

Debra (who is behind on reading her mail and whose husband is doing well from his surgery yesterday)

Fri, 25 Sep 1998 12:24:00 EDT - from Erika and Dianna

Hey all,

Just wanted to let ya'll know that Dianna is doing great! She is basically back to her old self. Wednesday evening she was sooooo drugged! She whimpered alot that day! I felt so sorry for her! =( The next day though she was better and today she is great!

Erika and Dianna

Erika & Dianna Update

Sun, 4 Oct 1998 11:57:35 EDT - from Erika & Dianna

Hi all,
I'm on my mom's ID since I had got off the list about a week or so ago. The reason why is 'cuz I currently am keeping majorly busy with basketball, school, baby-sitting, etc that I didn't have time to do e-mail. I plan on getting back on maybe the first of the year, if not sooner. Just depends on my schedule.
Mom and I thought it would be nice if I used her ID to update you all on Dianna. She is doing great! She was spayed recently and her stitches came out yesterday. She and Mindy LOVES to run around our living room table wicked fast! Dianna usually tires before Mindy though! She hasn't really nipped at anyone in a long time, but she WILL charge at you if you startle her when she's asleep! She also really likes to chew her nylabone/gumabones, which at first she never did. She also acts like she never had that surgery on her legs too. One thing though, she likes drinking out of Mindy's water bowl, not hers!
That's about all. Basically, she acts like she has always been here, not just a month ago! She gets very excited whenever anyone comes home.
I guess I should go! Hope everyone is doing great! If anyone wants to private e-mail me, my address is See ya'll later! Dianna says "hi"!

Love and Peace and Doggie Treats,
Erika & Dianna <-the worlds greatest minpin

Check out her page, which is updated as often as possible!!!

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Update on Dianna
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Sat, 10 Jul 1999 21:21:28 EDT - from Erika and Dianna



This is Erika (I've switched my e-mail names, I no longer have HipMinPin). I just checked out the IMPS site, which, sad to say, I haven't been there in AGES. If you want you can send this to the list, but I mainly wanted to send you a "Dianna Update" for your website. Please tell them that they are free to e-mail me. Thanks! (One picture is of us in tie-dye, it was took around Christmas and the other is just of her.)


Dianna is doing great! Her birthday is nearing. September 5th. Not that long away. She has been great! She fits in well here and loves everyone, though some more than others! =)

She will be taking a trip in October up to the mountains of Colorado. That should be exciting!

She uses the wee-wee pads like a pro now! Yeah!

She knows EXACTLY how to get what she wants (food) when she wants it (all the time). She will either feign an injury (and you can TELL she's acting) or just beg! She's a nut!

She loves to play with bubbles! Dianna also loves chewing on your hand like its a play toy. I'm telling you, it's a wonder that my hands aren't all scarred up!

Dianna isn't much for sleeping late and she figures that if you aren't awake when she is, that its her loyal duty to wake you! Usually with a bark and a leap.

Mindy and Dianna are best of friends now. They share toys. Mindy's birthday is in a couple of months and Dianna bought Mindy a carrot bone. What Dianna doesn't know is that Mindy bought Dianna the same thing for Dianna's birthday!

Dianna still hates bath day, and DESPISES those dreadful things called "clippers". This leads us to yet another way that she gets her favorite thing, food. She will yelp and whine and everything even before anything happens. So to keep her quiet we feed her food. Amazingly, she only weighs about 6-7 pounds. With the amount of food she consumes you would think she would weigh 100!

She's spoiled rotten, but that's okay. I love her! I am including a recent picture of her.

Love and Doggie Treats,
Erika and Dianna


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