Pics of Duckie

Tue, 7 Sep 1999 21:54:22 EDT - from Donna

Hi Mag and all,

I'm attaching some pictures of Duckie. She went to her forever home a few days ago.

The first is a shot of her lounging on the spare bed.


In the second, she's made herself comfortable in Winnie's bed ~ she chose that as her "comfy spot" when she came home from being spayed.


The third pic shows Duckie in the dog bed, with Winnie (center) and Ebony (right) offering sympathy and generally being nice to the "baby."


The last, of course, is Duckie with her new mom & dad, the Rodriguez's. They were getting ready to bring her home to meet her IMPS brother Oliver (who was adopted earlier this year - click here for Oliver's Story).

Duckie and new Mom & Dad

Enjoy everyone! And Hooray for Duckie!

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