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Ft Lauderdale to RI - 26 Sept
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Ft Laud to RI

Sat, 26 Sep 1998 12:47:36 EDT - from Susan

This person is requesting assistance on a CUR run from Ft. Lauderdale to RI. I don't know who it is. Probably picked up my name from the IMPS stuff.

Liz, how do we handle this?


<<Subject: Good Morning Susan
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 1998 09:57:07 EDT

Can you please help me find someone to transport a Mini Pin From Fort Lauderdale to RI.. I am rescuing a little boy from there..


Meryth Seybold>>

Sat, 26 Sep 1998 13:26:14 EDT - from Pat

I got an e-mail from her too. I sent back a reply asking her to provide more details but haven't heard anything yet. I am in Ft Lauderdale and can do some northbound driving, but need more details first. pat

Sat, 26 Sep 1998 18:30:08 EDT - from Meryth, via Susan

<<Hello Again..

I am located in Portsmouth RI.. And let me tell you a little more.. The little guy was found as I told you, and no owner has answeared any news paper ad's.. He is about a year and a half, and I talked to the fellow who found him this morning. I am willing to pay for his ticket on the plane if someone is flying in this direction.. I just cant fly myself... This dog is located in Fort LAuderdale Fl..


Sun, 27 Sep 1998 18:50:06 EDT - from Pat

I e-mailed Meryth in RI that I would assist in the travel arrangements for the rescue in Ft Laud and have not heard from her yet. However, I did get a call from a friend of the man who has the dog. As I said before, I will help in any way that I can, but I am not hearing anything from anyone else? The friend, Ruthie, raises Chinese crested's and she says this is a wonderful dog, very sweet, etc... But they sound kind of eager to get the dog into a home. I am very close to where the dog is staying presently, about 5 miles. I have Ruthie's work and home phone number so I can contact her with any news, but I need some first. If need be, I can take the dog in for a temporary foster (ohhh my husband will kill me, he will just KNOW that I am keeping another one) until we get this all worked out, but I am not hearing anything. If anyone has heard ANYTHING, let me know. I wanna be a good guy and PROVE to my husband that just because you have fur and four legs, does not mean that I will have to keep you. pat

Sun, 27 Sep 1998 19:00:15 EDT - from Pat

Just when you think you know these guys you're married to, they go and do something out of character. Phil has agreed that we can be a foster home for the Hollywood dog until we can get him to his new home. I hope this doesn't mean that I am going to have start cooking meals and becoming a good wench now.


Sun, 27 Sep 1998 21:35:28 EDT - from Pat

I have been trying without success to reach Ezra (the man with the dog sounds like some secret agent spy talk). I am hoping to be able to reach him tomorrow. Once I have the dog here I will feel better and we can take things slow and easy and get it done properly. If I cannot reach Ezra tomorrow, then I will call the woman I have as a contact and work through her.

I was looking at airfare to Providence and SWA can go there round trip for $172 and $196. It is a thought to keep on reserve. I was just concerned about the temps and the flying is still in the 80's and 90's here....

OK Wendy, Kennel Smart me. I will go to Petsmart tomorrow and see what they have available. What should I look for in a kennel. Size? Material? I remember the part about freezing the H2O in the water dish, but that is about it.

I haven't explained to the other dogs yet, the cat is the one who will think I have gone over the edge. Everybody here is real laid back and loves 'puppy company' so I hope seeing three dogs and a big fluffy cat doesn't send poor Mickey over the edge. He might start trying to hitchhike. But I have a crate and my husband is home most of the day so he will not be alone and left unattended during this transition period.

I just want to get the dog here and then start working on a real plan. I will feel better then.

Mon, 28 Sep 1998 11:14:14 EDT - from Wendy

At PetsMart you can get a Deluxe Pet Porter, dimensions are 21 3/4"Lx17"Wx16"H. This is a really sturdy crate and costs about $32.00 down here, may be a little more in Florida where all the rich people live !LOL Don't buy one of the cheap ones as they will break and sometimes the cargo handlers are not always as gentle as we would wish. If we use these really sturdy crates we never have a problem with shipping. What Airline is charging $170.00????? I just sent Henry to Chicago and Buddy to Philadelphia and each one was only $123.25 on American Airlines counter to counter service. Delta charges $163.00 for their DASH service. If I can be of any more help please ask.

Mon, 28 Sep 1998 16:11:44 EDT - from Pat

I am changing clothes and then heading off to pick up the little rescue. And I a friend of a friend flying to RI on FRIDAY - we are checking to see if he will fly with the dog. I will let you know more as soon as I get back. I am excited, can you tell?


Mon, 28 Sep 1998 22:32:09 EDT - from Pat

This has been an eventful day. I finally connected with Ezra and picked him this afternoon. He is a moose dog and makes my Harley look petite. I told Meryth that she can put a saddle on him! He is very loving and very sweet. As with anything of this nature there was some 'miscommunication'... I am chalking it up to language barriers. He is not neutered. (this did not make my husband happy). Well, at least I think I can tell what those things are. We are unsure of any shots, because the man told me that he had never been to a vet except when he was younger. He does not know how old he is. Except he has that 'puppy feel to him' - does that make sense, all kind of soft and puppy feeling. My guess is he is about 18 months. He was not found abandoned. This was an owner give up as it turns out. He just did not have the time for him. He is housebroken - you must take him out 7 - 8 times per day. But he is very loving and sweet. I took him on a tour of Petsmart and local pet store - he didn't come with any toys. Now he has toys and he looks at them like "yeah what". My big dog, the really laid back one - mood swing. I guess she figures enough is enough and doesn't understand 'temporary'. The maltese is already trying to boss him around. How typical. And Harley...she just keeps running up to him and comparing her petiteness...."see I can too have another cookie."

We spent a lot of time out in the yard tonight just trying to get him acclimated. I am sure he is very confused. And he is marking everything in sight which really ticks Maya off. Everytime she sees him mark something outside she runs straight towards him and knocks him over. They eventually calmed down enough for me to talk to Meryth who sounds very excited and is looking forward to getting Erik (nice Viking name).

I am concerned that he may be too big to fly as a carry on. I will check with the airlines once the friend of the friend agrees and I know which airline he is taking. Tomorrow I am calling to see if I can get him into the vets for his shots since we have no clue as to his history. The man did see genuinely touched to see the dog go, and has said that he wants him back if this does not work out. I took some pictures of Ezra with the dog and a few when I got home, but it has ben too exciting to leave and drop the film off.

I moved his crate into the kitchen so he could be closer to me as I sit at the computer. His diet needs to be changed s-l-o-w-l-y. He was fed a glass of milk for breakfast, full lunch and then supper. Every other day he got a hard boiled egg - no toast.

He has calmed down since his first introduction and doesn't even seem to notice the cat. Rufus performed a CAT scan when he first arrived and he stood very still. Good thing too, or Maya would have had another excuse to bowl him over. And she was looking for excuses.

I think Meryth is going to really enjoy him, he is very much a lover puppy.

Tue, 29 Sep 1998 06:40:01 EDT - from Pat

I don't have anything normal like a tape measure so I used a ruler....and remember this is a 6 a.m. measuring. But when he stands he is approx 14 inches from floor to shoulder. Please tell me he will fit on the plane.

I slept on the couch last night because the maltese was being a butthead - barking and carrying on. Once I went to 'my place' and Harley and Bogey and Maya found a way to all fit themselves within the various folds, all was quiet on the southeastern front. The house guest didn't make a sound all night. The crate thing is new for him but he did beautifully.

I fed this morning and he is outside now. I am trying to let him have more outside time right now so he doesn't get bored and restless in the cage. I will let my guys join him about 7 a.m. because they are the 'barkers'.

He is very sweet and just loves to be held. I have to make a quick run to the petstore this afternoon and get some more Nature's Miracle so I can spray it around....don't want to mess with marking. I just hope my maltese doesn't learn to lift his leg from watching Erik.

I will know more this afternoon. Thanks for all of the help. pat

Tue, 29 Sep 1998 17:53:50 EDT - from Pat

Guess I have to stop calling him a moose. I just got back from the vet and he weighs 17.2 lbs. I should have gotten on the scale - I think I like how they weigh. Last time Harley was at the vets she weighed 17 lbs and she feels much, much lighter than this guy.

I didn't have Meryth's last name or address with me, not a rocket scientist, so I have to go back and pick up the certificate tomorrow. The vet says he is a very healthy, robust minpin. And he put his age closer to the 18 month old mark based on the calculus build up on the teeth. My guys have very little as they eat hard food and have lots of chew toys. His diet has always been a soft diet. He made the 'oh yuck' face at the hard food.

He spent most of the day out in the yard playing with the other dogs..things have calmed down considerably. My guys have extracted a promise that he will be LEAVING on Friday.

When I spoke to the airlines today they were pretty adamant that he CANNOT go as carry on because the seat is only 8 inches high and he must be able to stand and turn around. The flight has a 1:15 minute layover in Pittsburgh but it is an early morning flight out of here so that is good.

The friend of the friend has agreed to take the dog with him, but I do not know how thrilled he is at carrying him on. I will continue to probe and offer bribes.

Erik was so excited to see me when I got home this afternoon - imagine three dogs and a cat racing around the corner of the house as you come through the gate and then here comes the new guy wanting to get in on some of the "I'm home" pets. He is a very sweet dog and I am trying so hard not to become attached to him.
I am such a sucker for an animal. He is much better behaved than the Bogey Monster. I have gone past squirt bottles and penny cans with Bogey, I think I will buy one of those super soaker guns that has a 25 foot range. And then he goes and does something so cute (he is still enamored with his tail) that I think 'how could I possibly even think of blasting that little critter with a super soaker'? But he usually does something a few minutes later that dispels that idea.

Hopefully tonight will be better or it will be couch time again -- hey, it's a pretty great couch so it's not toooo bad. That little dog has turned this house upside down.

Thanks for the good thoughts and now lets focus on the friend of the friend and the airlines letting him go in coach.


Thu, 1 Oct 1998 06:54:42 EDT - from Pat

Erik will leave tomorrow - bound for RI - in coach. I picked up a Samsonite bag for him last night, the Sherpa bags were not to be found. With all of the hurricane stuff, they were gone, gone, gone. Earl has agreed to carry him on board, I bribed him with $50 for his trouble. Which I don't think is unreasonable for ensuring his safety.

He is a great dog and we haven't had any problem with him marking in the house at all. Tomorrow will be a hectic day and Meryth is excited about getting her dog. Things should return to normal around here (what is that) soon. Even Harley (Princess My Butt Never Touches the Floor) found herself laying at my feet while I was on the computer just so she could make sure that the OTHER dog wasn't getting any more attention than her.

My heartstrings are being tugged and I am glad it was only 4 nights and 3 days or there would be some major heartbreak around here. But I think he is going to a great home and I look forward to re ceiving pictures from Meryth. Unfortunately my scanner has decided that it hates me and until I can get back there and fiddle around with the stuff I won;t be able to post any pictures.

Thanks for all of your assistance and guidance on getting him to his new home.

I will let you know when he has left here and arrived at his new home.


Fri, 2 Oct 1998 08:48:49 EDT - from Pat

I put Erik on the plane this morning and it was a little difficult but I am confident that he is going to a good, no, make that GREAT home. I will have to tell you the airport story when I come home from work. I am off to the dentist (yuck) now. But just start imagining a Houdini minpin, a carrier coming to life, and rolling over and over on the floor. It was a pretty eventful morning. More later - pat

Fri, 2 Oct 1998 18:57:23 EDT - from Pat

It is 0630 in Ft Lauderdale. I have arrived to pick up a man I do not know, who will be transporting a dog I have to come to love, to a woman I do not know except, via the 'net. I have Erik in the carrier and Earl is running late. He comes out half dressed and says "I'm hurrying,, I stayed up partying too late and this flight is too early." I am standing by my car with what appears to be an overnight bag at this terribly early hour. A neighbor has come out and is eyeing me rather suspiciously. Earl later tells me that I have probably ruined their reputation now -- a female standing beside a car with an overnight bag at 0630 outside the home of two gay men. Oh well it will keep them guessing.

We get to the airport and park. As Earl reaches in the back to get his bag he screams "Oh my God, he's out of the carrier." Apparently I did not lock it as securely as I thought and wiggle worm found a way to work the carrier top off. Earl started clamping, clipping, and snapping anything that would perform those functions.

We get into the airport...long line of business men all deeply engrossed in stock report pages. Earl and I do not look like them. The carrier is placed on the floor while we wait. Suddenly the carrier has not just come to life, it is moving. It is moving like a log roll....over and over and over until it comes to stop on the highly polished shoes of a businessman en route to Pittsburgh. We have now succeeded in drawing attention to ourselves in a more humorous way. Only one man continues to be starched and ignore the living luggage. The carrier rolls back to us and then rolls forward some more.

The plane is now boarding and we are still in line . . . .we are allowed to move forward toward the gate. At this time, Earl decides to tell me that he will probably be setting off the metal detector. It seems Earl has a quite a few body piercings and this is a usual event for him. Sure enough, he sets off the alarm. And then they tell me that I have to remove Erik from the carry on and send the bag through the xray machine. I begged and pleaded not to make me do dice. Now I am struggling with the carrier and Erik does not want to go inside peacefully. They are still scanning Earl. We just make the plane and Erik is off.

I watch and wait. Does the plane really leave? Then I start counting down the times. Arrival, plane changes, departures, and arrival at his new home.

The hand off went smoothly and Meryth e-mailed me less than an hour after pick up. She says that he is a wonderful dog, except for the humping of the pillow to the point of, well you know to the point of what! I told her that he never did that here. Probably because of the puritanical upbringing of the people who live in this house vs the raucous ways of the Swedes in her house. She called the vet and he is being neutered Monday morning.

She is delighted with Erik and he has taken to her husband's lap for intense TV watching. Their older dog, Jenny is 15 years old, and is happily ignoring Erik.

I am glad that he is finally with his new family, but there is a little chunk of me missing (why couldn't it be the chunk that consists of fat instead of my heart). She has promised to send pictures and I have sent her the links to the web pages so she can see what this group can do.

Now if I can find the directions on how to get on the list....can anybody help, I don't know where I have hidden the instructions. If you can, please send them to Meryth at Aviatrix52.

Thank you all so much for all of the help and the encouraging words. I almost listened to that woman who worked for the airlines instead of the 'experts' on the list.


Sat, 3 Oct 1998 10:47:47 EDT - from Pat

Erik had an uneventful night and slept through it without crying or carrying on - Yeah Erik. They are going to a wedding next week in Monterey and will have their beagle watched by friends, but Erik is going with them. He is being neutered on Monday and they don't want him to feel unloved. I want that dogs frequent flyer miles.

I have to tell you, there was an empty spot on the floor by the computer last night and it was kind of strange, but I feel so good about his new home. Meryth is scanning some pictures for me on Monday and I will post them to all that would like them.

Now that my life has sort of returned to normal I will attempt to take the boat out and not sink the truck during the offloading.

who has those warm fuzzy feelings about Erik and his new home

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