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The Lister Meeting in Florida!
Viv and Lily
Aunty Wendy
Wendy's Pups
Sabrina, Bebe and Pepper
Terri's Boys
Another Pic of Lister
Pics of Killian
Mag & family!
Pics of Brisket & Rick
Pics of Zeus
Susan's Birthday Girls
A more recent pic of Susan's Girls
Viv & the 4 Pack!!!
More pics of the Susan's Girls
Pics of Speedy
Star & Mocha
C.J.'s Dogs
Updated Pictures of Lucky & Toci & Petie!
Latest Pics of Killian & Guinness
Rainy Day Pic from Wendy
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Aunty Wendy!!


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From Wendy - 20 August 1998


Click HERE For more pics of Wendy's dogs, including her HUNKY Calendar dogs!!
Those are two puppies of mine that I am growing up to see if they are going to get big enough! I'm very afraid they are going to stay small! They are called "Buddy" and "Buster"
Their mother is my first MinPin Ch.Pros Sophisticated Lady "Mimi" and this was her last litter.Their sire is my dog that was Nationally rated the entire year 1996, Ch.Brackley He's My Man "Nathan". I think they will be for sale fairly soon as they look like they are going to be only 10" at maturity and that is way too small to show or use for breeding.

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Sabrina, Bebe & Pepper

hi mag, here is a picture of me and bebe and pepper for the min pin list member page. i have sunglasses on in every picture of me and the dogs!!! oh well. if i get one withoug sunglasses i will send it later. just got the scanner figured out and now i am having fun with it. thanks, sabrina


Pics of Killian Killian Killian

Tue, 29 Sep 1998 22:57:40 EDT - from Jennifer

Hi Everyone - I finally got my brother to scan some pictures for me of the little angel!!! Here they are! Jennifer

Click here for Killian's Web Page.

or Click here for more Killian Pics.

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Mag & Family


OK Guys - here it is!!! Finally some pics of our family...

First one is of the Boys - Frodo & George, up to their usual tricks!


... And here are the Girls - Kirra & Mag, doing what they know best, ie. just lying around & not doing much!!!

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Brisket & Rick ...



Thu, 1 Oct 1998 15:54:33 -0700 - from Rick

I've been trying to send you a picture of Brisket but keep having problems. I'll try once more. She was born on 7/11/97 at Coleman Kennels. She is my second Red Female.
I am new to the list and am very interested in the rescue operation.
Thank You
Rick Jeanguenat in Virginia

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Pics of Zeus

Fri, 2 Oct 1998 12:48:58 EDT - from Shelley & Zeus

I am sending this picture of my Baby...Zeus....I am working on scanning some more...He has a web page, that is still under construction.... Zeus' Home Page I got Zeus when he was about 9 1/2 weeks old....he is now 18 weeks old..born May 25, 1998. He is a runt and currently wieghs 4 pounds....stag red...and the cutest dog in the whole world!!! (unless, you think I am prejedice!!) And prolley the most spoiled!! but he has been great...he is my first minpin...he was housetrained in 3 or 4 days...scratching at the door when he wanted to go out...he's such an angel!!! But he still has accidents occationally...but will usually hit the newspaper!

I am so glad I found out about this page!! Thanks for putting it together!!!

Love from Shelley & Zeus!!!

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Rainy Day Pic

Rainy Day

Tue, 17 Nov 1998 13:03:03 EST - from Wendy

I sent a picture to Petie of all my dogs on a very Rainy day here in El Paso and she asked me to send it to you!She thought you would like it LOL I will send you pictures of the winners of the Phoenix MinPin Specialty show and the Tucson MinPin Specialty show as soon as I receive them as they are both dogs that I bred and are "Harry" sons. Needless to say I am very proud of them. The New Zealand Judge, Linda Richards even gave my boy Best of Breed over 9 Champions!!!!! Its days like that, that really make a mother proud.LOL

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