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Pic of Toci - 24 Nov 98
Pic of Java & Kitty - 25 Nov 98
Photo of Cocoa & Charlie - 29 Nov 98
Current Picture from Rick - 2 Dec 98
Picture of Lucky & Nikki - 19 Dec 98
Pic of Erika & Dianna - 2 Jan 99
Susan's Girls on New Year's Eve - 4 Jan 99
Pic of Lonnie's Girls - 8 Feb 99
Playtime at Rick's - 18 Feb 99
Pic of Jack & Erik from Saz - 23 Mar 99
Zantilly Lace .. pic from Bev - 23 Mar 99
Star & Mocha...... - 26 Mar 99
Lucky & Dallas - 5 Apr 99
Wendy's Pups - 16 Apr 99
Pic of Giselle from Lynn - 16 Apr 99
Car riding Min Pin from Anita - 17 Apr 99
MinPin & Tiger Photo..And Chester - 25 Apr 99
Pics from Emily - 3 May 99
Wendy's New Puppies - 4 May 99
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Pic of Toci

Tue, 24 Nov 1998 15:28:00 -0500 - from Petie


Hi Mag,
Heres a picture of Toci when we were taking the boat to winter storage.

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Pic of Java & Kitty

Wed, 25 Nov 1998 10:54:19 EST - from Esther


Mag: Attached is a bmp pic of Java and Kitty. Kitty of course being my rescue.

Click here for Kitty's Email Story.

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Photo of Cocoa & Charlie

Sun, 29 Nov 1998 23:10:01 -0500 - from Mary


Hi I'm Cocoa and this is my little brother, Charlie. We live with our mom and dad in Detroit, Michigan. I'm going to be 6 yrs old in December and Charlie turned 4 last July. I'm smarter than Charlie, cause I know lots of words...like I know which of my humans is mom and which is daddy, I know squirrel and I know my human sisters names and the word toy and I know "hugs and kisses". Charlie's not so smart! He thinks all those words mean "treat"!!! Daddy says Charlie's too small to be a dog and has such a bad attitude, he was meant to be any "only" dog, but he loves both of us to bits. I may be noisy, but Mama says I'm her sweet little girl. They always let us sleep with them, so we won't get cold or lonely. We're just like all the other min pins. Spoiled ROTTEN!!!

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Current Picture from Rick

Wed, 2 Dec 1998 14:52:06 -0500 - from Rick


Hey Mag, here's a current picture of me and the girls

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Picture of Lucky & Nikki

Sat, 19 Dec 1998 19:15:56 EST - from Nancy


I just had to send you this picture of Lucky & Nikki sleeping on our bed. It was so cute and for once the digital camera was nearby.

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Pic of Erika & Dianna


Click here for Dianna's Rescue Story.

Sat, 2 Jan 1999 18:12:37 EST - from Erika

Petie told me to send you this picture if I wanted the list to see it. It's of me and Dianna is our tie-dyed stuff. Thanks!


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Pic of Jack & Erik from Saz

Tue, 23 Mar 1999 16:27:01 -0500 - from Saz

Hi Mag,
Here are my boys, Jack and Erik for the website. I am showing Jack in conformation and we will soon be embarking on an obedience career as well. Erik is the little mole dog poking his head out from the blanket burrow. He's just a little spoiled.


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Zantilly Lace .. pic from Bev

Tue, 23 Mar 1999 18:12:10 EST - from Bev


I belong to the list as well as my co-owner.. We would like to know if you can post a pic of our new hopeful, Zantilly Lace....her full name is Loads of Love's Zantilly Lace. Owned by Beverly Williamson & Pamela Kintz. Would you please post her call registered name and her owners under the pic? And could you make a link to each of our URL's. They are:


Kubisiak's Page

I truly do appreciate it...thanks a bunch...see you online.

Bev & the Z's

Zantilly Lace
Loads of Love's Zantilly Lace

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Don't know if you remember me......


Fri, 26 Mar 1999 11:45:03 +0900 - from Cathy

This is Cathy Valenza, and I was on the saluki list not too long ago but had to get off. I have a 2 year old Rottie named Star and a now 8 months old MinPin Mocha. I just wanted to say "hi" to everyone who remembered me and give everyone an update. We are still in Japan of course, the weather is beautiful, and I am 6 months pregnant with our first human baby girl! We are so excited. Star and Mocha don't know what all the commotion is about, but they will soon! *smile* I wanted to add some new pictures if I could, and maybe you could either add it to our page, or send it to everyone on the list. I hope everyone is doing fine, and it is really neat to read all the updates! Miss and love you guys!
Cathy, Star, and Mocha

Click here for more great pics of Star and Mocha!

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Lucky & Dallas
Click here for Lucky's Story.
Click here for Dallas' Story.

Mon, 5 Apr 1999 18:14:46 EDT - from Nancy & Vince


I just thought I would send off this new picture of our two rescues. Although Dallas' face is shaded by Lucky, you can see the difference in size.

They (including Nikki & Max) all get along wonderfully. Especially Nikki & Lucky. She is like the mother hen to all her boys. She cleans their ears and eyes and truly keeps them in line (she must have had lessons from Linda, in the opinionated bitch category! VBG)

Vince & I can't wait until we move into our new house so we can have more!


Nancy, Vince, Max, Nikki, Lucky & Dallas

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Car riding Min Pin

Sat, 17 Apr 1999 20:08:20 -0400 - from Anita


Hi, Mag,

I'm sending you a jpeg of Phoebe in her car seat. She's been using it for 6 years now(for 2 day trips between So. FL and No. GA) and she loves it because she can see out the window. The crate is held in place by the seat belt and she has her leash attached to the headrest. Phoebe is only 10 inches and weighs 5.5 lbs so it fits her fine. A larger dog would not need so much stuffing in the crate.


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