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Sailor's Blanket..... - 25 Jul 00
Elizabeth's Dog stuff - 30 Aug 00
Fund Raiser - Pastel Drawings - 4 Sep 00
Thanks to Chillydog.. - 22 Nov 00
Minpin Wooden Cut Outs - 30 Mar 01
IMPS Wooden Cut-Outs - 21 Nov
Fund raiser - 14 Mar
Penny Drive in Oregon - 24 Mar

Elizabeth's Dog stuff

Wed, 30 Aug 2000 14:51:37 -0400 - from Elizabeth

Here's some items that I want to sell to the members of the list. Petie said that I should send them to you with a description and cost. Thanks!!

I will donate 10% of all sales to IMPS.

Doggie Car Seat

Doggie Car seat: The biggest problem with our lil dogs in the car is that they can't see outside! This car seat solves that problem. Just strap it in with the seatbelt, and secure doggie with the enclosed strap to their harness. Made of a heavy, solid foam with removable/washable cover. Take it into the house for use as a TV chair. (Scarlett's favorite thing) $65 + shipping

Dog Toys

Dog Toys. Available in Tony Tiger, Bear, and Fleece. Pull toy approx. 21" long, and puff toy 5" round. Machine washable. All toys have squeakers for your Pin to kill. $5 + shipping.

Dog House

Doghouse. Constructed of foam, and lined on inside with fleece. Each doghouse custom made with your personal color choice to match your decor. Has a window on the side to "spy". They all love it, even BooBoo the cat! Machine wash/drip dry. $65 + shipping.

Coming sometime....belly bands and snuggle sacks.

For details, please email Elizabeth at

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Fund Raiser - Pastel Drawings

Mon, 4 Sep 2000 22:54:37 -0400 - from Teresa


At the NC rescue/adoption fair last weekend, I got a great idea for a fundraiser. I met a woman who does pastel drawings of your pet for $25 and will then donate $5 to IMPS. You just send her a picture of your minpin (or any pet) and she will send you a 9x12 drawing along with your picture back. She also does notecards, calendars, and glossy prints. I sent all the info to Mag, so she can put it on the website. If you prefer me to email you the order form, email me privately and I will send it. It was too large to email to the list. You can see samples of her work at http://CLIK.TO/PETPIX207 but don't order off her website or we won't get the donation. You have to order from the special order forms she created for us.

Click HERE for the order form - note: this is not an online-form - please print it out, fill in the details and send the form, your check and photos to the address detailed.

Click HERE for samples of Marcia's work.

Teresa IMPS - NC

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Thanks to Chillydog..

Wed, 22 Nov 2000 21:33:36 -0700 - from Kelly-Sue

Hi Mag!

I have some terrific news!! A wonderful lady named Jo Widness owns a company called Chillydog. She sells a really awesome blanket/bed that looks like a sleeping bag with a built-in pillow.

I wrote to her and asked if she would be willing to donate scraps of material. Since Betsy Riley makes scrap quilt blankets for Fosters, I felt she could use the material since she's willing to donate her time and talent. Jo agreed and is sending a 12 pound box to Betsy!!

Would we be able to provide a link to her website from ours?? A lot of Min Pin folks buy her beds and it would certainly repay her generosity. ( I hope to purchase one or two in the New Year for my kids ) Chillydog's website address is

Please let me know what you decide. I wrote to a lot of dogbed/blanket manufacturers asking for a donation and she's the only one who responded.

Take care, EH?
in Canada, EH?

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Minpin Wooden Cut Outs

Fri, 30 Mar 2001 20:47:41 EST - from Michele

Cut Out


I just wanted to let you know that the Wooden Cutouts are on SALE.....LOL. The big ones are $20.00 and every fourth one sold the fifth's $$$ goes to IMPS as a donation! The small ones are reduced to $6.00 Plus shipping! and same applies, every fifth sold the money goes to IMPS for donation! So if anyone is interested please email me ( privately and I can send them right out to you! Thanks, Michele IMPS NJ

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IMPS Wooden Cut-Outs

Wed, 21 Nov 2001 20:13:14 EST - from Michele

Large Oak - with IMPS logo

Hey Mag !!!

First off Happy Turkey Day!!!!!! :) I have attached some pictures of the wood cutouts again....... The Large Plain Oak are 8.00, the Lg. Oak with IMPS logo are 10.00, small pins are 5.00 Oak, (painted black or red only are 6.00) please post on the saluki page..... anyone interested can email me directly or plus shipping!!! There will be donation to IMPS on everyone sold!!!!

Thanks Michele IMPS NJ

Large Plain Oak Small Pin

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Fund raiser

Thu, 14 Mar 2002 12:45:51 -0500 - from Amy

Golden Retriever Minpin 1

Minpin 2
Hi mag,

Since I couldn't find many pennies (only about $30) I thought I would donate a couple of my little plaques/magnets. I will donate them to IMPS if someone wants to buy them. I will price them at $20 and I will cover the shipping cost. Anyone interested can send me an email There are two MinPins and one Golden Retriever.

Thanks, Amy

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Penny Drive in Oregon

Sun, 24 Mar 2002 17:40:44 -0800 - from Melissa

Maddy Mae

Hi Mag:

Here are two pictures of Spike and Maddy Mae doing the penny drive! They turned in over $77 dollars! They challenge the other minpins out there to find coins and turn them in!!!
Oregon IMPS
sidekicks..Maddy mae and Spike


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