Ohio Minpins (Jo's Boys)

Foster Home needed for 2 puppymill males - 18 Dec
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Update on Jo's Foster Boys - 23 Dec
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The boys' initiation into minpin helldom! - 27 Dec
The Boys are Home to Stay!!! - 10 Jan
Pics of Jo's kids - 7 Feb

Foster Home needed for 2 puppymill males

Fri, 18 Dec 1998 21:55:13 -0800 - from Rie

Is there anyone available in Central Ohio that would foster 2 B&R males? These two were taken from the puppymill that was shut down in May. They have been in the shelter since then. I feel terrible that they got left there for this long. In order for them to have ANY chance at being adopted successfully, they have to learn how to be house dogs. Actually, they have to learn to be DOGS first. I realize how big of an undertaking this is as I have 2 fosters from this same case but am hoping someone has enough love and patience to help these two. We are still awaiting the court order to release all of the dogs but until then, the dogs are stuck in limbo. These 2 have apparently always been together, and may even be littermates. I am going to go look at them and evaluate them sometime this weekend so I will know more after Sunday. Anyone out there that can help by showing these two what a normal loving home is all about??? Thanks

Rie Shields

Sat, 19 Dec 1998 00:02:34 EST - from Jo, Jenda and Tazzie

I may be able to do this. Let me know after your evaluation, and I'll see what favors I can do for my roommate so that I have some to call in when I ask to take in some fosters :-)

Jo, Jenda and Tazzie

Sat, 19 Dec 1998 21:37:16 -0800 - from Rie

The two male minpins from the puppy mill closure here in Ohio may have a chance at learning what it's like to be a house pet. These boys have been in a shelter since the puppy mill was shut down in May. Now they will have a chance at a Merry Christmas thanks to Jo, of Jenda and Tazzie fame, who has offered to foster them. Thank you for the offer of help, Jo, and I'll see you tomorrow when we spring these boys from doggie jail.

Rie Shields

Sun, 20 Dec 1998 16:27:26 -0800 - from Rie

I just got back home from meeting Jo and her roommate at the shelter to pick up the 2 boys. One of them is smaller, stocky with an "old fashioned" head and is still fairly outgoing. The other is probably 12", lighter boned, very shy and scared. Each dog got held by one of the new "mommies" and just snuggled in. They each got to take home their new Booda bones that a shelter worker had just brought in for them for Xmas, but something tells me they are not going to be lacking for toys LOL. Kiss the babies for me Jo, and if you have any problems let me know.

Rie Shields
Miniature Pinscher Rescue

Sun, 20 Dec 1998 18:36:29 EST - from Jo

Thanks sooo much Rie!!! I couldn't stand the thought of those two in the shelter since May. We stopped at a pet store on the way home and got some bright new collars and leashes, plus a few other things. We let them in the yard first to do their marking and stuff, then let our girls out. They all liked each other, so that was a big relief.

Once the greetings were taken care of, Jenda being the 8 1/2 year old matriarch that she is, has been overseeing everything from the couch. The boys were hesitant at first to come in the house, but once the girls went in , they were more willing to go in. We closed off all the rooms but let them have the run of the living room and kitchen. Fortunately, they knew the washable wee wee pads were for pooping, so that has saved a few messes to clean up. They targed one of the dog beds for marking, so that was fine with me, since the bed is washable.

I have to admit, though, I'm not used to male dogs, and I have to admit that most of the recent posts about marking didn't stick with me, so I would appreciate any advice on controlling this habit. The boys have been really busy inspecting everything, and most marking has been limited to the dog bed and one plant. They tried to do my large Longaberger basket, but a "no" and then some "good boys" has worked pretty well! I don't want to be too strict with them today, but so far they are doing well.

Since they are puppy mill dogs, they don't have any names, so Cinda and I rather quickly came up with some nicknames for now. The larger one, as Rie mentioned, is still a bit shy and scared, although warming up quite quickly ... he constantly wags his nubbin, which is really heartwarming to see. I nicknamed him "Shy Boy." The smaller boy has quite a libido, and Cinda ended up calling him "Horny Boy!!!" We wouldn't mind coming up with some names for them. Since these two are quite attached to each other, Cinda thought of using names for well known duos such as "Tom and Jerry," "Chip and Dale," etc. I would welcome some ideas for some names. I would like to start these boys off with every aspect of having a home, including names.

I am really pleased that the dogs are all getting along. Tazzie does get a little jealous when they all come over for attention, but she really likes them. The only thing is that all along she has shown her submission to Jenda by laying on her back in a most unlady-like way. She has been doing this with the boys, so I told her she has to start learning more demure habits!!!

The boys have been playing with each other, and Shy Boy has already has been teasing Tazzie to play. The boys both were pretty fascinated with my cockatiel, who fortunately is too high to be bothered. We caught Shy Boy also stopping once in a while to stare at his reflection in the glass on the TV cabinet and the glass fireplace cover. He also took an interest in the TV. Knowing that this is the first time they have been exposed to a lot of this makes it entertaining to watch their responses. We have several bird houses and feeders plus squirrel feeders in the yard, and that keeps the dogs entertained for hours, so it will be fun to see their reaction to all of that. Shy Boy also took a great interest in one of my lambswool slippers. I know I should take it away, but I really didn't have the heart to deprive him of that small enjoyment. He primarily just rubbed on it and played with it a little.

Horny Boy occasionally jumps up to sit on our laps for a minute, then down he goes for another round with the others. Shy Boy has yet to come sit with us, but he comes up to us more frequently to be petted. They all have just come into my home office, and Horny Boy is trying to have his way with Tazzie. The thing is that she is at least 14 or 15", while he is more like 10", so thats more of a challenge for him. She's not too sure she likes what he is trying to do, but she does enjoy the attention!

I wanted to thank everyone for their support and warm wishes. This Christmas will indeed be a good one with more minpins to celebrate with! My roommate Cinda has been a real trooper ... the boys stole her heart the minute she saw them! It's quite a sight to see four little bodies instead of two going through the room in a pack! That will take some getting used to, but I am enjoying it!

I'll keep you all updated on what's happening. I will take a pic of the boys, and scan those and the pics of Jenda and Tazzie and send them for the web page.

Jo, Cinda, Jenda, Shy Boy and Horny Boy

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Update on Jo's Foster Boys
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Wed, 23 Dec 1998 00:30:20 EST - from Jo

Hi all!

Today was a good day, but very tiring. My brother and his family were visiting from out of state. The boys retreated to the kitchen and discovered what a warm place the front of the fridge is, especially since I have a rug there (for my klutzy moments). They gradually started meeting everyone and getting used to more people. Thankfully, my brother and his family are dog people and were right at home with them. I think my sister-in-law was ready to take Shy Boy home with her!!!

The boys are doing great. They finally got the hang of going in and out the door to the backyard and seem to be on their way to becoming housebroken. It has helped having my girls for them to follow around and get an idea of what they are supposed to do!

The boys are really attached to each other. They don't go anywhere without each other, and they've become attached to one of the dog beds and like to sleep together in it ... just tooooo cute! Horny Boy is so impish you just want to laugh, and Shy Boy is just so darling. I have been giving them some canned food with their dry food,and they are just so excited now at mealtime. Shy Boy actually stood on his back legs and pawed the air and barked for his supper. He has discovered rawhides and has collected a few and put them in "his" bed. He chews on them a little ... I think he is still getting used to having all this stuff around him.

Tazzie and I were playing with her stuffed animals, and it's really cute to watch them watching us, trying to figure out what we are doing. Tazzie was playing with them today. Horny Boy was trying to have his way, and she doesn't like it, but at the same time she still doesn't have a clue as to what he is trying to do!

The boys got into a brief tussle in the kitchen over something, and Jenda got in there and tried to break it up ... quite the matriarch here LOL We were cooking steak and other delicious stuff, and they couldn't stay away from all these new wonderful smells. It's really hard to look at those eyes and not give them everything they want!

Cinda was holding both the boys tonight, and Horny Boy actually fell asleep in her arms. Shy Boy still will not get into your lap voluntarily, but he will now stand for ages while you scratch his chest, ears, etc.

My family is quite aware of puppy mills, and they just couldn't get over how anyone could mistreat such loving little souls. Shy Boy especially just literally bounces around with excitement at times and seems really happy. It makes all the housebreaking and other stuff worth bearing ten times over to see how much they appreciate having a home.

Everyone goes home tomorrow, so after things quiet down, we will get the camera out and get busy taking some good pics. We are also going to sit down and go through all those fantastic ideas for names. My sister-in-law thought the perfect names for Horny Boy would be Casanova or Don Juan LOL

Right now I am going to hit the sack. We all did some Christmas shopping together, so right now I am ready to hit the sack. Will update more later.

Jo, Cinda, Jenda, Tazzie, Shy Boy and Horny Boy

Fri, 25 Dec 1998 19:18:38 EST - from Jo

Merry Christmas!!!

I thought I would take some time to wish everyone Merry Christmas and tell you about the wonderful presents I received today. They all got some presents, but the ones Shy Boy has given me have been truly precious.

The boys have discovered the comforts of the couch, and now have me thinking I may have to add another section! Shy Boy not only is comfortable with getting on the couch, but he is also coming over to sit with me! I have to get used to 4 minpins competing for my lap!!! Yesterday I was sitting in the recliner with a fuzzy warm lap blanket, and Shy Boy came over, pulled the blanket off and took it over near the TV and sat down on it! Today he tried to do the same thing again, then decided to just jump up and sit in my lap!

Today I let them all out to do their business, and Shy Boy just leaped and bounded all over the yard. Then he and Tazzie started playing and chasing each other over the yard. Then, of course, Horny Boy had to join in the chase. It was so heartwarming to see them enjoy being free to run and play. When they came in, Shy Boy actually started teasing me as if he wanted to play, which was a first for him.

They all love dinner time, but Shy Boy is positively ecstatic at mealtime. He barks and stands on his hind legs and paws the air repeatedly. It's quite a dance to get four bowls down without the boys eating half of the first one I put down.

Today for the first time Shy Boy started exploring all the toys around here, and actually started playing with a stuffed animal. He has also started exploring other things in the house as potential toys, so I've had to go around and put up anything that I thought he might try to play with but shouldn't.

I guess I better wrap this up and go check on them. Chances are they are still all curled up on the couch, but you never know (VBG).

Thank you all for your support and encouragement, and special thanks to Rie Shields for making it possible for us to give these boys a true home, and for her help and support!!!

Jo, Cinda, Jenda, Tazzie, Horny Boy and Shy Boy

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The boys' initiation into minpin helldom!

Sun, 27 Dec 1998 16:48:24 EST - from Jo

The boys are now officially on their way to becoming full-fledged minpin hellions! One phrase that I've uttered more than once today is "Where in hell did you find that???"

I always watch them all when they go outside, even though there is a fair amount of privacy and security. However, today Shy Boy discovered that he is small enough to fit through the side fence that connects the garage and the house, so off he went before I could stop him, and there I went in bare feet to catch him. Then, of course, I didn't secure the latch on the gate enough, and the others got out ... ARRRGH! Fortunately, my girls are trained enough to know when I mean "get in here," but I still had to get a hold of the boys. Shy Boy is pretty fast and hard to get a hold of. Fortunately, Horny Boy is quite easy to catch, so I counted on Shy Boy to follow us both in the yard. Running outside in 40 something degree weather in bare feet is not my idea of a good romp! Now I have to get some wire fencing to put in front of the fence to keep Houdini Jr in the yard.

Even Shy Boy is starting to tease more and he is exploring EVERYTHING as possible toys. Horny Boy used to prefer to sleep only with Shy Boy, but now his favorite place is my lap (especially when I'm in the recliner). I have a 5 section curving sofa where the two ends are recliners, and this turns out to be perfect for minpins, cos I can have some on the recliner and some next to me on the middle section. The only thing is now there is not enough room for me to lay down (unless one or two lies down on top of me). I may need to find a bigger living room and add a few more sections to my couch (maybe U shaped instead of L shaped) LOL

I took some pics that I think will turn out great. Horny Boy was a challenge to shoot, cos he is so hyper at times, but I finally got some good shots. I have a few more shots left, then will get the film developed and scanned so everyone can finally meet the foursome.

Jo, Cinda, Jenda, Tazzie, Shy Boy and Horny Boy

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The Boys are Home to Stay!!!
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Sun, 10 Jan 1999 20:29:40 EST - from Jo

For those who don't know, we have decided to keep the foster boys, Horny Boy and Shy Boy! The two are extremely attached to each other, and it just wouldn't be fair to separate them. Plus, Shy Boy has really been abused and still has a way to go in learning to trust people. I just didn't want to make him go through another transition. Besides, we just plain fell in love with them!

Another news flash ... we finally have names for them!!! Thanks to everyone for your suggestions on names. I was leaning towards Martin and Lewis, but Cinda felt that Shy Boy was too pretty to be a "Lewis" (everyone who meets him comments on how beautiful he is). With Horny Boy, his face resembles a fox, and with his libido, we felt that FOXY was a good name for him. As for Shy Boy, he leaps and jumps like a jackrabbit (he probably would have been good for agility training), so we first thought about Jack, but it didn't seem right, then I thought about Jake, cos it seems to match his emerging ornery personality, so he is now JAKE!

We went to Target and PetCo yesterday and spent a fortune, and had a blast! We got the boys new bowls, toys, etc. Thanks to the suggestions from list members, I decided to try Natures Miracle for the minpin mess cleanups. I also found Nature's Miracle specifically for vomit and diarrhea, so I'm going to try that, too.

I also found Safe Paws, which is an ice/snow melter that is supposed to be safe for dogs. It's not too bad out back, so I am saving it in case we have more ice. I found a marked down dog treat container at Target that looks like a dog ... when you lift the head, it barks! It was a riot the first time I did it for the dogs ... all except Jenda barked at it ... she just walked over, sniffed at it and walked away! So now when they hear it, they all come running ... no need to say anything!

Jake loves the ball that we found in the yard (I previously called it a fuzzy baseball, then Cinda informed me that it is a tennis ball ... says something about my sports savvy, huh? LOL). The ball, however is really too big for him, so I was happy to find a dog toy that looks like a rubber dumbell with two small tennis balls on the ends. He absolutely loves it, and constantly carries it with him!

The boys are scheduled to go to the vet for a checkup and for neutering (finally!!!) on Tuesday. They both go into the crate now with no problem. They are doing great with the housebreaking ... Foxy actually went to the back door today and waited for someone to open it for him. They are still marking, but I am hoping the neutering will help a lot with that. Today they all were outside, and Jake noticed Tazzie peeing, lifted his leg and peed on her butt! Guess who gets a bath today?!?

I am so pleased that the dogs all get along. Just yesterday Tazzie was cuddling with Foxy and cleaning his eyes. I've had to do some furniture rearranging to make room for when Foxy, Jake and Tazzie go hurtling around the house chasing each other! They love to play tug of war with each other, so that happens a lot.

I was going to get film with pics of the boys developed, but forgot to take it with me to the store :-( I will try to do that this week, so you all can see them. I am also planning to make a web page for them, too.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement. My decision to foster then adopt the boys was made easier knowing that I had such wonderful support and advice literally at my fingertips!!! We are thinking of looking for a bigger place, not only bec I am starting a business at home, but also bec we would like to continue fostering.

I'll keep everyone updated on their progress. They are quite a bunch, and it's so much fun to watch Jake's progress. The other night he was tired and came into my office, found a half empty box of papers, and climbed in to sleep. I was so disappointed I didn't have a camera ready, but I will try not to miss other photo ops.

Jo, Cinda, Jenda, Tazzie, Jake and Foxy

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Pics of Jo's kids
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Sun, 7 Feb 1999 01:08:56 EST - from Jo




I've been learning how to get pics ready for the internet, so here's a first try ... I'm sending you (or trying to send) pics of Jake and Foxy and of Jenda and Tazzie. Let me know if you get them and if they are acceptable.



Note from Mag: I'm not sure why the photo has lines thru it - I'm checking with Jo!

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