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IMPS: NEW!!! MO rescue...

Thu, 17 Sep 1998 20:10:54 -0500 - from Liz

Can anyone in Missouri contact the shelter and let us know what the status is on the min pin? We have homes available in Wisconsin and Illinois and rottie people are heading this way in the next week or so for a couple of specialties and could transport. thanks - Liz

Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 17:36:12 -0700
From: Kelly Cruzan
Subject: AVAIL: in MO, Wiem, Min Pin, Basset, GSP, Gordon Setter, 3/4 Dauchsie

These dogs are all purebreds (except the Dauchsie who looks REAL close to a purebred longhair) and are available for adoption at the Joplin Missouri Humane Society.

All APPEAR to be healthy, friendly animals with the exception of the Gordon Setter, she is a sweetheart but very thin and in poor condition. She is for sure purebred but of the field type. She is small and had a hunting style collar on. She won't actually be available until the 21 stand if a rescue group doesn't want her she will probably be PTS because of her condition.

Please Contact the Joplin Humane Society at 417-623-3642. Hours noon-6:00 central time.

Kim Endicott

++++Permission to cross post+++++

Fri, 18 Sep 1998 16:34:03 -0500 (CDT) - from Dee and KoKo

Liz - I got ahold of Joplin Humane Society and this is all they could tell me. They have a 2yr.old red MinPin that was a give-up brought in 9/16. She is in good health and has not been spayed. They charge $20.00 for a rescue group to take it with a contract that will need to be signed. I can get her tomorrow morning before 12:30 if needed - they will hold her for 24 hours. Please let me know (hopefully before they close at 6:00 CST) if I should get her. It is about 3-1/2 hours from here, so I'd have to leave early in the morning. Dee and KoKo

Fri, 18 Sep 1998 17:05:16 -0500 - from Liz

We're trying to figure out how to get this one to Esther if it sounds like the right dog because she's the closest home on the wait list. Just sent a note to Dee and Esther, I'm trying to keep all the dogs straight in my mind and I get to cluttered if I send it to the list and then it comes back to me <G>


Fri, 18 Sep 1998 17:27:51 -0500 (CDT) - from Dee and KoKo

I have made arrangements with the shelter to pick up the little red girl tomorrow morning. Who will be the lucky one this time??? Susan, looks like I will soon be finding out how you felt with the first rescue. I think this placement will be a fast one. The shelter said she was pretty skinny and scared, but a real cutie. I can imagine how scared she is with all those BIG BARKS I heard in the background. Dee and KoKo

Fri, 18 Sep 1998 19:51:09 -0500 - from Liz

I just spoke with Esther and it sounds as if the Missouri girl will be heading up that way!!!! Dee is going to pick her up tomorrow morning, and then Esther will meet Dee next weekend. The poor little girl doesn't even have a name, sigh............


Fri, 18 Sep 1998 21:46:48 EDT - from Esther

<<What do you think Esther gotta name in mind for this little girl??.>>

Yes we do . It's FLOYD

Fri, 18 Sep 1998 21:49:01 EDT - from Esther

Dear Dee:

That first response was from my husband and we are NOT naming her Floyd. Not sure yet, must see her beautiful little face before I can name her.

Open to suggestions!!!! Java will be her brother.

Very excited in Chicago,

Sat, 19 Sep 1998 09:06:17 EDT - from Esther

Okay so I get up this morning at 7:30 a.m. and the first thing I do after letting Java out is turn on the computer for any updates. Thanks for all the name suggestions. I like them all I think husband w/really like "Mel". I have a niece Melanie who we call "Mel"

But I really like the Joplin idea seeing that she is coming to me from Joplin. HHHmmmmm!!!! I hope Dee is reading this much later and is well on her way to pick "her" up...

I will try to see if I can get "her" flown here to Chicago tomorrow because I would hate for "her" to be at Dee's place for a week w/out a name. More later gonna get on the phone now. Did I hear someone say ATA flies pets!!!

Last but not least I want to thank everyone who thought of me when this dog became available. I was eagerly awaiting and now I am anxiously awaiting. I don't know if I can wait till next weekend. The only way I can thank you guys is to show you that "she" has finally being placed in a home where she is gonna find lots of love, attention, affection, blankets, pillows, food, toys, laughter, hugs, and a brother who is gonna teach her all the ropes and how to push my emotional buttons and who will teach her that "him" and "her" own the place and Tom and I are just here to cater to their every wim.

I'll be back later, everyone have a great day!

Sat, 19 Sep 1998 10:19:29 EDT - from Esther

Hi Everyone:

Well I just got off the phone with some of the airlines to see if I could fly my girl home from Kansas and although affordable, I can not do it because of heat restrictions. So in the middle of September; Kansas tomorrow is forecasted with a low of 82 and a high of 87 and Chicago is forecasted with a low of 84 and a high of 87. In September!!!!!!!!

So I guess I have to wait till next weekend because this is kind of short notice and I can't really do anything tomorrow by car. A CUR run would be greatly appreciated. According to my husband we are approx. 600 miles from Kansas. I do believe that I would have to drive myself next weekend unless I can find a friend to ride w/me but I will worry about that later.

At this point, I will wait to hear from Liz and/or Dee...


Sat, 19 Sep 1998 18:26:58 -0500 (CDT) - from Dee and KoKo

Esther's puppy is with me in Kansas City, MO now. We got back around 5:00. It was a long day for her and us. I have called Esther and visited with her and she told me to tell everyone how she was since Esther will be out for the evenng. The poor girl was filthy and full of fleas, so we went right to Petsmart to have her bathed and checked out by the vet. I got her her rabies shot so she could be bathed - they wouldn't do it without that. The vet says it looks like she was a puppy mill bitch and a little older than the shelter thought - maybe 2-7. It was hard to tell, but her teeth were bad most likely from her diet. Her health checked out good except for her ribs showing and still weighing 11.4 lbs. You can tell she hasn't walked alot in her poor little life, but hopefully she will be better now that she is out of a cage. She is in heat and it is obvious she has had several litters. I have told Esther everything and she still wants her to give her a better life. She said that is why she got into this in the first place. I'm sure some of the things I told her took her back a little, but she hung tough. The puppy has a beautiful face and those wonderful MinPin eyes. She loves to be loved and loves attention. She just isn't sure how a free, loved and cared-for dog is supposed to act. She is a real sweetie. Esther is going to arrange the airline for early this week since it is supposed to cool down. It has been quite a heart-wrenching day, but it should all be worth it. Dee and KoKo

Sun, 20 Sep 1998 22:13:04 EDT - from Esther

Hi everyone:

I can't believe I have not had a chance to get on line all day and let you guys know how happy I am. And yes, Dee did take me aback a little with her description of my dog but then I remembered the reason I got into to this was to give a dog a chance and this one certainly sounds as though she needs one. However, Dee now says that my dog has perked up and I'm hoping that she will adjust real quick.

I have to put her thru one more ordeal and yes my heart is breaking over it but I keep saying to myself that this will be that last time she ever has to go thru any kind of trauma. I'm talking about flying her. I have contacted American Airlines and they will transport her but I can't do it counter to counter because I have to pay for her here in Chicago (they will send her C.O.D). She will be in transport approx. five hours. Five hours from the point Dee drops her off and I pick her up. Please tell me she will be okay. I will make it up to her real quick.

Okay the name and yes I did love Sienna and Joplin and some others step-son and I have been after my husband for five years now to let us get a kitty and he does not want a cat (i'm still working on him). So we have decided to name the dog "KITTY". And now Alex and I have our Kitty!!!!!

Thanks everyone for your help any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I think Dee was going to come on line to ask about the crate. I have the "kennel cab" and that is what I gave as the measurements for the flight. Is this good enough.

Grateful and very excited
Esther, Java and Kitty

Mon, 21 Sep 1998 22:18:26 -0500 - from Terri & The Pack

Its been a long day of e-mails back and forth with the four of us envolved in the Kitty CUR Run, but here is what we have going on so far. Dee and Sandra seem to have their meeting times and place down with Kitty being in Sandra's arms about 10:30am Sat. Esther and I are still going over plans (shes probably waiting for me to get off the pc so she can call, Sorry Esther) I'm hoping Esther will be in Fisher in time to go with me to meet Sandra in Decatur.

Sandra is going to call me when she is near Springfield, IL and then I will leave for Decatur and meet her at a disignated spot. A hour and half drive back to Fisher and Esther will be on her way home with her new baby. I've invited Esther here for a cookout before driving back home with Kitty. Yes, there will be lots of picture taking all day long, I bought some film today.

We'll all keep you up~dated as the BIG DAY draws near!!!!!!

Terri & The Pack

Tue, 22 Sep 1998 19:06:20 -0500 (CDT) - from Dee, KoKo and Kitty

Kitty is a new woman! She actually barked when I got home from work and went crazy like KoKo does. I was beginning to wonder if she could make any noise at all. She wants to be held all of the time. She doesn't know how to set comfortably in a lap, but still wants to. Seems all the plans to get her to Esther are falling through.
Hopefully something can be worked out for this weekend as my husband is having a hard time with how much I have spent already. Dee, KoKo and Kitty

Tue, 22 Sep 1998 21:23:26 -0500 - from Terri

Hello everyone,

A little set back tonight but nothing that we cant handle. Sandra was unexpectedly told she has to work Sat. So she wont be able to drive and meet Dee. Mark and I will go all the way to St. Charles, MO instead. Its not that much further only about another hour or so.....I owe Mark BIG TIME now.The rest seems as of now to be the same. Esther and her husband will come to Fisher Sunday morning to take thier baby home.


Sat, 26 Sep 1998 15:24:30 -0500 - from Terri & The Pack

Hi All,
We're back from MO. Wow, what a trip, but Kitty did real well in the car. I've called Esther and told her we made it home o.k. She will be in Fisher to pick up her little girl about 10:00am tomrrow.
Dee,it was wonderfull meeting you and your son. I wish we could have had more time to spend together with you guys. I didnt even think to ask when we were together, is your son still doing photography?? In all the confusion I remembered you saying (on the way home) that he had studied rude of me.
I'm going to go rest, it was a long 9 hours and I'm ready to crash....

Terri & The Pack

Sat, 26 Sep 1998 16:22:37 -0500 - from Terri & The Pack

I have added a few Pics of Kitty in my "Brag Book" so everyone can see our newest little rescue.....I didnt add a story or anything, just the pics. I'm just too tired at the moment to work up anything other than getting the pics out for everyone to see. Thank you to Dee for sending home some photos of Kitty, she did this so everyone wouldnt have to wait for me to develope my film from today.....

Enjoy !!!!!!!
Terri & The Pack

Sat, 26 Sep 1998 18:05:47 -0500 - from Terri & The Pack +1

Hi all,
Its 6:00pm here and Kitty is taking a little nap....she and Mckaylah romped and played for a LONG time. Esther , you have nothing to worry about. She loves attention from all and gets along great with everyone here. She is so lovable I cant get over it. She just looks up at you with those great big eyes and they say "Pet me PLEASE" who can resist that???? I am going to enjoy her tonight, then tomorrow she is all yours.
K.C. and Keegan I had to crate, K.C. is an ole hen, and Keegan had other ideas of "Play" we dont need any of that........LOL.
Now that she has settled down I am going to put her in a crate and let my other two jail birds out for awhile.....I love her to death and you will too, she has a lovely little face and a great personality !!!!

Good Work Dee, she told me she had a wonderfull time at your house.... ;-)

Terri & The Pack +1

Sun, 27 Sep 1998 11:03:24 -0500 - from Terri & Esther

Hi All,
Esther, Tom, and thier son Alex are here. They are madly in Love with Kitty. Tom and Kitty hit it off right away, we have a perfect match here guys. Of course a lot of picture taken was done and we are all about to say our good~byes.......
I'll hand this over to Esther now so she can say "HI".....

Hi everyone:

I have my little girl finally (actually I think she will be Tom's but that's okay). I met Lister and he is beautiful and all her other little ones. Okay both my guys are ready and Kitty is ready to meet her new brother Java so I will write more when I get home. Again, thank you all for your help this is a wonderful match and the whole family is happy.

We'll post more later

Terri & The Pack -1
Esther, Tom, Alex, and Kitty

Sun, 27 Sep 1998 17:30:18 EDT - from Esther

Hi everyone:

We made it home and Kitty fell right into place immediately. I think she knows that this is home. She played in the back yard, she ate, drank water (out of her new bowl) and pooped outside YEAH!!! She has done the four things that I really wanted her to do her first hour here. Her and Java are getting along wonderfully. EXCEPT now they realize that they are two different genders. We have no choice at this point but to keep them apart. Thank God for two floors. I hate putting either one in the kennel. I guess I'll see my husband when we get Kitty fixed. Which I hope will be Tuesday after I talk to the vet tomorrow.

Well I have to go show one of my two dogs attentions right now and then switch off again and again and again and again.

Dee and Terri and Mark a HUGE thank you to all of you. The Pack is beutiful and Lister well he is adorable!!!!!

More later,



Mon, 28 Sep 1998 15:29:45 -0500 - from Terri

Here you are Mag:
Here are some pics of Kitty taken by Dee and given to me so everyone wouldnt have to wait to see her. I also took some Pics with Esther and her family when they reached my house to take Kitty home. I'll get those off to you just as quick as I can.....


P.s. the first photo is Kitty and Dee.......

Thu, 1 Oct 1998 11:17:41 EDT - from Esther

Hi everyone:

I apologize for not updating you on Kitty sooner BUT what work two min pins can be. Kitty is an angel. She has already gained some weight and is eating and drinking water and even going outside. Except for making some markings. We have finally left Java and Kitty alone during the day together in the same area. They behaved very well. Kitty is a bed hopper she hops from her kennel to Java's kennel (he does not like that at all). Tonight Kitty is going to the vet, I spoke to my vet on Monday who suggested that I let Kitty get over all the new happenings before I brought her to the vet. I know she will be fine today.

Last night we tried to keep them in the kitchen (cut off by a baby gate from the rest of the house) during the sleeping hours and Java (who has slept on the bed since day one) would not hear of it. Kitty had long been in her kennel while Java was still jumping up and down and whining. We gave in and Java again slept in the bed under my arm while Kitty happily slept in her kennel without all the noise Java was making.

She barks -- yesterday I had an appointment after work and when I was walking in the door she was in the basement (won't climb the stairs) barking her pretty little head off. (I think Java may have showed her the finer techniques of barking).

Sorry this is long know how it is when we start talking about our puppies.

Pics and vet updates to follow at a later date

Fri, 2 Oct 1998 10:29:51 EDT - from Esther

Hi everyone:

Well Kitty went to visit the vet last night and was real good about it. She fussed in the kennel for about 2 seconds and of course this was the first time Java wanted to go to the vet too but was not allowed.

The good news is that all signs appear to be good. Her heart and everything sound good. No fleas!!!! The vet was optimistic about her eating well and drinking water and coming around so quickly. He was touched by the IMPS rescue.

The only bad news is that her teeth are "grossly neglected". The vet will know more the extent of her periodontal disease once he has under next week for her spaying. But he thinks that at least three teeth will need to come out. He gave me an estimate of the expenses for the surgery b/c he wants to do some lab work on her before he puts her under just to make sure she will be able to sustain the surgery, plus the spaying and the teeth and wow it was a little more than we expected. BUT I am not going to worry about cost we will do what we have to do in order to get Kitty in good shape again. When we got Java fixed we paid about $65. he expects Kitty's bill to be about $250.00.

She is now all up to date on her shots. She will be okay real soon I know it.

Sorry this is long

Kitty Update

Sun, 18 Oct 1998 12:31:35 EDT - from Esther

Kitty first (who by the way is a min pin) is doing good, she came home Friday under pain killers and we spent the whole day wrapped up in a blanket watching soap operas. She is eating, sleeping and pooping well, which are all very important. More later, I have to get to grocery store.

Spunky -- just left with his new owners and I feel 100% comfortable, of course this a.m. I was a little hesistant and said I wasn't going to answer the door when they came but when they left I was happy. They invited us out to their home anytime to come and see Spunky and we may just take them up on that after. He is only living about 45 minutes away from us.

This foster stuff is hard but something that I will do again in a minute if the opportunity come up.

More later,

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Pic of Java & Kitty

Wed, 25 Nov 1998 10:54:19 EST - from Esther


Mag: Attached is a bmp pic of Java and Kitty. Kitty of course being my rescue.

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