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Pictures of Lightning

Mon, 17 Jul 2000 13:05:19 -0400 - from Emily

Finally, I have pictures of the little baby Lightning. He's such a doll! He has grown about a pound since we rescued him (that makes him a whopping 2.5 pounds). We'll know more about him next week when he has all of the tests run on his heart. In the meantime, he's a ball of fire and energy! We have rigged pillows by the couch and the bed so he can climb up.

Baby Lightning sleeping with toy

The first picture is of him sleeping with his favorite toy. This toy is about as big as he is.

Baby Lightning posing

The second picture is the most cutest, sweetest puppy face I have ever seen. Who can resist?? Once he's available, this is the picture I want up on the IMPS site (along with the one of him sleeping with the toy)!

Baby Lightning playing with Buddy

The third picture is to demonstrate his size. Buddy is about 12 pounds, so you can tell how little Lightning is compared to him. Buddy lets Lightning crawl all over him--very patient boy (as long as Lightning doesn't start munching on Buddy's skin. Then, he isn't so patient).

Baby Lightning sleeping with Mike

The fourth picture is just in case you can't tell how small he is. This is the morning after we picked him up. I got up and Michael was still sleeping. So, I put the little baby in bed with Michael. I'm sure Michael will be thrilled to know that everyone will see his sleeping face. I need to send in a better picture of Michael so you can see how cute he is. In the meantime, I think this picture is too cute!

Thanks, Mag. As always, you're awesome!!

Emily, Glory, Buddy & Lightning
IMPS SC Regional Coordinator

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Pictures of Lightning Bug

Fri, 6 Oct 2000 16:28:22 -0400 - from Emily

Lighning Bug


Here are some pictures of Lightning after his surgery and while he was still with us. Seeing these makes me really wish that I would've adopted him myself. I do miss him!

The first is of him in his bandages a few days after surgery. He's wrapped up good and tight! After these started to come off, we had to wrap an Ace bandage around his belly to keep him from messing with the staples. He looked like toga man then!


The second is a picture of him and his best Buddy (my Buddy). If you look, you can see his battle scar on his side. He and Buddy absolutely adored each other and Lightning LOVED to snuggle up with his big foster brother.

The third is a picture of him snuggled in the blanket from Aunt Lynn. Lynn sent me this beautiful, soft blankie and, when Lightning was calm, he'd snuggle up in it and sleep.



Lightning and his blanket

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LB Photos!!

Sat, 28 Apr 2001 10:30:47 EDT - from Donna

LB,Ike LB,Ike
Here are some new pics of LB. He and his brother Ike were out in the rain and got soaked, so Iris tossed them in the dryer :-). (Kidding folks!) Actually, I think the boys were waiting for Mom to toss the nice, warm freshly dried sheets and towels on the floor for them to snuggle up on (That's what you're supposed to do, right?) Mom must've been busy folding instead, so the boys took matters into their own hands and jumped right into the dryer. ("Aaaaaaaaahhh...warmies!" -- LB & Ike)


Donna (Ebony, Winnie, Sebastian & Janey)
IMPS New Jersey
Ebony, Winnie, Sebastian & Janey's Web Pages

"Don't Complain .... Train!!"


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