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Lucky weighs 3.5 lbs!!!!! - 8 Sept
Dr. S., Lucky's Vet - 10/12 Sept
Lucky weighs 5 lbs. & Dr. S. update - 15 Sept
Lucky at 6.25 lbs and growing - 25 Sept
Detective Work on Lucky's background - 3 Oct
Lucky Update & Dr. S. - 3 Oct
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Lucky isn't a minpin - 14 Oct
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Lucky Pics - Last Hug - 11 July



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Little Guy Lucky - The Dog with 9 Lives

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Thu, 27 Aug 1998 20:14:56 EDT - from Nancy, Vince, Max, Nikki & Lucky ........

I'm not a doctor, but judging by Lucky's appetite, attitude and alertness, I would have to say we are on our way over the top of the ladder!

It is hard to believe that just 4 days ago, the prognosis was very grim. Sometimes I think it was silly that I was so upset about him.

I would never have believed that a 2 LB Minpin could survive two major surgeries in 48 hours and then be almost acting like a normal Minpin (if there is such a thing) 48 hours later. He is truly amazing.

He bit Max's leg this morning. Max wasn't too happy, but I was glad to see he was being playful.

We are still giving him the pedialite every 4 hours (Vince bought bubble gum flavor!) But he is eating well. He still will not drink water. (Wendy, any idea what that's all about?) I can't imagine why he will not drink it. Maybe Dr. S. will have some ideas when we see him on Monday. He called a left a message today, asking for an update on Lucky's status. I thought that was really nice of him. This may be normal for Vets, but we are not very experienced with them. We have only had Minpins since last May.

Just think, I didn't want a dog 15 months ago, and here it is 15 months later and I have three. I just found out that the town we are moving to in February only allows 3 dogs so I guess we will have to limit ourselves.

I won't be able to take Lucky to work with me tomorrow, so he will be left home for 5 hours. (OK by Doc to wait extra hour for meds.) Max and Nikki will probably torment him from outside the crate. The good news is that today he actually walked into it himself and went to sleep for a couple of hours. He may not be to scared. I will probably be more anxious than him. He will probably sleep. We are setting up the video camera for the first two hours to see what happens.

That's about it for now. Will let you know if there is any change and when we get that clean bill of health!

Nancy, Vince, Max, Nikki & Lucky

Mon, 31 Aug 1998 16:30:13 EDT - from Nancy, Vince, Max, Nikki & Lucky ........

<<Looking for an update on Lucky when you get a chance. I expect that he'll dazzle his doc tomorrow with his miraculous recovery! Susan & the girls>>

We are not really sure how he is doing. Yesterday he starting have diarrhea. It sounded like a soda can popping as it came out. A loud popping sound. He is still eating, however. Then this morning after eating, he vomited all over the place. I can't believe he had as much in his stomach for him to vomit so much. I could not take him with me to work and was really concerned. Vince got home early and told me his crate was clean and that he ate his lunch, but was still having diarrhea. However, when I got home and picked up the blankets, there was vomit all over them. Smart dog moved the clean over the dirty, but he must have been really sick. He also looks like all the weight he put on is now gone. He is really boney looking again.

We go to Dr. S. in an hour and I hope that he can give us some guidance as to what is wrong. Maybe he just picked something up outside and ate it.

He was doing great. Playing like a puppy with the other two. Even taught himself how to get out the dog door.

Will update once we return from Dr. S.

Nancy, Vince, Max, Nikki & Lucky

Dr S.

Mon, 31 Aug 1998 20:53:28 EDT
- from Nancy, Vince, Max, Nikki & Lucky

Again, Lucky seems to have had a set back. As you know, he started with the diarrhea last night and the vomiting this morning. When Vince gave him his lunch, he seemed to keep it down, so I fed him dinner before we went to see Dr. S. (by the way I took a photo of him with Lucky today. It's attached) He was still very lethargic this afternoon.

His temp. was normal, his eyes & ears and heart were good. He was also happy with the healing of the incision. They found nothing in his stool, but he vomited all over the floor and Vince. (You know, that nice sour smelling baby food kind of vomit) Dr. S. took 3 more x-rays and again is worried about what he sees. He showed us that again, the definition in his stomach/intestinal area was not clear. It was a big blur. He is afraid there is more fluid build up. They want us to drop him off in the morning, they will do more blood work and take a sample of the fluid. They said they do it with a needle and won't have to open him up again. Depending on what they find he will tell us where to go from there. He may just have to go on a different medication or they may have to drain it again. He is not worried that is has anything to do with the peritonitis. Possibly just an infection. Is there such a thing as JUST AN INFECTION?

He is very happy that Lucky is eating (although he is not keeping it down). But does not like the look of the blur. They then put a bubble of fluid under his skin to help hydrate him. (It went down within 20 minutes) He looked like a camel. He was soo good getting poked and prodded again.

Our poor little guy. He as been through so much already. Can't they just let him be well. He was doing so good. Acting like a puppy. Max & Nikki want to play and I have to keep telling them to go away. We want him to be well. Vince had to leave the room, he could not stand to see them stick another needle in Lucky. Again we will go through a worrisome day wondering how he is doing.

Vince can stop there tomorrow at 1 PM. They can let him know what the status is and possibly let him go home.

I will get home around 3 and send you all an update. Keep those prayers and wishes coming, I think he may need them again.

Nancy, Vince, Max, Nikki & Lucky

Tue, 1 Sep 1998 20:59:19 EDT - from Nancy & Vince, via Petie

Lucky seems to be in better spirits today, but we will not have the results back from his tests until tomorrow.

They did an adbominocentesis on him and a CBC/Antech/Screen?? They sent the fluid out for Culture & Sensitivity? I don't know what all this means, but that's what they said.

Dr. S. changed his medicine to Clavamox and Metronidazole. They did not find anything in his stool so I assume the coccidia is cleared up. They did not tell us to continue with any more albon.

He is still having the diarrhea but has not vomited today. Of course the side effects of Clavamox is vomiting & loose stool, so I guess we are stuck with that for a while. He is really good with going outside, so that should not be a problem.

We have to continue with the pediatlyte due to his dehydration. I guess we will not know what is going on in his abdomen until tomorrow.

They did make an appointment for next Tuesday for his stitches to come out, so it seems they do at least foresee a future with him. It just may not be a healthy one.

Anyone know about this 1-800-USA-PETS insurance for dogs. It may be a good idea to get it for him. Unfortunately, hereditary problems are not covered, which I think the luxated patella is. Dr. S. has not even mentioned this, so maybe he will not have any problems with his patella. Or maybe he doesn't think it a priority at this time.

We will update you once we hear the results of his tests.

Again, Vince & I want to thank everyone for their support.

Nancy, Vince, Max, Nikki & Lucky ^A^

Wed, 2 Sep 1998 20:04:04 EDT - from Nancy & Vince, via Petie

Well, we're not sure how he is doing. He only threw up twice last night and it was only a small amount around 1:30 & 2:45 AM. I was lucky enough to get him over the sink so it was not all over us and the bed.

This morning when I went to feed him, he refused to eat. That was a first time ever. I am hoping it was a reaction to his latest medicine. The vet changed him again to Amoxicillan. They do not have the results of the culture back yet.

I am told that the culture will show what medicine the infections react to and therefore they don't have to guess what to treat him with. They won't have the results for 5 days.

He is still very quiet today and sleeping a lot. My mother watched him today, Vince starts his vacation tomorrow so he will be home with him.

We are planning on going away for Labor Day, Max & Nikki are going to the kennel, but Lucky is coming with us. My whole family rents a house for the week at the beach. There will be plenty of people to pay attention to him then.

Thanks for asking, and we appreciate your concern and kind words.

We will keep you updated on his progress.

Nancy, Vince, Max, Nikki & Lucky

Thu, 3 Sep 1998 19:30:34 EDT - from Nancy & Vince

I guess the list was down for my last couple of posting. Petie did re post, but I will give you another update.

On Monday, he was vomiting everything and had diarrhea. He was still eating, but when Dr. S. took x/rays, he was worried about his abdomen So on Tuesday the took a sample of the fluid in his abdomen and sent it our for a culture. They also changed his medicine to Clavamox and Metronidazole. On Wednesday, Lucky stopped eating but was still having diarrhea and vomiting. We called the vet and they said it could have been a result of the new medicine they had put him on. So they changed it for the third time to Amoxicillan (Spelling?) He is still getting the vitamins and pedialyte along with Metronidazole.

It's Thursday and he now has his appetite back, but is still having very soft bowel movements. (I actually had to stop him from trying to eat it after going. I could not believe it. I have seen puppies eat there feces, but diarrhea, never) Now I have to make sure I pick it up immediately after he goes, or he will track it down in the yard and try to eat it. Disgusting!!!! I have the Deter from when Nikki was doing that, but have not asked the vet if I could give him some. With all the other medicines, I don't want to just add it in.

I have to admit he is much more awake today than so far this week. He is actually walking around and tried to run after Max. He is still a little weak on his legs and did not get far. We were so happy to see him act somewhat like a puppy again, but I am still very cautious because we have gone through a few other days like this and then had a down slide.

We are hopeful that this will soon come to an end. Our poor little guy has gone through enough for one lifetime. Max & Nikki are still being great around him. I love them for it.

We will be away for the Labor Day weekend and Lucky will join us. My whole family is looking forward to giving him some extra loving to help him recover.

Have a safe Holiday Everyone! We will update you with any news.

Nancy, Vince, Max, Nikki & Lucky

Tue, 8 Sep 1998 18:45:40 EDT - from Nancy, Vince, Max, Nikki & Lucky

I guess you can tell we had a really good weekend. The sea air did him wonders. He was the best since we got him on August 23rd. He was very playful, got a lot of attention from my family and was a really good boy.

Vince took Lucky to see Dr. S. today. As you can see, he put on some weight! A very good sign.

As for the culture, they found 4 different bacteria's in the fluid, all that are effected by different types of antibiotics. So they are waiting for the lab to get back with what would be the best way to treat all 4. In the meantime, they are keeping him on the amoxicillin. He now has some mange problems. They took 3 scrapings from him and have given us Goodwinol Ointment to apply to it for now. My only problem is that Max & Nikki try to lick it off him. We will have to apply it then put him in the crate for a little while so they will not get it all off.

I am pretty sure that you have all said that mange is not contagious, so I won't worry about the other two.

He also got his stitches out today. No more stitches until he gets neutered. (Although I hate to put him through another operation, there is no question about him getting neutered!) I hope he will have forgotten about all this by then.

Vince & I have decided to use June 1st as his birthday. Vince wanted to use July 4th, but I didn't think he could be that young so June 1st it is.

We don't have to see Dr. S again until the 16th. I feel confident now that Lucky is going to be all right. They know what the infection is and will soon know just what to treat him with to cure all 4 types of bacteria. If mange is going to be the worst of his troubles, I think Vince & I can handle it.

Well, I'm gonna sign off now and go into the yard and play with the two maniacs and our Little Guy Lucky!

Thanks for all your well wishes.

Nancy, Vince, Max, Nikki & Lucky

Dr S.

Dr. S., Lucky's Vet

Thu, 10 Sep 1998 18:31:42 EDT - from Nancy

OK everyone, you know how well your good thoughts and prayers worked for Lucky, now his vet, Dr. Sigel is in need of them. The man who probably saved his life.

On Thursday, he and his wife were involved in a very serious accident. He has been unconscious and in critical condition in a trauma unit here in South Jersey. They have already had to remove his spleen and it is still touch and go as to whether or not he will make it.

Vince, Max, Nikki, Lucky and I are saying gigantic big prayers for him and his family and I know you will all help so he will have a speedy recovery.

There is a Walk for PAWS this weekend to raise money for PAWS, and they are dedicating the walk in his honor. He is a well liked Vet.

Lets all keep our fingers crossed.

Nancy, Vince, Max, Nikki & Lucky

Sat, 12 Sep 1998 21:27:52 EDT - from Nancy

<<address for him and each of us send him a get well card ...... even if it's to his home so his family could see how many people care for him.>>

I don't have his home address, but will see if they will give it to me on Monday, in the meantime, his Animal Hospital is at:

Dr. Stanley Sigel
Black Horse Pike Animal Hospital
4250 Rt. 42/Black Horse Pike
Turnersville, NJ 08012

Nancy, Vince, & the kids

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Tue, 15 Sep 1998 20:17:06 EDT - from Nancy, Vince, Max, Nikki & Lucky

Can you believe it. He gained 1.5 lbs in 1 week. I think its great. Dr. Sue (Dr. Sigels daughter) thinks its pretty good also.

Now for the medical news. His left ear has an infection and we have to clean it with Nolvasan then put drops of Panolog in it twice a day. We noticed that Nikki was licking his left ear a lot and it began to smell so that's what that was.

As for his skin condition, Dr. Sue was against Mitaban dip! He obviously is not strong enough to stand such a caustic dip. So she gave him a nice big injection of Ivomec 1%. We have to go back for two more treatments. It seems the type of mite he has will clear up better with this anyway. As for the other two (this mite is contagious) she said that since they are already on heartworm meds. they should be OK as the Ivomec is the same only a stronger concentration. (I have read posts previously about this as a treatment.

For his stomach bacteria's we are to continue giving him the Amoxy drops twice a day along with more Albon. The Albon reacts with three of the 4 bacteria's and the Amoxy with the other.

We can also start adding puppy food to the baby food. 1 teaspoon of Iams with each meal then take it up to 2 and so on.

As for his regular shots, she wants to wait a bit longer, because she said that for them to really work, he has to have an immune system to start with and she is not so sure his is up to par.

They were really happy with his progress and she told us that Dr. S. asked about how he was.

I got the real low down from Dr. Sue about Dr. Sigel. Mrs. Sigel is still in the hospital with a broken hip and other fractures. She is on a different floor than he is and unable to visit him. She should be transferred to rehab in the next day or so.

Dr. Sigel is on a respirator. Although he is breathing on his own at the moment, he is still full of fluids and until he can cough them up himself, the are keeping him in ICU. He is very uncomfortable and the techs told us today that he is very depressed and frustrated. He is still communicating in writing with everyone. She said that he will have a long road to full recovery, but they are hoping that in the next week he will be able to sit up and get off the respirator. Once that happens, we can go and visit him. Vince works right across the street from the hospital he is in and we will make sure to visit. I have been saving and printing all your posts regarding his well being and will take them to him when we go to visit.

So it looks like everyone's prayers came through again. Boy, this group sure does have a lot of friends in high places!

Nancy, Vince, Max, Nikki & Lucky

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Lucky at 6.25 lbs and growing

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or read Teresa's story - Little Guy Lucky - The Dog with 9 Lives

or read Lucky's Rescue story as it happened.

or read Lucky's Email Update Progress

Fri, 25 Sep 1998 18:22:38 EDT - from Nancy, Vince, Max, Nikki & Lucky

Well, Lucky did great on Wednesday night. He is now an official "puppy" and got his goodie box and his first puppy shots. He has been removed from the "sick puppy" list and is doing great.

His ear infection cleared up, but we are still going to keep him on the Albon and Amoxy drops. He goes back next week for his second treatment of Ivomec for the mange. His skin looks really good and he is only a little flaky. We still need to get some meat on his bones, but Dr. says that all his food nourishment is going to his growing, not putting meat on him, they will catch up with one another. So we're not going to worry to much.

I've attached the newest picture of him for you all to see. I will add a couple more to our web page at if you would like to see them.

As for Dr. Sigel. He is doing OK. Mrs. Sigel was released with both arms and 1 leg in a cast. They sent her home to recuperate some more, before they can start here physical therapy.

Dr. Sigel is off the respirator. He is still in a lot of pain, but doing well. Sue said that he his giving his PT aides a hard time. They want him to do 5 of every exercise and he wants to do 50. He thinks the more he does, the faster he will get out of there. They are transferring him to another hospital, Our Lady of Lourdes, for his Physical Therapy. Seems they have better facilities than Cooper Trauma for the PT.

Sue said that she did see some cards that went directly to the hospital that had names on them she did not recognize as clients, and then she realized they must have been "Friends of Lucky." One she said she remembered was from Indiana, was that you Pam?

Thank you from Dr. S. and his family to all of you who sent cards and get well wishes. They really brightened his day.

Well, I don't want to drag on forever with this.

Stay safe everyone in Florida.

Nancy, Vince, Max, Nikki & Lucky

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Detective Work on Lucky's background

Sat, 3 Oct 1998 14:09:26 EDT - from Nancy, Vince, Max, Nikki & Lucky

We received a call from Teresa Rozich the other day. She has been trying to find out where Lucky came from.

It seems that she visits the local pet store frequently to make sure they are taking care of the animals they have and while there, she found 3 minpins. Two that were from one breeder, cropped and docked (Teresa, I apologize if I get any of this wrong) and another female not cropped. The female had oversized feet and poor markings, just like Lucky. She was born on June 17th. We were guessing the beginning of June as Lucky's DOB so that could be it. She has the name of the alleged breeder and is going to be checking further to see if she can track her down. She feels strongly that this woman could be a puppy mill breeder somewhere in North Carolina. She will be doing more detective work and keeping us informed. Thanks Teresa for the great work. Hopefully you and The Haven can track her down and shut her down! Let us know if you need any help. I know there is much more detail to what she found, but I can't find where I wrote it down, so perhaps Teresa you could fill in the blanks and send it to me and I can forward it to the list.

Nancy, Vince, Max, Nikki & Lucky

Lucky Update & Dr. S.

Sat, 3 Oct 1998 14:24:39 EDT - from Nancy, Vince, Max, Nikki & Lucky

9:00 PM Thursday night, we got a phone call from Eileen at Dr. S. office. She said she just got off the phone with Dr. Sigel and he told her to call us and tell us that he is really happy to know that Lucky is doing so well.

Can you believe that guy! He is still in the hospital, trying to recover from very serious injuries, yet he still takes out time to think about Lucky! What a Vet! He is now able to receive visitors, and Vince & I plan on going to see him soon.

As for lucky, he is getting really big. 8lbs already and at only what 12-16 weeks. His paws are 2" across, his legs are 3.5" in circumference and are 9 inches long. We are going to have one really big minpin here. Max's paws are only 1" and Nikki's are .75" across. Wendy, you still think we have a minpin? Are there such things as GIANT MINPINS??? (Only kidding) We don't care what we have at this point. We just love him to death.

With all that size and his ribs and hips are still protruding. I guess he is just a growing boy. Hopefully he will fill out when we can stop with the baby food and give him all puppy food. Right now he is getting half/half, 4 times a day. His coat looks great. On Wednesday he had his second Ivomec treatment.

Well, I don't want to ramble on, but wanted to send an update. Took some pictures of the three of them, hope they come out. If they do, I will send them and put them on our homepage at

Nancy, Vince, Max, Nikki & Lucky

Update on Dr Sigel (Lucky's Vet)

Sat, 10 Oct 1998 09:24:43 EDT - from Nancy, Vince, Max, Nikki & Lucky

Hi all,

It's a rainy Saturday morning and I felt like taking a break from the laundry so I thought I would send this update on Dr. S.

I spoke to him on Friday afternoon. I could hear a definite slur in his speech, but he was very cheerful. He is being released from the hospital today and going to his daughters, Dr. Sue's, to recuperate. He told me his biggest hurdle is his eye sight. There was some damage to his sight that needs to be corrected. I am not sure what or how serious, and I didn't want to ask. I will find out on Wednesday when we take Lucky for his next set of shots. Otherwise, he said he feels very good and is confident that he will be back to work in February or March of 1999. If his sight does not improve, he will no longer be able to operate, but he will be able to continue with routine visits, etc. He told me that 1 month ago, he was in the same shape as Lucky, when we first brought him in, but they are both fighters and will pull through this minor setback.

He asked all about Lucky's health and wanted to make sure that the other doctors were treating us well while he has been gone. He wanted me to thank everyone for their cards and kind words and he told me he wrote a response to everyone that he will get to me so I can post it.

Oh well the dryer stopped so I guess I should get back to it. Have a great day!

Nancy, Vince, Max, Nikki & Lucky

Lucky isn't a minpin
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Wed, 14 Oct 1998 20:16:11 EDT - from Nancy, Vince, Max, Nikki & Lucky

We just got back from the vet and they have come to the conclusion that he is not a minpin. He is 13 lbs. He doubled his weight in 2 weeks and yet he is still under weight. (Bones still visible) He feet are 3" from toe to toe. They think he has more Doberman qualities, but do not think he is all Doberman. He had a really big growing period in the last couple of weeks. They could not believe he was the same dog. He is already taller than our Nikki and almost as tall as Max. He is probably a mix.

Petie, wait until you see him. By November, he will be 25 lbs. and 18" tall.

This fact does not make us love him any less. In fact I don't know if we could love him any more than we do. He has such a big place in our hearts. I know this won't make anyone on the list love him any less either. After all almost everyone here has their own mixture of breeds.

I guess it is a good thing that we are building that house with the great big yard. If he gets to be a 45-50+ lb dog, the will be running into the fence in our current yard.

Anyway, he is very healthy, though under weight. They have told us to feed him more quantity, and continue it 3 times a day. (Of course Nikki has to go on a diet, she was also 12 lbs. a few lbs over weight. She has lost her waistline, just like her mommy) We can discontinue all the medication and he will get his rabies and final puppy shots in three weeks.

I'll end here and try to stay up for the chat tonight. Just wanted to update everyone.

Nancy, Vince, Max, Nikki & Lucky

Lucky Update
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Thu, 5 Nov 1998 19:33:56 EST - from Nancy, Vince, Max, Nikki & Lucky

Evening Everyone! I am no story teller like Rick, but I thought I would update you on Lucky.

We took him to the vet tonight (Dr Sigel is doing very well recuperating at his daughters house) because he started to loose his hair. He had been itching, but not obsessively. They scraped him in 7 different locations and found no mites, only a "high proportion of telogen hairs". Which I am told are dead hairs prior to shedding?

Dr. Levie said her two other probabilities are 1)telogen defluxation due to severe stress in the last 2 - 4 months or 2)hormonal (or hypothyroid.)

Although we all know that Lucky has definitely had some severe stress in the last few months, we decided to have the blood taken and tested for the thyroid problem just in case. They will have the results back next week.

He weighed 20.5 lbs today and they have told us they are definitely leaning in the "Full Size Doberman" direction. None of his permanant teeth have come through yet and they should have started by now if we think he was born sometime in June. Dr. Levie now thinks that he was probably only 3 - 4 weeks old when we got him on August 22nd which would make him a little over 3 months old. I don't know how much a 3 month old Doberman would weigh, but they are the experts. Does this sound average? One of the techs there has two Dobermans and she said he was definitely a Doberman. Not a well bred Doberman but a Doberman just the same.

Actually if he is a Doberman, I think that would be OK. They (Max, Nikki & Lucky) get along so well now that I don't think it will change as Lucky gets bigger and bigger.

Otherwise, he is doing really well. Growing by leaps and bounds and forever playful.

Nancy, Vince, Max, Nikki & Lucky

Updated Pictures of Lucky & Toci


Wed, 11 Nov 1998 15:08:26 EST - from Nancy

We just got some photos back of Lucky and Toci from our dinner the other night. If anyone would like to see them, let me know and I will send them to you. I have sent them to Mag to put on the Saluki page.

We went to the vet today and Dr. Sue thinks we should just sit and wait and see what happens with his skin and coat. He is not scaly or really dry, just has very little hair in some spots.

We have made the appointment for him to be neutered on December 9th. Liz, do you require anything in writing from our vet stating that he has been neutered for IMPS? Please let us know.


Nancy, Vince, Max, Nikki & Lucky


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Lucky & Dallas
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Click here for Dallas' Story.

Mon, 5 Apr 1999 18:14:46 EDT - from Nancy & Vince


I just thought I would send off this new picture of our two rescues. Although Dallas' face is shaded by Lucky, you can see the difference in size.

They (including Nikki & Max) all get along wonderfully. Especially Nikki & Lucky. She is like the mother hen to all her boys. She cleans their ears and eyes and truly keeps them in line (she must have had lessons from Linda, in the opinionated bitch category! VBG)

Vince & I can't wait until we move into our new house so we can have more!


Nancy, Vince, Max, Nikki, Lucky & Dallas

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Last Hug
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Sun, 11 Jul 1999 19:14:36 EDT - from Nancy



I wanted to send these three last photos of Vince & I & Lucky.

Although he has gone to his new home, and will no longer be a regular part of the list, I thought everyone might like one last look. Maybe they don't and maybe it's just my ego to think they might, but I am sending them to you any way.

He is only across the street and Vince & I were just watching him from our yard as he was playing ball in his new yard. He was having a lot of fun. Gene (the brother in law) told us he was doing really great and they loved him a lot already. They were having a lot of fun with him. I know he will be happy and we realize with time it will get easier. As long as he is loved and spoiled and happy, that is what means the most to us.

We really appreciate everyone's support, the people on this list are the best. So whether or not you want to see them, here are the last three photos taken with my boy.




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