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27 Aug 1998 20:29:20 EDT - from Susan ........ Original Rescue Post

Kathleen advised me that the red female minpin rescued in Orlando last week has been spayed and is heartworm negative. The Ft. Myers couple has decided on a larger dog, so we're back to needing a home. I sent Liz a pic so hopefully she can add it to the IMPS site. I'll also send one to Mag. The dog is precious. I'd really love to take her myself ~ really wish I could, but I can't. It wouldn't be fair to the three I already have and we'd all get thrown out of our neighborhood.

Update from Dawn - Thu, 27 Aug 1998 20:22:19 -0400
What's the background on her? I've just joined so I'm not familiar with her. I can find a home for her, that is if I don't take her myself!

Update from Susan - 27 Aug 1998 22:25:24 EDT
<< Picked up a potential adoptive home via the AOL minpin board. They'll probably be joining our list soon. I've advised them of our FL girl and they're interested. I've told them about being screened, needing to pay adoption fees, etc. I'll advise when I get some additional info on them >>

They're from Greensboro, NC and have a 3 year old red. Both their address and Dawn's have been communicated to Kathleen. Let's hope we have a happy ending for Ms. Pin soon! I just love a happy ending.....

Susan & the girls

Mon, 31 Aug 1998 08:39:40 -0400 - from Katherine to Susan

<<Did I read that Ms. Pin will be at Petsmart today? Why is she being taken there if there are three people who would love to have her (already seen pics, etc.)? I guess one of them is going to see her today.>> (Susan)

Ms. Pin was taken to Petsmart because she needed socialization and she had bonded so intently to Sandra (Pet Pal Rescue person) that she was not wanting to leave her home alone. She was NOT there for the general public to see.

<<Obviously our main concern is for Ms. Pin to get a loving home as quickly as possible. The advantage to working with this group is our ability to find minpin homes ~ most already own one or two minpins and are looking for another, or just want to open their hearts to a rescue. I guess I need to be in the loop a bit more. I went on an all out hunt for a home on Thursday and by Friday I had three apparently quite legitimate offers. Had I known that the intent was to bring her to adoption day at Petsmart, then I woulndn't have worked so hard and gotten people's hopes up.>> (Susan)

The 3 people you emailed me about were immediately given the phone numbers for Sandra. No one was jumping on contacting her. Sandra and I were in constant phone contact regarding this minpin. The person who was here in Orlando that was "interested" in her did show up at Petsmart. She told Sandra she came to see her to make sure "nothing bad was going to happen to her". I have no idea what that meant and neither did Sandra. The girl had no intentions of adopting Ms. Pin, I don't think. No other people had seen the dog to bond with her. A lot of people going in and out of the store saw her and of course "thought" they would want her, but Sandra did not talk seriously to any of them. Later in the day a lady happened to come in that I'd talked to a few months back just about general minpin adoption info. She has a 3yr. old, neutered male she wanted a friend for. She thought it was fate she happened to see Ms. Pin. Sandra and her volunteers put the lady through severe questioning and when it was all said and done the lady cried when Sandra told her she could take her home.

So, all's well that ends well. The matter of time being such a factor in this case was because Pet Pal Rescue primarily does big mixed breed dogs. All volunteers have lots of foster dogs at their houses. Ms. Pin was being homed with several big dogs and Sandra was concerned for her safety. I used to be a foster for this organization a long time ago - it is where 4 of my present 12 dogs came from and have had 2 others that have gone to the bridge since then.

Sorry I did not get to update you sooner but I do not have time to read this list much - I'm putting in 17 hour days right now. If people on this list really want to do minpin rescue then they need to jump into the fire and do it. That means go out there, get the dogs, see to their medical needs, assess their personalities and then place it in an appropriate home. Thinking and talking about it too much means missed opportunities to help this breed we love so much.

Kathleen Prince

Mon, 31 Aug 1998 20:03:08 EDT - from Susan, reply to Katherine

Great! At least one of the three (Dawn Sullivan) has continually asked about this dog, so I'm not sure where the communication breakdown (if there was one) was. I think her attitude was that if a home nearby was found ~ great, but if there was no sincere offer, then she was willing to give the dog a great home.

We're really trying here to do rescue work. Had the dog wandered into my back yard (or anyone else's on this list), it would have been taken in, cared for, etc. as it was in Orlando. We're jumping in to the extent that we can. Much of what we can do is via the internet, but that doesn't mean that we're shying away from doing the actual hands on work. Many of us have contacted our local shelters to inform them that we will step up to any minpins that might come their way. We're scanning our local papers to make sure there are none that are "free to a good home", etc.

I know that the amount of e-mails from this list can be crazy. You might want to un-subscribe and just rely on one of us (me, perhaps) to communicate with you ~ I've posted every e-mail you've sent me regarding a rescue and I'd be happy to continue to do that. I can also forward any posts that would be of interest to you. Give that some thought.

Thanks for your status report on Ms. Pin. I'm really glad it worked out well for her and her new owner.


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