Mon, 20 Jul 1998 21:00:35 -0400 - from Katherine

Petie had mentioned the female minpin in a shelter here that is being treated for heartworms, I think. Here are some details on this particular dog if anyone is interested in adding her to their family:

"Neguinha" which means "little black one" in Portuguese, is currently in a foster home for the duration of her heartworm treatment. She came into animal control stray and hit by a car. She has recovered almost fully from those injuries.We cannot say she is a purebred minpin, she is mixed with something, possibly toy fox terrier? She is black & tan, has a tail and full ears. She is a big girl at 15#. She apparently loves men & kids! She could care less about the other dogs at the house and is content to be on your lap or beside you on the couch. She is often found in her crate when she doesn't have to be. She is a quiet dog, housebroken, leash trained and loves car rides.We think she is a young adult, around 3 years old. We are asking a $75 adoption fee to help cover vet costs. This is a nice dog.

You can contact me via if you'd like more info.

Kathleen Prince
Pookie Bros. Pet Sitting

Sat, 12 Sep 1998 09:37:35 EDT - from Katherine, via Susan

Hi Susan,
I've been sort of keeping up with the minpin list a little bit. I think you are right in wanting to branch the rescue off onto it's own - time is SO very important when dealing with rescues.

Negyuna" the female B/T, hit by car, stray at animal control is still being fostered by my friend and needs a permanent home

Sat, 12 Sep 1998 16:22:19 -0400 - from Katherine, via Pam

<< the dog adoptable outside of Florida. I will contact a woman I met at one of our shelters (works at the Indianapolis Shelter) and wants a minpin and is interested in a rescue. Let me know more of the particulars if no one in Florida is coming forward. ......Pam Newton.>>

Hi Pam,
You would need to contact the foster mom. She has become pretty attached to this girl and will be very stringent as far as screening a potential home. She breeds and rescues French Bulldogs. She is now healthy and ready to go. The foster mom is Melody Foster 407-574-9009.


Kathleen Prince
Pookie Bros. Pet Sitting


Sun, 27 Sep 1998 10:57:16 EDT - from Samantha , Neginya & Larry Walters

Hello Everyone

I am sorry i was not able to respond to e-mails yesterday but i had a fun filled action packed day .

I took Sam to the vet for her shots and checkup , after we were done we went to visit Neginya . When we were viting , sam had a alergic reaction to one of the shots and started swelling like a blow fish , with hives all over her body . I rushed her back to the vet for a shot of Benadryl and another shot i can not pronounce . After staying at the vets for bit to make sure Sam would be ok i called Melody back and asked her if i could come back and pick up Neginya and bring her to her new home . Melody said that would be fine and that she thinks we would all make a good match . So i drove all the way back and picked Neginya up .

When we all got back to my house Sam Started to swell up again thank god i had some Benadryl Liquid in the house . After :30 min Sam was fast asleep and the swelling had gone down . When Sam woke up i new she was going to be ok, that minpin fire was burning in her eyes and she was ready to play . So i packed up the car and we all made a trip to PetSmart Where Neginya had a ball , She was like a kid in a candy shope . Her tail was smacking anything that got close ( Neginya does not have a nib and that is a new thing to Sam , Sam is not sure if she should play with it or run away when it starts waging ). We bought toys , leads , food , treats , & a new bed . We came home had dinner , all got baths & it was time for a nap ( at least i was ready for a nap ) and that is how our day ended . All of us passed out on my bed cuddled up in one big ball .

I feel bad for all the other minpins that need a good home , i wish i could take them all and it bothered me that i could only take 1 into my home ( at least until i get a bigger home ) . I want to help other minpins in any way i can . If there is anyone that needs help with transporting , careing for , and yes foster careing for a minpin please let me know and i will do what i can ( foster careing will have to wait for a little while , i want Neginya to get settled and becme confident that this is her home and she is the 2nd queen in charge . )

Now it is time to brag . Neginya is a true lover . She loves to cuddle up with me where ever i am sitting . If you look over at her , her big ears pop up and her tail starts waging . This morning when i woke up i climbed under the covers at started petting her and she did not care where i petted her . Melody told me she was still a little sensitive about her paws and ears . Well today is a different story , her paws ,ears , belly , chin , tail all got a good rubbing and in return i got tons of kisses . What a great way to start a new day .

Well i don't want to bore you any more and it's time for a walk in the park . I don't have a scanner or a digital camera . I have some customers with scanners , so i will ask to use there's when i get my pictures developed and i will e-mail them out .

Thank you to all , and a very big THANK YOU from Neginya .

Samantha , Neginya & Larry Walters

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