Fri, 12 Feb 1999 14:34:27 EST - from Nancy & Vince

Oliver Oliver,Lucky

Vince & I just returned from West Hempsted, NY. A very nice family, The Baer's, had a little boy named Oliver they felt they could no longer keep. Oliver is approximately 2 years old, b/r, neutered, docked & cropped. The Baer family got him from a shelter in July. They have two young children and Caroline is expecting a third in six months. Oliver has been a little aggressive with the children, but not without being provoked.

The Baers were not sure how Oliver would react with a toddler running around and felt they would not have the time to devote to him that he deserved.

They do not have a minpin proofed fenced yard and took him for walks several times a day.

Oliver took to us right away. No problems. As a matter of fact, he was a very polite, calm minpin. (He must be related to Skootchie! VBG) It was really heartbreaking when we were ready to leave. Mrs. Baer had to go into the house as she was very upset. (Thank goodness the kids were in preschool. I don't know if I could have handled it if there were crying children. Crying adults were sad enough)

He has been here with our four now for about an hour and they are getting along great. Oliver is being adopted by Ray and Kathy Rodriguez. Ray will be picking him up around 3:30PM and plans to surprise Kathy for Valentine's Day. (What a guy, I can't think of a better gift!!!)

I have taken a few pictures and will take more when Ray arrives. I will send the pictures to Mag so she can add them to the web page.

Another happy ending for a deserving minpin.

Nancy & Vince
Max, Nikki, Lucky & Dallas and temporarily Oliver


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