Penny's New Home - 5 Mar
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Penny's New Home

Fri, 5 Mar 1999 14:41:51 EST - from Lynn

Hi Everybody:

This is the story of Penny. In the process of placing Sasha last week, we came across another MinPin in need of a new home. This was Penny. She is an 8 month, black & tan female (very black face, hardly a mask...basically no little eyebrows, but very cute), docked, but not cropped and a whopping 14 pounds. She stands about 12 inches tall. Being as we were able to foster, we went and picked her up on Wednesday this week from Atlanta Chihuahua Rescue, who had received her from the previous owner. Chihuahua Rescue thought it would be better to turn her over to folks that new MinPins and thus, we became involved.

Let us just say here: she is ADORABLE.....

"Giselle from Hell", immediately started making sure that Penny knew who was boss at the house, but mostly they just chase each other around the yard.....TOO funny to watch. Penny had never been in a bed before, so last night we put her up on the bed and she flopped over and started wiggling and throwing her feet up in the air and rooting around the covers. All her face was saying was "YIPPEEE, I'm in heaven"..... we were dying laughing.

We reviewed several permanent homes for her and unfortunately, the home we thought we had her placed with didn't work out because they couldn't pass the final approval process. The GOOD news is that we have found her a home, right here in Atlanta. The previous owner referred us to a Obedience classmate of hers who already owns a female MinPin. His references all checked out and he was approved by IMPS!!! He will be picking up Penny tonight because he simply just cannot wait to have her.

So ends another happy placement of another homeless MinPin in Atlanta.......

"Team Atlanta"
(John, Lynn, Brutus & Giselle)

Sat, 6 Mar 1999 08:53:38 EST - from Lynn

Well, Penny was picked up last night by her new Dad. True to MinPin form, she barked at him a couple of times but then her curiosity was so overwhelming, she had to move right in!! She started out sniffing his kneecaps (I have wondered often if they have a special affinity for kneecaps or if that just how high they can reach LOL!!!!). I do believe Giselle knew Penny was leaving and was pleased beyond belief....all she did was bark bark bark.....I'm sure she was saying "Yippee!! take her outta here!!" (She's spoiled beyond measure, can you tell?)

Penny was so sweet, she was oblivious. Within about 5 minutes she was on her new Papa's lap, feet on chest, giving him kisses. HE just kept commenting on how pretty she is, "Oh, she's so pretty.....what a pretty face......"

SO, all in all, it went very well. They were very happy and we feel confident in Penny's new home. I, personally, did not shed a tear when sweet little Penny left the house and I consider THAT a small miracle in itself. Penny was an extremely easy foster and I was grateful for that....would they were all that easy.

Anywho, if we get an update, I'm sure we'll post more good news. Signing off now,

Lynn & Little G. <----a little lonely, but won't admit it.

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