MinPin Quilt Raffle 2002 - The Results!

The Quilt is here!!! - 7 Aug
The Lap Quilt - 7 Aug


Mon, 29 Jul 2002 13:43:04 -0500 - from Mary

We had my sister, a completely impartial person, come over to actually draw the numbers. She did have a little help from Stanley and her Ridgeback, Rosie. :-) A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the 2002 MinPin Quilt Raffle!

Raffle Draw Raffle Draw

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The Quilt is here!!!

Wed, 7 Aug 2002 - 15:24 Perth time - from mag

OK, peoples... the quilt has made it to Perth, Western Australia!!! And I am seriously impressed!!! All the squares are beautiful, and Jodi did a fanstastic job putting this masterpiece together.

Mag and Kirra and the Minpin 2002 Quilt

I know I promised everyone a pic of the quilt wrapped around me, but this was the best I could do :-) I had probs trying to both operate the camera and pose for the pic - hubby wasn't home to help, and the pups were definitely no help... Frodo, who is nicely snuggled under the quilt, kept growling at me everytime I tried to move the quilt.

I want to thank all who made this Quilt Raffle such a success, and I want to thank Rick & espcially Jodi for their generosity. I will treasure this gift forever.

AND many thanks to Mary for organizing the raffle!!!! Hey, Mary - thanks for all the tickets in the box :-) That was a nice touch!!!

Frodo... and his quilt square!

By the way, for those who didn't get the pleasure of seeing this quilt up close and personal, I've taken pics of all the squares. You can go see them at:


Just click on a quilt square to see that square up close.

And if any of the creators of the squares want to 'fess up, please email me, with details of who, why, where, etc....

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The Lap Quilt

Wed, 7 Aug 2002 11:36:59 -0500 - from Ellen



This is the Lap Quilt, Myself, and Bernie in front of "Bernie's Bath House". Bernie was pretty excited when the quilt arrived !!! I had to tell Him this blankie was not for him to snuggle in.(maybe I could let him try it out if he can convince the TV Repair Man, {aka: Dad}, to move his TV's to his side of the porch. Ha. Ha. Ha.) I am THRILLED to be the proud owner of this Quilt !!! Thank You All for letting me be part of this. I am learning to quilt so next year I will contribute a block. Keep Up The Good Work Listers !!!

Thank You,

Ellen, TX.

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