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Wed, 5 May 1999 22:21:48 -0500 (CDT) - from Dee

I have been contacted by a family in Missouri that has a MinPin they cannot keep. Here is the info. Liz, Petie - any potential homes?

4yr. old
Crate trained
Due for yearly shots and present owner will get those this week. 15 pounds
Well behaved
They have a new baby and don't feel they can give it the attention it wants - sigh They will keep until we find a home, but hope it will be fairly soon.

Thanks - Dee and KoKo

Fri, 7 May 1999 16:51:30 -0500 (CDT) - from Dee

Rocky has found a home. Sue (as in Sue, Tiff and Brandee) and her son will be adopting him. He sounds like a wonderful dog and comes with all his goodies - crate, sweaters, toys, etc. Sue, he will need to get on heartworm preventative asap and also be microchipped. You also asked if this was an IMPS rescue - yes, you can send your $50.00 fee to Susan as soon as we get him to you. Let me know if you need her address. We are working on when and where and hoping it will be this weekend. CONGRATULATIONS, SUE and DUSTY!!! Dee and KoKo

Mon, 10 May 1999 21:07:49 -0500 (CDT) - from Dee

Breaker Breaker 19. Rocky is going to his new home tonight via Florida. Sue's husband drives a truck and is picking Rocky up in central Missouri tonight and he will be going along for the ride to Florida and then to his new home in Omaha. Sue, please let us know what your husband has to say about him. I sure hope he has a camera! Add one more to the list of rescues! Dee and KoKo

Tue, 11 May 1999 17:56:36 EDT - from Sue


well Rocky had his first night on the truck and he did great, of course Tiffany was being herself and didnt want another bed partner but soon decided that she could share a part of the bed for a new family member ,even though she still says that is her dad and she gets the most kisses and treats (she thinks anyway) ,but she is probably hoping that this trip will hurry up so that they can get Rocky home to his own bed and slave(poor Dusty), well will let you all know more when he checks in,ya know he has to wait for the human to call home for him. Thats all for the traveling duo.


Thanks Dee >> ARF ARF from Rocky

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Rocky update
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Wed, 19 May 1999 18:25:16 -0500 (CDT) - from Dee

Rocky's previous owner gave me permission to send this to the list. Sue, hope you enjoy these stories about your new rescue! For those of you who are confused, Rocky was the Missouri give up that Sue Hazen adopted and that went to Omaha via Florida in an 18 wheeler! Dee and KoKo

<<Hi Dee! Chuck called me yesterday and told me everything went great except for the one time Rocky peed in the driver's seat of the truck. Unfortunately Chuck did not realize this until he had sat in it. Oh well, he said he would learn from that one.

It sounds like Rocky is fitting right in. Rocky hoarding the chew bones does not surprise me. Rocky would always try to keep his bones safe by hiding them. That reminds me of another funny story.... We have two oak ice boxes in the living room we use as end tables. They both have a latch on them that has to be pushed up on to open the door. We kept snacks like potato chips, candy, and nuts - snacky type food - in one of them. Rocky decided one day that he needed a snack and proceeded to open it up with his nose. He ate all of the potato chips and nuts. We had a box of chocolates in it also but he couldn't get the box open. He chewed the heck out of it trying. We also had a full bag of York peppermint patties. He proceeded to eat a few and hide the rest throughout the house. He hid them in shoes, under the beds, in the corners of almost every room, in his toy basket, and any other place he could think of. The only thing that tipped us off that he did not eat them all was there were not enough wrappers and the corners of every room had peppermint patties in them. We found peppermint patties for I don't know how long. I'm still not sure if we found them all! After that we put child latches on them - the type you put on cabinet doors. Until the day he left he would always try at least a couple of times a day to see if he could get into them.

Rocky developed the white spot on his back about 1 month or so ago. We assumed it was dirt and tried to scrub it off only to learn that it was gray hair. I guess the stress of a newborn caused it. With all of the adjustments the poor dog had to make I am surprised that he did not turn snow white. He was a little trooper though. (Sniff, Sniff - I miss him but I know he will be well loved and cared for in Omaha)

I need to sign the papers and send them to you. Sorry I have not done that yet. I will try to get them ready before the end of the week.

Oh and by the way - if Dusty doesn't already know it, Rocky is a big-time bed hog.........

Thanks and bye......>>

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