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Wed, 15 Jul 1998 14:35:10 -0400 - from Karen

My name is Karen Kaeumlen and I am new to this list. I will introduce myself later. For now I wanted to forward the following e-mail from the Dog-Rescue List. Please contact the original poster *Diana* if you can help this minpin find a home.
Karen K.

Tue, 14 Jul 1998 08:08:22 -0500


Here is info for rescue list.

Miniature Pinscher: Male, about 3 years old, not housebroke, very loving but shy. Needs understanding patient home and will make sweet pet.

If there are rescue people out there that are interested in fostering or helping to place these guys I would love to hear from them. I must admit I am a bit frustrated as my efforts to find interested rescue people for these two breeds has not been very successful to date. I am hoping that I just haven't made the right contacts yet.

A foster home for the min pin would be great if there are no interested perminant homes out there. I will pay for neutering as long as I know this little guy is going to be placed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Monday, July 20 (from Karen Kaeumlen)

<<I just wrote back to Diana, and yes, Brutus needs an experienced home, or a home with time to pay attention to him. He's real good with other animals, in fact, seems to bond to them better than people. He would do best in a home where he would have a companion and where children were over 13 years old. Also, a home without too much going on would make life easier for him. Diana says he's getting better, but he startles when he meets new people - he's just not used to PEOPLE, sigh.. A plane ride with a complete stranger doesn't seems like a good idea right now. If anyone is in the Oswego, NY or upper PA area and would be interested, please e-mail Diana at, and let us all know!!!

Thank you for the update on Brutus. It sounds like he may have some problems but with the *right* owner will do just fine. We've had a lot of rescue dogs like that and they've adjusted to their new homes with no problem. I hope we hear some positive updates on this little one!
Karen K.

July 29 - from Nancy to Diana

>>I was wondering if Brutus has found a home.

No, not yet. There has been a small amount of interest but no one that I would allow him to go with.

>>I have been hesitant to post my name for a rescue. I have one little guy now. He seems so spoiled and we often think bringing in another one would not work out.

Spoiled is good!! I cannot tell you whether a new addition would work out or not. Each situation is different.

>>I told my husband the story of Brutus and he told me to check into it.

What a wonderful man! Husbands are usually not as agreeable.

>>Both my husband and I work during the day. Reggie stays in the kitchen (quite a large one) from 8:30-3:00. I feel so bad leaving him for that long. I have a neighbor come over and let him out once during the day. I have a 14 year old daughter who is home from school by 3. The three of us give him so much attention. He is the most lovable little guy!

Brutus need to be neutered and house broke. He is very shy with strangers and needs a home that will love him and let him blossom slowly. I feel so sorry for the little guy. Whoever had him never taught him anything...not even leash trained. Of course his lack of training will lessen his chances of a quick adoption and during the time he sits in the kennel he is miserable. Of course the people who didn't take the time to work with him aren't suffering.

>>It sounds like Brutus might needs some all day attention, at least for a while.

Not really. He just needs love and guidance and time.

>>Let me know a little more and I will see if it is doable.

He is black and tan, about 3-4 years old, not neutered...yet, tail is done and ears are not. He weights about 9 pounds and is a bit on the thin side. He is at the local kennel and he can be seen anyday at 10 a.m., but you would not be able to adopt him until he is neutered. Hope you find the above info interesting enough to go and visit Brutus.

From Nancy

**** This all happened toward the end of the week. It seems like there may have been more posts, but like I said I was on vacation and you know how much mail is generated! I do not subscribe from the list from home (which is where I am typing this now). I get the digest at work every day. Saturday morning came - 8/2 - and we decided to go see Brutus. I wished I had the list at home because I was feeling so excited and nervous at the same time and felt like I needed everyone on the list to talk to, but I couldn't!! Anyway I typed a note to the list the day we brought him home. This is that post:

8/3/98 - from Nancy

He everyone, I am typically a lurker on the list. I have contributed a couple of times with stories of Reggie. Not lately though. However, lately I have been reading of all the wonderful rescues and everyone just being a great bunch!! I have been in and out of town (now home to stay finally!). I had saved a posting about a dog named Brutus because someone had listed he was around the area I live in. I thought to myself, that is somewhat close to me, but not real close. I told my husband about it. He seemed interested. I wrote to someone named Diana who had news of Brutus. I do not remember a lot posted about him but a few things. I told here where I lived. She said that is where Brutus is!. I immediately called my husband at work. He asked if I wanted to go there. I could not believe he was saying this!! We went up on Saturday to see him and of course fell in love with him. He is quite afraid of people. He acts like you are going to hit him when you go near him. My husband got right in the cage with him (what a sight!) and held him. He shook like cray. We told them we wanted him. They said we would have to wait a fews days to a week. I told them I did not want to wait that long. I called Diana on the phone and asked her if she could speed things up (she works at the kennel). They called later on Saturday and said we could pick him on Sunday at 10 a.m.! We were there right on time. We were so worried how Reggie would react to him. They are not best buddies yet, but are dong pretty good. We have a fenced in yard so Rusty (my husband did not like the name Brutus; the lady said she though that might have been the name Diana gave him; we named him after Rusty Wallace/Nascar driver. I wanted to name him Gordon but thought it might be to wimpy....) was in his glory all day running around the yard. He ate a good dinner. He looks a little skinny to me, but Reggie is a little on the puggy size so maybe he is normal :) Last night Reggie finally fell asleep from a hard stressful day. Rusty went downstairs with my 14 year old daughter who snuggled up in bed with him. What a site. He is now home.

Nancy, Reggie, and Rusty

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Rusty Update... ...(Click here for Rusty's Story)


Fri, 18 Sep 1998 07:54:55 -0400 - from Nancy, Reggie & Rusty

Hi everyone!

Just thought I would drop a note to let everyone know how Rusty is doing (his pic is on Mags page). I am so happy Buddy is now home and the L.A. puppy is coming along! There have been so many great posts - and great people - and I have been enjoying all of them. I get the posts in digest form so I hestitate to post I guess :(

Anyway, Rusty is doing wonderfully! He is so spoiled already. Last night him and Reggie had their second night of obedience school. They are having so much fun and so are we! It sure tires them out!

Every night at bed time Rusty is all curled up by my tummy and Reggie is right up against my legs (under the covers of course). I love them both to pieces!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Nancy, Reggie, & Rusty

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Pics of Rusty & Reggie

Rusty,Reggie Rusty,Reggie

Fri, 25 Sep 1998 07:34:43 -0400 - from Nancy, Reggie, and Rusty

Hi there! I do not remember if you said you wanted pictures of the both of my boys together or not. If you do, here they are! They do not always sit this nice right next to each other, so I really love these pictures!

...Have a great weekend!

Nancy, Reggie, and Rusty

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Click here for Rusty's Story.

Thu, 26 Aug 1999 19:41:39 -0400 - from Nancy W.



Hi! I have been trying to send you two pictures of Rusty. I tried from work today, but it did not work (I don't think). I have sent attachments before so I do not know what I am doing wrong.

Anyway, these are pictures of Rusty. We have had him now one year. We got him as a rescue last August 1998. These two pictures show him now very comfortable and proud in his new home. It took him a while to get used to his surroundings, but as you can see now he is very relaxed :)




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