Sasha's Story - 2 Mar

Sasha's Story

Tue, 2 Mar 1999 22:00:35 EST - from John

This post is to announce to everyone the story of Sasha, a little red female MinPin in Atlanta. She was turned into to IMPS by the owner's father. The father "rescued" her from his daughter after they had purchased her from a breeder about a year ago. The family she was with bred her to a MinPin of unknown origin the first time she came into heat. She did not have a good pregnancy and all three puppies died at birth.

About two weeks ago, the father, since the dog was not being treated well, and having done Greyhound Rescue himself, basically confiscated Sasha and took her to his house to recoup and to regain some of the weigh she had lost. She currently stands about 12 inches at the withers and only weighs 5-7 pounds!! She is docked, but not cropped, and is not quite housebroken, but he's been working on that. He contacted us in the hopes that we had a viable home for this poor little girl.

Here's the good news: WE DO!

A women by the name of Kelli, living in Chattanooga, and who had already filled out an application, has qualified to get Sasha. Sasha is going to have surgery on 3/8 (that's next Monday) and Kelli will be driving down from Chattanooga to pick her up from the vet's office and take her home to recoup. Kelli currently already owns a male red MinPin, who is also docked and not cropped! He is five months old. Kelli stated that she "can't wait to have another one own me!"

So, that's Sasha's brief story.....we can't wait until she arrives at her new home so that she can get the care and attention she deserves....

From very busy IMPS in Atlanta!!

John & Lynn & Brutus & Giselle

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