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Off to CT!

Wed, 30 Sep 1998 09:34:55 -0400 - from Dawn

Hey guys,

I'm off on my first rescue! I'm heading to CT this afternoon to pick up 2 Pins. "Scrappy" is a 9-10 month old neutered male. The shelter has updated his shots and he is heartworm negative. Here's a surprise, he's very energetic, thus the name Scrappy! "Sassy" is a 2 yr. old spayed female, up to date on shots, heartworm negative, 6 lbs., she's a bit on the timid side. I'm stopping to meet Saz on the way home so she can evaluate them while teaching me how to do one at the same time. So....I'm really, really excited! I feel like I'm actually making a difference now instead of just talking about it! Now I'll be able to relate when people talk about fostering and all of the stuff that goes with it! We do have ideas on where they are going - no, they are not staying with me! If I kept them both, I wouldn't be able to help anymore, and I'm not ready to give it up before my first one! Eventually we will take in a rescue or two, but I want to concentrate on my Skootchie getting better before I make a permanent commitment. Well, I think I'm done babbling!!! Hopefully the list is up again and everyone can read this! Any and all advice, as always, is more than welcome!

P.S. - I want to give Saz a Special Thank You! She's been the rock for me with all of her knowledge and advice!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thu, 1 Oct 1998 10:15:20 -0400 - from Dawn, Skootchie, Millie, Scrappy & Sassy

Hey! - I know I put that in the last heading, but here's the real deal! Scrappy and Sassy are doing well. They are nice and clean now ( had a couple of fleas) and are adapting well. They both need good food and attention! Millie, Skootchie and the cats accepted them with little problems. I have some work to do with them, but it shouldn't be too bad. Scrappy was neutered last week and since he's the only male dog in my house, he's trying to have a good time with Millie. She's spayed and also as tall as he is when he's on his hind legs, so there's no problem there, just lots of playing! He tried his wicked ways on Skootchie but that didn't last quick at all! My girl is very hip to these young studs! He was lifting his leg last night, but I kinda made a belly band thingy (tied a sock around his tummy with a sanitary napkin) and it helped. He did have a couple of accidents last night, but hasn't had any this morning yet. Scrappy really does not like his crate, Sassy goes in all the time without a problem. They slept through the night without a problem - though he whined when we first went to bed for a minute or two, he was more than ready to join us! They have appts today at 3:40 to go to the vet, we'll see what happens!
Dawn, Skootchie, Millie, Scrappy & Sassy

Scrappy Sassy

Thu, 01 Oct 1998 19:05:18 -0400 - from Dawn

Hi Mag - Here are some pics of Scrappy and Sassy to add to the page! These are the 2 that I picked up at the Animal Welfare Society in Connecticut. Sassy is going to a family in Shrewbury, MA as soon as a home inspection is done. Scrappy is up in the air, but has at least 3 potential homes!

Sat, 03 Oct 1998 09:39:58 -0400 - from Dawn

Well - Sassy might be going home today. I am going to Jan's house to do a home check and I'll bring her with me. If everything looks Ok, she'll probably stay and I'll have a lonely ride home. I can only hope for that. Sassy is a sweet girl, she'll really open up with someone who has the time to give her. Jan is a stay at home mom, with 3 children in school. The youngest is 5, which concerned me and still does a bit. We'll see how it goes at the home check. They do have a 2 yr. old neutered Sheltie, who is a big wimpo. That will surely help her come out of her shell. Skootchie is the boss here, and everyone knows it. I think Sassy used to be the only dog or the dominant one, hard to tell. I'm going to ask Jan to join the list so she'll have plenty of advice in making this transition successful. Well, I'm going to attempt taking the 4 of them out for a walk...we have a fenced in yard, so I haven't tried it yet! Wish me luck!

Sat, 03 Oct 1998 21:02:03 -0400 - from Dawn

Sassy has a home!!!!! Things went really well at Jan's house, her husband is great, her kids are great, their dog is great, their house is great, everything clicked! I was worried about the kids, but I'm definitely not worried anymore. Do you believe they actually listen when their parents talk??? I didn't think kids did that anymore! Anyway, I think Sassy's previous home included children....she took to them better than anyone. She is going to be able to be the "boss" in that house, the Sheltie IS a big wimpo! She wouldn't let him in the kitchen when she was eating a flip chip on one of the kids laps. I feel so good about this!!!!

Being a typical Min Pin, she decided she was going to show us all that she was going to own the house and the family...she kept going to the door, but I thought it was because she didn't know where she was. Apparently I was very wrong! Sassy then decided to "christen" the living room floor with the hugest pile of poop I've ever seen out of a dog that small! She really didn't do that at my house! I think she knew it was just a stop over!

So, to end the story, Sassy looked very at home when I left. I cried on the way home. I was sad to not have her around, she did take a little piece of me. But I cried more because I kept thinking of the starfish story. Being teary eyed now, I made a difference to that one.

Sat, 03 Oct 1998 21:17:06 -0400 - from Dawn

Now that the tears have dried from my last post, I'm happy to announce that Scrappy has a home! Let me tell you a little bit about him first. Scrappy is a tall, thin, long, lanky pup. He's a love! He's high energy (surprise), playful, protective and loyal! He showed his Min Pin tendencies the other day by attacking my landlords 2 male Dobermans. Needless to say, he doesn't go out with them anymore! Scrappy LOVES attention. If you're bending down, he'll come over and snuggle his head like a cat does. He needs someone who has experience with this breed, and he now has it!

I'm ECSTATIC to announce that Scrappy will be flying to his new home sometime this week. We still have to make the final plans, but JEANESE will have that lovey puppy after all! Congratulations Jeanese! You deserve it for the selflessness you've shown. I'm so happy to be a part of it!

A side note to Thank Saz for helping me with these beautiful pups! She's been instrumental in their placing and a special Thanks from me for showing me how to evaluate a dog! You still have to show me more though, my thirst has not been quenched! Hooray for Scrappy and Jeanese!

Sat, 03 Oct 1998 22:51:49 -0400 - from Dawn

Hey guys - I've just updated my site for those of you who want to see pics of Scrappy and Sassy! Go to: Dawn's World and let me know what you think!

HELLO from Sassy's new owner

Tue, 6 Oct 1998 08:12:00 EDT - from Jan and Sassy

hi all

just joined this minpin mailing list and enjoy reading about them.My name is Jan, we now own Sassy that we got from Dawn. we love our new little girl and she seems to really love us. I think that rescued dogs have a greater respect for life the second time around. She has settled into our home as if she had always been here. Of course she has taken over and our sheltie is adjusting to her .He wants to play but she isn't into that yet. She love my kids and we think she came from a home with kids. She cries when they go out to the bus. I think i will enjoy reading all the posts on here and hope i can add stuff now and again. Thanks. Jan and sassy

Scrappy Update

Sun, 11 Oct 1998 00:38:25 -0400 - from Dawn

Hey guys - Just wanted to let you know that Scrappy will be going to his new home the weekend of October 23rd! Jeanese and I have just squared away all of our plans and she will be TAKING HIM HOME that weekend! Yup, you heard right! Jeanese is flying out to Boston from Seattle to spend a couple of days with us! Just how cool is that???
Dawn, Skootchie, Millie and foster Scrappy(who can't wait to go home with MOM!!!)

Updated pictures (Dawn)

Sun, 18 Oct 1998 23:59:16 -0400 - from Dawn

Hey guys - I updated my site with new pictures of Skootchie, Millie and Scrappy. Skootchie and Millie pics can be seen on their respective pages. Scrappy pics can be seen under the rescue page. Enjoy!

Scrappy Update

Sun, 25 Oct 1998 21:40:09 EST - from Jeanese


Just thought I'd let you all know that I made it safely to Boston on Friday. It was one looooong plane ride from Seattle. I met Dawn at the airport, she didn't even know what I looked like. I had been to her page so I knew what she looked like and also she had Skootchie with her in a bag, so all I had to do was spot a girl with a dog in a bag. So that was easy.

Skootchie is adorable and starting to play, so I guess she must be feeling better after her hip surgery. Millie is a BIG sweet dog too. Scrappy, the rescue I'm taking home, on the other hand is a spaz!!!!! I think that some training will be very beneficial. He is a sweet dog though and I think he will be calmer when he is around my little dogs, rather than a big dog who likes to play hard.

We went to Salem today, and there were a lot of people there for the Halloween stuff. It was pretty cool with all the witchcraft shops. I got Scrappy a crystal to wear on his collar that is suppose to help break bad habits, after our trip to Petco yesterday, I figured it couldn't hurt (he barked like a mad man at every other dog.)

I leave tomorrow evening to go back home with Scrappy, I hope the plane ride is not too much of an adventure!!!!! Wish me luck with the plane ride and Scrappy's integration to my household.

Jeanese, Samson, Sunshine and Scrappy

Thu, 29 Oct 1998 23:55:25 EST - from Jeanese

Hi List,
Just an update on Scrappy. We got home Monday night. He did wonderful on the plane ride, he didn't even pee in his bag. (BTW Terri: I have not yet received the IMPS bag, I know you probably sent it, could you advise me as to when? I bought a new one in Boston.) My dogs reacted fairly well to him and even tried to let them all sleep with me the first night. That did not last long though, I put my two in their cages and let the Scrapper sleep with me. He did mark a couple of times. He is a great dog and much more mellow than when we were in Boston, I was really having my doubts as to whether I wanted him when I left there. My male and him are getting along really well, and my female is doing better with him. I ended up putting the amethyst crystal (supposed to help break bad habits in dogs) on my female, not Scrappy, because I decided she had more bad habits than him. Anyway all is well here. I do have to say Scrappy is definitely a runner!!!! He has escaped through the slider twice and through the cat door once. We are keeping a better eye on him now. Please offer some suggestions on a new name, we are not real fond of Scrappy....

Jeanese, Sammy, Sunny and Scrappy.

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