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Minpin in Delaware Humane Assoc

Sun, 13 Dec 1998 00:43:12 EST - from Patty


My name is Patty, and I am writing to say that there is a little minpin named "Shelby" at the Delaware Humane Association. She's been there for a while now, and a friend just informed me today that she is still waiting for a home. The number there is 302 - 571 - 0111 in case anyone can help her.

I am unable to rescue at this point due to time and space. But hopefully I can help her find a GOOD home by posting this.

Anyone? Any ideas?


Sun, 13 Dec 1998 08:43:03 EST - from Nancy

I just called and they do not open up until 11:30AM today. We are on our way to a dog show, and will call them from there. If necessary, Vince can go to Delaware tomorrow and pick him up. I will let you know. If anyone else gets any information, please let us know.

Nancy, Vince, Max, Nikki & Lucky

Sun, 13 Dec 1998 18:53:13 EST - from Nancy

Vince & I called the shelter this morning and found out that Shelby was a mixed breed dog not a full breed minpin.

Although our hearts go out to Shelby, I don't feel that we should start to get involved with mixed breed dogs. The people that contact IMPS are looking for Minpins, not mixed breeds. If that were the case, they could go to any shelter at any time and find a wonderful mixed breed for themselves.

We are sorry if this disappoints anyone, we too are disappointed as we are looking forward to helping Minpins. We can only hope that we will be of some assistance in the future.

Nancy & Vince

Mon, 14 Dec 1998 19:06:54 EST - from Nancy

<<Nancy, could you describe the dog to me? Thanks.>>


You can go to their web page and see a picture. It is located at


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Shelby in DE
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Tue, 22 Dec 1998 15:05:15 -0600 - from Linda Lipe

I just talked again to Delaware Humane Society about Shelby. As previously reported, she is 12" tall, bouncie and bossy. I learned today that she weighs 12 pounds and is overweight, but would "make a good jogging partner". The profile of her body is more nearly square than rectangular. Wendy Young, the trainer, say that they have not heard from Dachsie rescue, and if they called, the HS would not even try to pass her off as a Dachsie mix, so far from a Dachshund is she. They were calling her minpin, but after the contact from the list, are now calling her a minpin mix. They are reviewing my application, and if they decide to release her to me, I may again be asking for transportation to the airport. Right now it is 20 degrees in Little Rock midday, and not fit weather to be shipping a dog. Thank you very much for all you do for these little dogs.

Linda Lipe
Little Rock

Wed, 23 Dec 1998 01:25:31 EST - from Linda (CD)

Well, so much for your comment re: this dog being blackballed. I think that we already discussed this once before, but I'll tell you what. Just to make you happy for the holidays, and hopefully, not get everybody on my butt, I will make you the deal of the year. You find a home, up here, Delaware or New Jersey, and I will go pick up this dog and meet the people that are going to take her. I would be happy to help you find a home for her, but I am in the middle of a real mess in South Jersey, board of health went in, and I have a mess of dogs to deal with right now. Not to mention, 3 more minpins that were NOT involved in the south jersey mess. And so, I think this is a fair deal.
You find the home, I will get the dog and meet the people that want her. Matter of fact, I might know somebody in Maryland that might take her. I will check on it. Seeing as they are close to Delaware also, maybe I would be better off to just tell them where she is and let them go get her themselves. (Hey, now THAT is a GOOD idea !!!) I placed another rescue with them this past summer and they are looking for another one. The one they got was one of those "bigger" puppy mill minpins, so maybe they will take this one, too. I will check on it. Like, for sure, I am going to be hairless by the end of the year. I am getting to the point ... when someone says the word...rescue...I run, screaming, thru the woods, whilst pulling out handfuls of hair !!! And I am sure at the speed I am running, I could keep up with Ostrich Speedy, and maybe even pass him !!! (who was back for a day, again.....with a wreath around his neck...his owner thought this was a great way to thank, wasn't that nice?) Sheesh. This has NOT been a good week, let me tell you...on the phone with the boh and there is Speedy looking in the window with a Xmas wreath around his neck, and the guy from the boh asks me..."who is speedy" and I tell this guy he is an ostrich and he is looking in my window....and this guy now thinks I am a nutcase...which, I probably will be REAL soon !!! You know, now this guy is thinking, gee, do I really want a woman with an ostrich knocking on her window to help me with this problem here? OMG. Then he asks me if this is a rescue ostrich? Huh? I said to, are you crazy, he lives up the road.... and that started a whole nuther conversation....Phooey.....WHAT a week !!!
I have to meet with the BOH tomorrow and will make a call to the Md. people when I get home...okay? Will this make you a happy camper ?

Linda (CD)

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If you have any queries, feel free to email me at