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Minpin Rescue IL

Tue, 13 Oct 1998 22:16:40 -0500 - from Terri

I got another one guys, Hey Eshter, this one is in your backyard . This makes the 6th or 7th sent directly to me, whats the deal here.....LOL

I did e-mail her and said if no one closer could step in I would take him, I just cant get to her to get him.

Keep me updated if someone else handles this.

Terri & The Pack
-----Original Message----- <<From: SUPERBOXER@aol.com [mailto:SUPERBOXER@aol.com]
Sent: Tuesday, October 13, 1998 8:04 PM

I am turning to you for help. I took in a 7 month old min pin as a favor to someone who had to get rid of. I can no longer keep the poor little guy. I have 2 boxers and they don't really care for him. I am contacting you hoping you can help me, or I will have to place him in the local animal shelter, which I don't really like doing. I am in the southern suburbs of Chicago.
The little guy is now 9 months old, stag red and really cute. I had him to the vet last month and he has been brought up to date on all his shots. I cant keep the little guy and am hoping the rescue can take him and place him in a home.
Please contact me asap if you can help.
Thank you so much

Wed, 14 Oct 1998 07:31:02 -0500 - from Terri

Here is another post from the lady in N.IL wanting me to pick up her min pin, I'm going to call her at 11:00 am and get some more details. Someone Please figure out where a permanent home for this little guy is going to be.

I know Sandra, from our list is wanting another possibly, I have her phone number here somewhere. I'll post again with more details on this little guy once I have talked to Diane.

Terri & The Pack

-----Original Message-----

<<Hi Terri,
Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I live near the Orland Park area.
How far would that be to you? Maybe we could meet somewhere in the middle?? I have all his paper work except for his AKC papers which the original owner is supposed to send to me. I feel really bad that I am unable to keep the little guy, but I am afraid that my Boxers will hurt him. He is a really smart little guy. If you want to call me with some info/questions you can reach me at 708-361-4845. I have to run out this morning but should be back home by 10:30.
Thanks again

Wed, 14 Oct 1998 09:39:33 -0500 - from Terri

Heres the scoop on the N.IL dog....His name is Spunky:

-----Original Message-----

<<Sent: Wednesday, October 14, 1998 9:22 AM

Hi Terri,
Change of plans, I am home now and will be until 1:30 this afternoon. Spunky was born 2/17/98. He is Stag Red, weighs about 81/2 lbs. He has a great disposition. Gets along well with other pets, it's my boxers who don't get along with him. He is good with children, I have 2 girls 13&14 and the home I rescued him from had 2 boys 6 & 9. He was raised with a cat too. So far I would have to say that he is 99% house broken,. The problem is he is marking his territory because of my male.
He goes out most of the time and knows that he should not go in the house. He does have an ocassional accident. I crate him when I go out because of my dogs and because he tends to look for things to chew. I think if he was not with other big dogs he would probably do great. My big male keeps taking all his chewy toys from him so he doesn't really get to satisfy his chewing urge. I do have photo's but my scanner is not working. I will have my husband take a look at it when he gets home from work today. Will scan the photo's over tonight.

Wed, 14 Oct 1998 10:10:36 -0500 - from Terri

Hi All,
I just got off the phone with the lady wishing to put Spunky in rescue. She got him from a family that had two boys 6 & 9, they kept this little guy in a crate in the basement. Occasionally they let him out but only to tie him to the fridge. Diane is going to throw in a crate, collar, leash, toys, and some food. She took him to his FIRST vet appointment right after she got him and had all of his shots done. She has his pedigree and his AKC number and the name of the breeder. It looks as though this little one came from a pet shop.

Terri & The Pack

Wed, 14 Oct 1998 12:06:51 EDT - from Esther

here is the latest scoop on Spunky -- swburb rescue in Illinois. I have spoken to Diane by phone and the plan is for me to pick up Spunky at 8:00 tonight at her house. I of course have made all these arrangements without speaking to my husband BUT........The plan now is to find spunky a home real quick so that I do not get to attached to him. More later after I get my husband's reaction to all this. The good thing is that tomorrow Kitty is getting spayed tomorrow and I planned on taking Friday off to be with her so if Spunky is also in my home then I get to spend three whole days with the puppy's. By that time I will be totally in love.


Wed, 14 Oct 1998 12:18:54 -0500 - from Terri

Hi All,
Wendy, things have been taken of where little Spunky is concerened. I have spoken to Esther on the phone. She is only about 11 miles from him, and will most likely have him at her home about 7:30 tonight.
As far as us needing to find him a home......LOL.....I think once Esther gets her hands on him that search can end, I dont see this little guy going any further than her backyard. BUT, thats my opinion, we'll all have to wait and hear from Esther tonight when she gets home with him.

Thanks for everyones help and concern here. It was quickly taken care of seeing that its been less than 24 hours since Diane first contacted me.

Terri & The Pack

Wed, 14 Oct 1998 20:03:30 -0500 - from Terri Spunky

Hi All,

I've added Spunky to my "Brag Book" if Y'all want to see a pic of him. I'm glad Esther got him before me , because he would never have left my house.

Terri & The Pack

Message from Mag
This is the pic from Terri's Brag Book page.

Thu, 15 Oct 1998 11:28:28 EDT - from Esther

Well the little Spunk is here and he is a beautiful 8 month old red stag min pin. He is about 10 pounds I would say comparing to my other two. Guess I can get on the scale myself with Spunky in my arms for a better estimate. He is definitely a puppy who name is befitting. He comes all prepared, he has all his shots, he has papers (pedigree), health certificate from the vet and is pretty much housebroken except for the occassional marking. But not bad at all. Now in all fairness to my Kitty who is very laid back as a result of her former circumstances, I think it is only fair to her to provide her with as little trauma as possible. And two physco min pins I think will be too much for her right now. So as much as I want to keep Spunky I have faith in this rescue to know that he will not be released until we find him an excellent home. So I will foster Spunky for as long as necessary but I must give him up : (

I do have a co-worker who would love Spunky and has offered him a home. I did give her the application but I know that there is a waiting list so I will let "the powers that be" decide.

I'll post later after I wipe the tears away.


Thu, 15 Oct 1998 18:24:29 EDT - from Esther

God really put min pins in my life for a reason. Because I don't have kids and don't plan on having any he said AAAHHHAAA!!!! I will put min pins in her world.

Anyway thanks for the vote of confidence. I am very comfortable w/my co- worker taking Spunky. There were two interested parties but I was not comfortable with the other b/c I thought she had an Italian Greyhound but it turns out she has a 70LB greyhound, so Denise it is. This dog is actually for her dad, he is a butcher at a local grocery store five minutes from home and he goes home everyday for lunch. He has an adult son who lives with him and is also in and out during the day (so that's nice) and this man owns his own home with a fenced in yard and Denise (co-worker) is within walking distance of her dad. He's divorced. AND she knows that if for any reason things don't work out she can always return Spunky to me. So her and her dad are coming to "look" at Spunky this weekend. I guess she things she won't fall in love Oh Well she is new to this min pin thing. She did research the breed and I am comfortable with that too.

Now Kitty. She had a surgery today and apparentely she did very well. The vet however wants to keep her overnight because he had to take out more teeth than he anticipated and she was put through a lot. Of course I want to go get her right now BUT I will trust the doc cuz I know they are good and know more than me when it comes to stuff like that. They said I could call around 6:30 to see how she is doing and then call again tomorrow after 9:00. I will keep you all up to date. I am home for the rest of the weekend so I can spend all the time in the world with the three pups.


Click here for Kitty's Story.

Sun, 18 Oct 1998 12:31:35 EDT - from Esther

Kitty first (who by the way is a min pin) is doing good, she came home Friday under pain killers and we spent the whole day wrapped up in a blanket watching soap operas. She is eating, sleeping and pooping well, which are all very important. More later, I have to get to grocery store.

Spunky -- just left with his new owners and I feel 100% comfortable, of course this a.m. I was a little hesistant and said I wasn't going to answer the door when they came but when they left I was happy. They invited us out to their home anytime to come and see Spunky and we may just take them up on that after. He is only living about 45 minutes away from us.

This foster stuff is hard but something that I will do again in a minute if the opportunity come up.

More later,

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