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Susan's Birthday Girls
A more recent pic of Susan's Girls
More pics of the Girls
Pics of Speedy
Susan's Girls on New Year's Eve

Lily & Susan

Lucy (aka Goose) & Susan

Susan's Birthday Girls

Hi Mag!
Here's me and my girls (Lexus, Lily and Lucy aka Goose) on their first birthdays. Since they've since celebrated their second birthdays, I'll have to find some more recent pics. Thanks for your continued excellent work on "our" web site!

Lexus & Susan

A more recent pic of Susan's Girls ...


This pic above was sent me many moons ago by Susan (12 Feb 1998) - "I'm just a proud mother of three wonder girls! We live in Naples, Florida. L to R are Lucy, Lily and Lexus. Ages 19 mos., 22 mos., 25 mos."

More pics of the Girls..

Lexus and Lily

Lexus, Lucy (Goose) and Lily

Pics of Speedy..

Goose and Speedy

Susan and Speedy

Click here for Speedy's Story.

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Susan's Girls on New Year's Eve

Mon, 4 Jan 1999 22:14:25 EST - from Susan

Lily, Lexus and Goose (Lucy)

Happy New Year, Mag!

The girls asked me to send you their New Year's Eve picture. They decided to celebrate the evening in basic black and pearls. Quite an elegant choice, don't you think? L to R: Lily, Lexus and Goose (Lucy). Today they're back to their normal attire of basic black, leather collars and appropriate "jewelry" (I.D., Home Again, and county license tags). Don't tell them about the tie- dyed outfits on Erika and Dianna ~ they'd be jealous for sure! ;)

Best always,

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