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IMPS - Puppy Mill shut down!!!!!!

Mon, 14 Sep 1998 19:35:28 -0500 - from Liz

Can anyone in Georgia call to check status on the min pins and see if they need homes? We hav a couple of homes waiting in or near Georgia!! thanks - Liz (harkon@inxpress.net)

<<Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 13:45:14 -0500
Subject: AVAIL: poms, yorkies, min pins, Chinese Crested, Poodle, Westie

Hi all - I've been made aware of a puppy mill seizure in Gautier, MS (pronounced Go-Chay) involving the following breeds: Min Pins, Poms, Yorkies, Chinese Hairless (Crested?? I'm not sure of the right name), one standard Poodle, West Highland Terriers, and a few Schnauzers. According to animal control, they had been kept in deplorable conditions, most of them kept in cages outside. Animal control was able to get a total of 66 dogs. They have had a wonderful response from the community; people have come forward to help bathe the dogs and a lot of vets and groomers are donating/reducing fees for services. However, they have a lot of dogs to place. If anyone can help, call Sandra at the Jackson County Animal Shelter, Gautier, MS. She is being very careful about where the dogs go and she may ask you for documentation of your procedures in placing dogs, i.e. copies of contracts, etc. I have posted all of this info with Sandra's knowledge and permission. I would be glad to help anyone transport dogs, if you need the help. Let me know if I can do anything else.

Karen and the S.N.A.C. Pack
Sasha, Nick, Ali, and Cole
Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky Rescue
AMPL State Coordinator, CUR Station 254
New Orleans, LA
"Lord, please help me to be the person my dogs think I am."

Tue, 15 Sep 1998 09:22:01 -0500 - from Liz

Turns out that during non-business hours the Jackson Cty shelter uses their phone line for a fax line which is why I got a fax tone.

I spoke with a shelter worker at about 9:10am CST. Things don't sound good. According to her there are no min pin puppies, the min pins are over two years old and are extremely aggressive. I asked specifically what she meant by aggression, and she said "They bite." The vet apparently attempted to get close enough to them to try and guess their ages but was unable to do any better than over two years.

I asked her if she thought they were dogs that could be placed with some rehabbing and she was not sure at this point. The dogs are very frightened and it's hard to judge at this time. I did leave my name and phone number.

I told her that we would try to find someone experienced with the breed in that area to come and do a check on them. I'm going to give Susan Goldman a call and see if she can find an MPCA member to do that, unless there's someone from the list who is close enough to go check them out. This is the Jackson County Shelter in Gautier, Mississippi. The contact person's name is Sandra. Most of the dogs taken in were poms and they are all in pretty bad shape.

Please let me know if anyone is able to go and check them out.

thanks -


Tue, 15 Sep 1998 22:52:37 EDT - from Wendy

I sent the list a long message earlier this afternoon but it seems to have got lost in cyberspace somewhere! I have been in contact with the Gautier shelter. There is a pregnant bitch B&R that needs a home ASAP. She is the one that is giving them a lot of trouble aas she is a fear biter. The Mom and 2 week old puppies has been fostered and they do have homes for the puppies when they are weaned. There may be two others.One is a B&R male. I need anyone that can help in transportation to get in touch with me please! We can't fly a pregnant bitch, it would be too much for her. I am willing to take these dogs to evaluate them and get them in some sort of good shape to be adopted but I need help in getting them here, If Kaya could get them and drive them to Texas border maybe Robin could meet her there and I could meet Robin somewhere in Texas.Anybody out there that could help with the transportation HELP!!!! This is not a case of having the money for AirFare as we can't fly the bitch. This shelter has been overwhelmed with all these dogs, not just MinPins and the conditions they came out of are absolutely AWFUL!!
The head of the shelter called me and told me the whole story. The woman still has more dogs she only let them take about 60 of them so far.They tried to get a Judge to give them a seizure order but cannot get one because of the Law down there. All the dog people in the area have been to the shelter to help get all these dogs bathed and cleaned up as best they can.The MinPin puppies have been adopted by shelter personnel which is a help. I will be looking to hear from anyone that can help us get these poor dogs out of there.
Wendy Boyette

Wed, 16 Sep 1998 11:47:21 EDT - from Wendy

Liz and Everyone,
We have finally got it fairly well organized. Kaya will go to the Shelter on Sunday morning and pick up the dogs.She will then meet Robin who will get them to my side of Houston. If I can find someone who can get them nearer to me it would be a help as Houston is about 800 miles from me BUT I will manage somehow if we don't have any one inbetween. I had my Veterinarians Doctor Colvin and Doctor Klein fax a letter to this shelter making us responsible for these Minpins. This was the only way we could get them out of there.They had to state that the male would be neutered immediately and the bitch would be spayed after puppies before being placed. I am more than happy to do all of this as these little guys REALLY need some TLC after the way they have lived. The pregnant bitch is really a basket case right now, a bad fear biter etc, but hopefully I can get her out of this with a lot of sensible TLC and inhome care. The boy is not as bad from what I understand. I will be able to tell better once they get to me. Nobody is even really sure the bitch is pregnant as the Vet couldn't get his hands on her but all the dog people who have been helping out seem to think she is. If we hadn't come along I'm sure they would have put her down which would have been a great shame. She DESERVES better than this from people who she probably hates because they have never given her any reason not to. I will let you all know more once we get the dogs into our care.

Fri, 18 Sep 1998 08:33:48 -0500 - from Kaya

Okay all, I spoke with the shelter in Gautier Mississippi and they will be waiting for me to meet them there at 10 am Sunday morning. Then I will meet Robin in between Lafayette and Lake Charles. Please everyone pray for some good weather. If we get a hurricane it could glitch things up........

Will keep you posted....and will report back Sunday evening after the dogs are safely with Robin.


Fri, 18 Sep 1998 23:25:45 EDT - from Robin

Well, everything is on schedule for now. I will meet Kaya to get the dogs in Crowly, LA Sunday afternoon. I will then go straight to Crosby, TX to meet with Angela's mother and give her the dogs. Angela is going to keep them until Friday when she goes up to Lubbock to meet Wendy. So as long as it doesn't RAIN to hard we can get this done. But then again, as my hubby and I were going to Wal Mart this evening it was sprinkling and the weatherman on the radio was saying "Absolutely no rain til next week!" Boy was he ever off the mark! I will let everyone know how the hand off goes when I get back home.


Sun, 20 Sep 1998 11:10:34 EDT - from Wendy

Hi everyone, Just got off the phone with Kaya.she has already picked up the two MinPins from the Shelter and is on her way to meet Robin now. The male is a big Black & Rust boy and is a little shy but otherwise seems to be OK! The poor little girl is a typical Puppy Mill bitch who looks like she has had puppies every six months of her short life!!!! She has a lot of white on her face which doesn't necessarily make her old just very abused!!!! If they are forced to have puppies in those horrible conditions they look old very FAST! She has not tried to bite Kaya so the shelter personnel have done very good work in helping to socialize her. I will know more when I get her on Friday. Robin will pick them up this afternoon and then Angela will get them tonight and keep them until she meets me in Lubbock,Texas on Friday. I am sure the boy will be up for adoption fairly quickly.I just want to get him here to evaluate him to see what type of home he will need. The poor little girl I will keep to see if she really is pregnant and just what she needs. She will get loads of TLC here and all the proper nutrition she needs if she is pregnant. We will let you all know more later. Congratulations to everyone on this list who has helped with all the rescues and adoptions we have going right now. We are ALL doing great work in helping these little dogs who deserve a lot better than they have had so far.

Thu, 24 Sep 1998 13:59:55 EDT - from Robin

Have your little bundles of joy arrived yet, if so how are they doing??

Terri & The Pack>>

<<Yea where are they and whats happening I've been afraid to ask ....They are not going to Wendy until the week end but have they eaten Angela up someone say something.

That is very unlikely as they were both little angels for me and my hubby. The only problem we had was they were in separate crates (which they did not appreciate at all) and if the car slowed down they would start barking. Even when we stopped at our house and turned them out in a spare bedroom so that they could relieve themselves they were just as sweet as could be! I don't think Wendy will have to much rehabbing to do with them!


Sat, 26 Sep 1998 21:08:13 EDT - from Wendy

Its Saturday evening and I just got back from Lubbock Dog shows. I did drive to Slaton,Texas to meet Angela and her Mother with the two rescues. The male is a very big Black&Rust male, very outgoing and 2000% energy now he is free to run about. He should be easy to get adopted. The bitch is a whole nother story. She is in sad condition, very flabby and has no hair from hocks down on back legs which is typical of dogs lying in chicken wire pens all day long!! Her nails were longer than any I have ever seen!! The first thing I did when I got her into the hotel room was to cut nails and she is a very submissive girl, typical of a pet mill dog, so she let me cut them with no problems. I had the Vet at the Dog show look at her on Saturday because she is bleeding slighly and I wanted to be sure she was having a miscarriage or whatever! He thinks her uterus is probably a real mess as she looks from the rear like she has had a uterine prolapse which has never been treated. I will take her into my own Vet on monday morning to get it all checked out but in the meantime I have put her on antibiotics. She is eating and she really is a sweet little girl now she knows no one is going to hurt her.She is the one that was fear biting at the shelter. She likes to be held and wants to follow me everywhere. If we can get her poor little body into shape she will make someone a wonderful, loving, sweet little pet. she is about 11" tall and when we get rid of some of the unhealthy flab will be quite a pretty girl.She has grey mixed in with the tan on her face but her teeth tell us she is not older than about 2 years! she has just been abused.She looks like she has had a lot of puppies in her short life. Its a good thing I live a long way from Mississippi or that woman who owned the puppy mill would be in danger from me!!!!! I just can't imagine people treating dogs this way.! anyway I will let everyone know Monday what the Vet says about her and about the big boy who seems to be very healthy but is only about 9-10 mos old. I will get them both checked for heartworm etc,etc. On the lighter side, my Minpin girl "Matilda" is now CH.Brackley A Lady of Quality so the trip to Lubbock was a success in every way. I'm tired from the long drive and will let you all know later what is going on. My heartfelt thanks to Angela and her mother for making the long drive to deliver these two rescues, it was very good of them. Also, of course my heartfelt thanks to Kaya and Robin. It just shows what we can accomplish when we all pull together. I have high hopes these two can live happy, healthy lives as someone's pets.

Sun, 27 Sep 1998 21:29:20 EDT - from Wendy

Liz, Please add "Titan" big B&R Male and "Sweetie" B&R Bitch rescued from Puppy Mill closure in Mississippi. Male is approx 8-10 mos old, 13 3/4", Bitch is 11" approx 2 years old. "Titan" will be ready to be adopted at once I will let you know later about "Sweetie".
Many thanks,
PS: I named him Titan because he has as much energy as a rocket!LOL

Mon, 28 Sep 1998 11:51:12 EDT - from Wendy

He is ONE BIG BOY!!! but on the plus side he has a good temperament and will make someone with lots of energy a great dog!LOL Apart from his awful ear crop, about 3"!!!!!! he is not a bad looking dog and should be easy to train. He has picked up the routine around here fast and even though the pen he is in is only 30" high he hasn't made any attempt to get out of it! Sweetie on the other hand just pops over it in a flash even if she is flabby and absolutely NO muscle. This is what happens to them when they are kept in those chicken wire pens 100% of the time, no exercise at all. Wouldn't you just like to take a horse whip to some of those people!!!!!GRRR!! she is running with my house dogs out in my front yard right now and having a lot of fun. The strange thing is she is very quiet.I haven't heard her bark yet. They have heavy duty water sprayers at those places to make the dogs quiet. I don't think they had Titan for very long.I would just bet he was bought by them for breeding but they just got him as he is in much better consition than she is. Of course he is still a young dog too. Hope Lister is doing well. All the best,

Mon, 28 Sep 1998 12:23:46 EDT - from Wendy

Titan and Sweetie say HI and muchas gracias!! They have to learn the lingo now they're down here on the borderLOL. Titan is doing really well, he is healthy and full of energy and has a great temperament. He will go in today for his heartworm check. Sweetie is a love but will need some Veterinary care to get her into shape.I will know more after today's Vet visit. Glad you didn't have to swim and I bet your husband is EXTRA glad since he can't swim!!

Thu, 1 Oct 1998 01:13:14 EDT - from Wendy

I just got back from the Vets with "Sweetie" but "Titan" has to stay there for treatment as he is Heartworm positive!! He is such a healthy,outgoing,happy dog that I really pray the treatment will work on him. My Vet keeps them for 5 days while in treatment. There is a new treatment for Heartworm which is much better than the old one BUT it is 4 times as expensive, however it is much better for the dog so I agreed to have him done. I checked ALL 32 Veterinarians in El Paso for their prices and the cheapest was $375.00 for the complete treatment.Dr.Colvin has come through for us again! He will do it for $200.00 including his 5 day stay there. I really think there will be a place for him in MinPin heaven one day. "Sweetie"'s in clinic blood test was negative but Dr.Colvin sent a sample to the Lab to be sure as occasionally these quick blood tests can be wrong. I will get the results of the lab work tomorrow. If she really is negative then I will have her spayed next week as she has just had a litter by the looks of her, probably about 8-12 weeks ago. I know there were some 7-8 week old puppies taken in the raid that were adopted at once so they were probably hers. She obviously is not pregnant! Once she has been spayed I will work on trying to get her coat and skin into some sort of good condition and try to work up some muscle and get rid of the flab.Dr.Colvin and Dr.Klein were horrified when they went over her as she has NO MUSCLE at all.This is what happens when they are kept in those little chickenwire pens their whole life.No running or playing etc. We all agreed that she is not that old probably between 2-4 years old BUT has had many puppies by the look of her. She has such a darling personality that I hope there is a special person out there somewhere for her. I will let you all know further as I get results of Lab work

Thu, 1 Oct 1998 11:10:02 EDT - from Wendy

<<It sounds like we need to start another donation to help our friends. Wendy if you would send the address again I will contribute. I paid much more for Jake's heartworm treatment and that was 5 years ago. Poor lil Sweet Pea how terrible to be that young and in that condition but she will blossom i know with your care....bless you and the good doc...Pam n Friends>>

Pam, Bless you! I will need all the help I can get with this. For anyone that would like to donate please make checks payable to Desert East Animal Clinic. I am hoping that he will spay Sweetie for about $65.00 and I know he will do their Rabies Shots for $10.00 each. The longer she is here the more she is learning to be a dog again!! She is playing and running with my girls in my front yard and she has started barking, just like a normal Minpin!!LOL I have vaccine here so my donation will be their series of Vaccinations and worming and, and and! The change in her coat condition is a wonder as it is finally beginning to shine.She is such a sweet little dog that I know she will make someone a wonderful pet. Dr.Colvin and Dr.Klein will clean her teeth when they spay her.Surprisingly, her teeth are not that bad once you get the dirt off!! Titan is doing great over at the clinic, I called to see how he was this morning and they all love him already. I will be able to get him home in four days after he is finished with his treatment. I discovered that she would walk on a lead as long as she was following Titan but on her own???? she is going to need a little work. We do it for about 15 minutes a day and she is very willing to learn. It is kinda fun having a Black & Rust amongst all my Red ones. She loves my 12 week old puppies and will let them run all over her, I'm sure she was a good mother despite her horrible living conditions. I know the shelter rescued quite a few older puppies, about 8-12 weeks old and I think some of them were probably hers.The only reason they thought she might be pregnant is that she is so flabby she looked like it and of course since she had a litter not long ago she still looks a little like it. She is slowly losing a little weight and hopefully building up some muscle mass. I'd like to lock some of those Pet Mill owners up in those little chickenwire pens and leave them there for the rest of their lives!!!!!!!!!!! I will post my address at the bottom of this for anyone that can find a few dollars to donate. Again, thanks everyone, you all have very big hearts which really helps those of us that have to clean up after uncaring people who just throw out dogs when they get tired of them.
PS: when I go back to the clinic I will take my camera & get pictures of Titan with Dr.Colvin and Dr.Klein and send to you all.

Sun, 11 Oct 1998 11:12:16 -0500 (CDT) - from Dee and KoKo

Wendy, how much money is still needed to help with Titan's and Sweetie's Vet bill? Would you please post the address again where we can mail the donations? Might be a good time for the new members to get involved. I would love to see pics of these two, especially Titan. I have Sweetie pictured like Kitty. Thanks Dee and KoKo

Tue, 13 Oct 1998 13:34:56 -0700 - from Rick

<<I can't imagine what it is going to be like when Sweetie gets here.

From Petie
OK no secrets on the list.....whats this about Sweetie? did I miss something? enquiring minds.

Sweetie is Virginia Bound. Message sent to Mag to post on the web page.

Tue, 13 Oct 1998 14:35:29 -0700 - from Rick

Dear Mag,
Brisket and I are happy to announce that one of Wendy's rescues, Sweetie, is coming to live in the Virginia Countryside with us.
She is scheduled to be airmailed via American Airlines on the 27th of October and I will be at the Richmond, Virginia airport to meet her and bring her home. steps
I've discussed this with brisket and she listens intently and then usually runs out to her yard to attack a cricket, a butterfly or her imagination. Sweetie will have access to a fenced yard of about 1800 square feet and can come and go as she pleases as there is a back stairwell which leads directly to the yard enclosure. I will attach a picture of it with this e-mail.
We are really looking forward to the new addition to our family and giving Sweetie the opportunity to see and feel what it is like to be loved, cared for and have the better things in life to which she has so long been denied.
Our most heartfelt thanks to Wendy for her help with this rescue and for thinking of us when she went looking for a home for Sweetie.
Rick in Virginia

Tue, 13 Oct 1998 17:02:23 EDT - from Wendy

OK! now Rick has told you he is adopting Sweetie I can give you all an update on her. She really lives up to her name, she is a very sweet, loving little girl. She still isn't sure she is allowed to run around loose but is gradually getting used to it. She has now been spayed and had her teeth cleaned.She is also gradually losing some of her flab and putting on a little muscle. Remember, this poor little girl was confined in a chickenwire cage and just didn't know what it was to be a normal dog. Her coat and skin have improved tremendously and she now has a shiny coat.I am still working on getting the callous off the base of her ears, I am using bag balm on them, which really works well. After talking with Rick I know she will have a wonderful,loving home with he and Brisket. This little dog REALLY deserves this. Titan is also doing well and I may have a home for him too.Not sure yet but will let you all know.

Tue, 13 Oct 1998 22:11:12 EDT - from Wendy

Dee, Thankyou for asking about Sweetie and Titan. I have received $185.00 in donations so far. I know Rick is sending a very generous donation for Sweetie so we only really need to get Titan's bill paid which is about $265.00 right now. He will need one further shot to complete his Heartworm treatment. He is a fun dog, very energetic and I am trying to find just the right home for him. I have had a couple of inquiries about him but so far nothing definite. My donations have come from Petie,Nancy & Vince,Sabrina and Rick. I really appreciate every little penny as it all goes to a really good cause. anyone else that feels they can spare a few dollars please make checks payable to Desert East Animal Clinic. Or call me - be sure you can speak MinPin in case one of them answers the phone!!LOL

Pics from Wendy, inc. Titan

Sat, 17 Oct 1998 12:19:24 EDT - from Wendy


Mag, finally got a couple of minutes from being a "Dog Maid"LOL to take a couple of pictures. I think Rick sent you a picture of Sweetie and I have attached a couple of Titan who doesn't know how to stand still so I had to put him in a pen to get the pictures!! Also sent you a pictures of Matilda finishing her championship. Many thanks for all your invaluable help as usual.

Click here for previous posts on Titan.



Sweetie Pics, from Wendy

Sat, 17 Oct 1998 13:10:35 EDT - from Wendy

Sweetie Sweetie
Sweetie Click here for previous posts on Sweetie.

Fri, 23 Oct 1998 13:32:35 -0700 - from Rick


Fri, 23 Oct 1998 18:15:09 EDT - from Wendy

lol!!!!! She's beginning to look really good! Her coat shines and she has lost almost all of her flab.She is beginning to run around more now too! You will see, she really lives up to her name as she doesn't know how to be bad, didn't have a normal childhood locked up in a cage!!!GRRRR! and she is very sweet and loving.she is grateful for all that we are doing for her. Will talk to you on Monday night before I leave for the airport. Maybe you can call me on the phone and we can go over everything.

Fri, 23 Oct 1998 16:28:07 -0700 - from Rick


Fri, 23 Oct 1998 18:57:53 -0700 - from Rick

Hi Wendy, I'm leaving here Monday evening about 5PM. I'm going to stay down in Richmond Monday night somewhere close to the airport to be sure and be there in plenty of time. Besides, I like to sit at the airpory coffee shop and watch people anyway.
I called American Airlines and they said she would be delivered to the Passenger Counter.
Brisket will be staying with my 1st cousin, Sonja so I know she will be o.k.
I was going to write you tonight anyway to tell you about Brisket because I don't think what I have to tell you is appropriate for the list.
After throwing up all day yesterday I decided that if she was still sickly, or had not had a bowel movement by this morning, I would take her back to the vet and demand some answers. Her last bowel movement was Tuesday evening.
This morning she ate o.k. and didn't throw it up but had made no bathroom trip by 10AM so I bundled her up and we took off for the vets. It is about 30 minutes away from here and when we got there I walked her on the big lawn they have as I always do when we make a vet call prior to going in and waiting for our appointment.
There is something about that yard that stimulates her bowels as she always have a dump when we go to the vet and today this little lady cleaned her system out.
I felt her stomach before we left and it was bloated feeling and real tight and that also concerned me.
She started going and left a log in a continuous stream longer than she is. I was amazed that a puppy so small could have so much stool built up. After she was done, her stomach felt normal and she was just full of piss and vinegar so to speak so I just brought her home. She has been her normal self all day, no vomiting and playful as ever.
I guess that buildup im her was making her sick and there was no place for her food to go to after digestion.
It's a magic lawn they have there with all the other scents and I think she is fine now. If I have to drive over there every day I don't mind, I don't know why she wouldn't use her own yard, I'm just thankful that she is cleaned out and back to her old self.
If it's o.k. I'll give you a call Sunday evening, just let me know what time taking into account that daylight savings time starts this Sunday. I think you are normally 2 hours behind us but I'm not even sure of that.

Fri, 23 Oct 1998 19:52:57 EDT - from Wendy

Great news about Sweetie. I would change her feeding to once a day if I were you with a small snack in the morning. I usually feed Sweetie at about 7:00PM and she gets a cookie or a pigs ear or something in the morning.She LOVES to go around and steal everyone elses if she canLOL I think that Brisket's problems have all been dietary. Have you started her on the Eukanuba yet?? It will make all the difference. Only mix a couple of small spoonfuls of the Pedigred canned with it and hopefully you won't have any more tummy upsets! With Sweetie,YOU MUST watch her weight. I have worked long and hard to get her weight down and her muscle mass better and she is finally looking much better. The rough spots on the end of her ears are almost all healed now too. You can call me at any time on Sunday evening as I don't plan to be gone anywhere. I don't go to bed early it is usually about Midnight before I put my light out. I will talk to you on sunday night.

Mon, 26 Oct 1998 09:34:59 -0800 - from Rick


Titan Update
Click here for previous posts on Titan.

Sun, 25 Oct 1998 01:24:22 EDT - from Wendy, via Mag


...Sweetie is going to Rick on Tuesday and Titan is going to his new home on Saturday. He is going to a wonderful home where they have another MinPin and several Wiemerarners. They belong to the local Kennel Club and do both Obedience and Agility. They have four sons so Titan will have a wonderful time and I am so happy to find such a good home for him. They live in S.Minnesota but will drive to Omaha, Nebraska to pick him up. Sweetie of course is going to Richmond,Virginia. It always makes me feel like a million dollars when these rescues end up in these marvellous homes, it is much better than a "Gin & Tonic" LOL.

Sat, 31 Oct 1998 12:53:48 EST - from Wendy

He is on a plane as we speak winging his way to his new home!LOL His nw home is in Fulda,MN but they are driving three hours to Omaha to pick him up. He will get there at 2:20PM their time.In about 2 hours my time! They are a really nice family that hasd another very large rescue MinPin and several Weimeraners.They go to AKC shows and do Obedience and Agility so this is a perfect home for Titan. He will getr to be on their son's dog and sleep with him and have a really great life! he deserves it after the horrible life he had been leading. He came through his Heartworm treatment like a trooper and is now a healthy, happy boy. He thanks each and everyone that made a contribution to his Vet bill as this Heartworm Treatment is not cheap. Glad to hear your girl is feeling better and not chewing her feet up so badly. Happy Halloween to everyone.All my Minpins want to know whats in that big bag on the hall table??????????

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Sweetie Update

Mon, 26 Oct 1998 14:46:40 -0800 - from Rick

T MINUS 20 HOURS And I'm heading for the airport about 80 miles south of me. I know I'll get there a few hours early but I like to sit in the coffee shop and watch people pass by and try to guess what kind of underwear they have on.
Me and Brisket and Sweetie will be back tomorrow afternoon.

Mon, 26 Oct 1998 19:03:01 EST - from Wendy

Sweetie is getting Very embarrased by all this talk of her underwear!LOL She said to tell you all a Lady never dicusses her underwear in public.VBG
Who has to get up at 1:30AM!! to take Sweetie to the airport.

Tue, 27 Oct 1998 14:11:01 -0800 - from Rick

SWEETIE IS HOME AS OF 1.35PM loca(EST). She is a little nervous running around exploring the house and the yard and has alrady found two of Brisket's rainy day stashes of food. More to follow, I have a lot to catch up on. She is an absolute doll and Brisket will be home in about an hour to meet her.
Thanks for all the kind thoughts everybody. Long night and story about the trip and so forth will follow later.
Ric, Brisket and Sweetie

Tue, 27 Oct 1998 16:24:17 -0800 - from Rick

Brisket wants to play and Sweetie is in her crate with fangs bared and growling and snapping at Brisket. Do I let them get together. Brisket is bigger than Sweetie. I don't want either animal hurt

Tue, 27 Oct 1998 21:37:56 -0800 - from Rick

Getting to the airport a few hours early I figured I would have plenty of time to relax and wait for Sweetie to arrive. She was scheduled in on American Airlines flight 1140 arriving Richmond. Virginia at 10.30AM EST.
I sat down in one of the chairs facing the American counter and just waited. The passenger reservation people cam to work at 6AM so I went up to the counter and told the lady who I was and what I was there for and just wanted them to know I was there so they wouldn't be worrying about it. I was told they weren't worried. What does that mean???
I watched the status board as the flight left Dallas on time heading for Richmond and gave it about twenty minutes before going back up to the counter and asking the nice young lady if she would verify for me that Sweetie was on the plane. There are screwups in everything so I wanted to just make sure that Sweetie was aboard so I wouldn't have to call Wendy and tell her they lost my dog.
The lady said she had no way of knowing that without a bill of lading(which I didn'yt have). I told her that all she had to do was pull up the cargo manifest which should be on the computer as the flight had been in the air for about twenty five minutes.
She said that was classified as to passenger manifest and she couldn't do it.
At this point I became a little agitated and slammed my cane down on the counter and told her in a not so calm voice that I didn't want any passenger names or social security numbers, I by god wanted to know if my dog was aboard that flight, and I wanted to know now and somebody better tell me.
Now here comes the little lady with the star on her shirt and wearing the smokey the bear hat and shaking her finger in my face.
I apoligized and told them that I was under a lot of strain due to an earthquke in 1964 that I was in and I had flashbacks sometimes.
A suit then appeared and verified for me that Sweetie was indeed on the plane and would I not bother the reservation clerks further.
I sat there as the minutes ticked by and saw the status board show the flight was coming in five minutes early and oh so very, very slowly, the time ticked down to 10.25AM and the status board never changed to "arrived" or "At the Gate".
Well, this just wouldn't do so I went back up to the counter pointing to the staus board and trying to ask if the plane was on the ground and if so why was it still just designated as "on time" status.
Here comes the star lady again and just stares me right in the chin(she was not very tall) and says 'SIT DOWN"
I felt like doing a Patrick Henry to the tune of "give me my dog or give me death"but as she was wearing a heater, I figured I better shut up or she might just shoot me.
I sat there with my camera armed for auto speed shoot and I must have nodded off because the next thing I knew, I suddenly jerked awake as I half slid off the chair and there walking towards the counter was a man with a very pink crate and I knew that had to be Sweetie.
I tried to jump up and hurry over but my bad leg had fallen asleep and it buckled under me. My cane went flying one way and me the other with my finger pressed on the camera "PressHere" key as I fell. The flash was going off like a stobe light while the film raced through the whole roll. People were blinded by the 36 plus flash points and I'm sure I have a whole roll of 36 exposures of various angles of the ceiling of the terminal.
As I signed for Sweetie I swear I heard someone call me a maniac. How Rude.
The ride home was kind of different also but will get into that another time.
The important part is that she is home and once her and Brisket get to know each other, I think things will be fine.

Tue, 27 Oct 1998 22:05:18 EST - from Wendy

Since we are having a Monsoon down here and I have had ALL the MinPins in the house it has been a Zoo so Rick's epistle on his wait for Sweetie was just what I needed for light relief!!LOL I haven't laughed this hard in a very long time. From talking with him on the phone I am sure this is exactly what happened.Let him tell you about taking pictures while driving down the road!another belly laugh for everyone. Sweetie is such a little Lady that I am sure she and Brisket will come out of this just fine BUT Rick in entirely another matter! I prescribed 3 Prozac and a Double Scotch for him!!!!! I am sure rick's Sweetie & Brisket stories will keep us all amused for quite a long time.
Who needs some sleep!!!! This getting up and going to the airport at 1:30AM is hard on this old body!

Thu, 29 Oct 1998 13:05:27 -0800 - from Rick


Rick & Sweetie's Stories & Pics

Fri 30 Oct 1998 17:19:45 -0000 - from Rick

After I signed for Sweetie I carried her out to my car which was parked right across the street from the terminal.
I put the crate in the shotgun seat and took the door off and just sat there about ten minutes talking to her and she finally came out of the crate and onto my lap.
There was no mess in the crate and I figured I'd better get this little doll somewhere where she could relieve herself after that long flight and so forth.
The Terminal area is a concrete jungle with no grass or dirt but there is a rest stop about 20 miles up the Interstate from where I was so I decided to head for that and make a stop for Sweetie.
I backed out of the spot I was in and went looking for the exit with the parking ticket up on the dash. I drove around and around and around and could not find the exit. Airports are confusing to me anyway.
At one point some gal waved at me and I thought that she was just waving at Sweetie who by this time was standing up and looking out the drivers window.
Finally after taking every road I could find around this big building I saw a little grass plot off to the right and pulled up on it to let Sweetie get out.
I put her on her leash and we just kind of stood there on this nice putting green type of grass while I waited to see if she was going to do any business.
I had been standing there about five minutes when here comes Wyatt Earp in his little Ken and Barby Doll jeep with the star on the side.
He got out and came over to me and proceeded to tell me that I was not in a pet area, I was on the lawn of the airport managers office and I was going to get a ticket. I was also going to get a ticket for driving right through the parking lot gate without paying for my parking and the attendant trying to flag me down. I was also going to get a citation for parking on the lawn. This has not been a great day so far, and I'm not in a real good mood because now I have to pee.
With Sweetie looking out the drivers window, she had partially blocked my vision and I didn't see the booth where the gal was waving at me.
I explained to the officer about my being here to pick up Sweetie and I was lost and was trying to find the ticket booth and did not realize that I had run the booth so to speak.
I think there were two things that saved me from getting this whole ticket book thrown at me. The officer was a dog lover and Sweeties story moved him, I could tell from the look on his face when I told him about the rescue and the fact that I still have Oregon plates on my car and pleaded stupidity.
He looked kind of amazed and told me he knew who I was, the whole security squad had heard about the ticket counter.
Anyway, I paid for my parking and proceeded on my way after a few heartfelt thanks to the security officer and about ten minutes later, we merged onto Interstate 95 heading North for home.
Sweetie still had not done any business so I figured I'd stop at the rest area anyway just to give her another chance.
Traffic was fairly heavy and here in Virginia, trucks can't use the outside lane in a lot of areas so they are restricted to driving on the two inside lanes. I didn't want to drive very fast as I was a little worried about Sweetie and the bumps and jerks any car makes when it is moving so I stayed in the middle lane doing about 70. Everybody was passing me like I was standing still. I have trucks coming right up behind me trying to get me to move to the outside but I ain't moving.
By this time, Sweetie had discovered she could move around at will and went exploring. I have a Mustang Hatchback and I had the back seats down with a pink blanket covering everything to give her plenty of room to raom which I figured she would do.
When I left to head for the airport, I put some pigs ear pieces, a couple of tins of pedigee(small packets) and a small bag of Eukanaba dry food in a paper bag just in case we got stranded somewhere, at least Sweetie would have some chow. There were also a couple of other treats and a bottle of water.

I heard rustling in the back and moved my rear view mirror to see what she was into and it was the brown paper bag. (Pictures attached). I was drivng and watching the road and aiming the camera over my shoulder, trying to take pictures of this. I didn't know if they would come out but a couple did luckily.
I have no where to pull over so I'm very gently telling Sweetie, No, get out of that bag, No, you can't have that. Paying no attention she proceeded to eat the pigs ears, the treats and chew a hole in the little bag of dry food.
She was working on a packet of the pedigree, trying to get the top off when I came screaming into the rest stop and could get the rest of it away from her.
Wendy had told me about her strict diet and I had already blown that days plus a few other days rations for her.
We finally made it home though and Brisket is still trying to play but Sweetie is not having any quite yet. I know that in time they will become best buddies and I am happy to have her.
I will be posting a few current pictures of the two of them as well as some of just Sweetie later today.
My Thanks again to all of you for your kind thoughts and concern.
Rick, Brisket and Sweetie

Sun, 31 Oct 1998 23:07 Oz time - from Rick to Mag via ICQ

Sweetie out in the yard right after I brought her home

Click here to see more pics of Sweetie & Brisket.

Mon, 2 Nov 1998 16:43:33 -0800 - from Rick

I think maybe Sweetie may be bonding here with me already. She follows me everywhere just like Brisket does but today a little thing happened I want to share with you guys.
I had a doctors appointment so I ask my 1st cousin Sonja to come over and stay with the puppies as I'm not ready to leave them by themselves and it's very rare that I leave Brisket anyway and when I do I always leaver her at my cousin's.
Sweetie is very quiet, doesn't make much noise and only barks when Brisket is out on the deck barking at something or anything which usually isn't there.
Brisket always raises cain when I leave her here until I am out of sight and then she just goes back to her normal playful self. Brisket is really fond of my cousin and vice versa so I never worry about her in my cousin's care.
Brisket and Sweetie were both on the upper deck barking at me as I left and when I got back about 90 minutes later my cousin told me that Sweetie had barked the whole time I was gone, didn't stop until my car came into the driveway.
I think she missed me. I know that Wendy said she didn't like being left alone but there was someone here so I figured she would be fine.

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Titan Update
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Wed, 4 Nov 1998 19:15:45 EST - from Wendy

Thought you would all like this about Titan in his new home. Wendy


The crate you shipped Titan in should go out UPS either today or tomorrow. Doug doesn't know for sure if he got it to the office today before they picked-up today's freight. Titan got neutered yesterday. He has only tried to pee in his belly band twice since he he has been here and is real good about going when he is taken outside. He is already learning how to sit on command. He is just like our other Min Pin in that he will do just about anything for a treat. He is finding his place in our home.


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News on Titan
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Fri, 20 Nov 1998 11:20:57 EST - from Cathy, via Wendy


Just thought I'd take a minute to give you a quick up'date on Titan. He has been neutered and tested for Heartworm. He came back Heartworm negative. Here in Minnesota we won't need to use preventative until end of next March, mosquitos are no longer around since it is regularly below freezing around here now. He sleeps with my son and gets along very well with our other Min Pin. Dexter has taken a while to warm up to Titan. Titan doesn't think the Weims belong in the house and tends to growl and bark at them. For the most part they ignore him, but every now and then one of them decides he is being too annoying and sends him tumbling. He now knows to "sit" for a treat and he has a habit of jumping into the air to see what is on the counter or what you might have in your hand. We are teaching him to "Hup" on command, but will not let him jump up to take a treat out of your hand, otherwise he will try to jump up and steal food from your hand that he isn't supposed to. We haven't been using the belly band since he has been neutered. He is pretty good in the house and we are doggy enough people we tend to be forgiving when he isn't. He is really good in the main part of the house but likes to sneak up stairs to the bedrooms and mark pillows, a slightly annoying habit. A baby gate to keep him down stairs seems to be solving that difficulty. Our biggest housebreaking problem right now is cold weather. He doesn't want to go out when it is cold and our son doesn't like to stay out with him long enough in the cold to make sure everything has been completely taken care of. Titan is a fun loving little dog and has to come sit in a lap as soon as someone is home to snuggle and hug and getted lots of petting. He also loves to be covered when he sleeps and has become quite good at getting himself covered up with a small blanket or coat or a shirt or whatever might be available. Thanks so much for sending him to us.


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News on Sweetie from Rick
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Sat, 21 Nov 1998 00:09:44 +0800 - from Rick, via Mag

Hi guys - I received the following email from Rick earlier today...

Blood tests and an independent lab both confirm the presence of Heartworm in Sweetie. They must have still been in incubation when she was checked out earlier. Treatment will start on Wednesday 25, November.
I have removed myself from the list as I want no distractions from my dedicated time to getting this little baby well.
I am hoping that there has not been a lot of damage as we have caught this relatively early.
She is happy and content and I would want the list to rest assured no expense will be spared for her treatment and recovery.

Sun, 22 Nov 1998 12:08:09 EST - from Wendy

Rick has asked me to ask all of you to please not send him messages by ICQ. As you know, when a message comes in on ICQ is makes a cuckoo noise which sends Brisket into orbit!! Since he will be wanting to keep Sweetie very quiet after her first treatment on Wednesday he would prefer it if you didn't send him any mail.Sweetie has decided that she likes being a normal MinPin and tries to keep up with Brisket so he will have his hands full keeping them both quiet LOL Sweetie feels fine and is eating and playing normally so I hope all goes well for her and Rick. I will keep you all informed on how she is doing and we will have Rick back with us as soon as she has gone through the Heartworm Treatment, about 60 days.

Sat, 28 Nov 1998 09:50:54 -0500 - from Rick

I am back on the list guys as I think Sweetie is doing just fine. It's me that needs the tranquilizers but she seems to be picking up in energy and her activities are basically normal.
There has been no coughing(a little sneezing) but she seems perfectly normal so I guess I don't have to warch her 24 hours a day like I thought I had to just to insure that she stays quiet and low key.
I have been worried that Brisket would inflame the barking and hell raising but it is Sweetie now that jumps up and starts guarding everything in sight when a horn honks on the TV or the furnace shuts off while Brisket just takes everything in stride.
Maybe with the next treatment of back to back shots there will be more care to be taken but I have to be honest, I don't see any problem here and for that I am grateful.

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