--- LOST PIN PART 2 - 1 Jan
Esther's rescue - 6 Jan
Todd - Rescue update - 10 Jan


Thu, 31 Dec 1998 20:01:46 EST - from Esther

I just got this message on my email and have already left Marina an voice mail message. Will let the list know what happens. I can and will pick the dog.


<<I'm in need of some assistance in finding a home for a lost miniature pincher that is currently at the vet office where I work in Rolling Meadows, IL.

It's a male who is about 2 - 3 years of age. He was brought into our vet office by the Rolling Meadows police and so far no one has called to claim a lost pet. If no one claims him after the allowed time and no arrangements have been made, the police authorize our office to euthanize the animal.

I would be very grateful if you could help me out in any way or have any suggestions....

Sincerely, Marina Price>>

Fri, 1 Jan 1999 20:40:23 EST - from Esther

Well I spoke to the person who left me the email message about the red min pin who was at the vets office. Apparently there is no shelter so the police always bring the dogs to them. They usually hold for five to seven days hoping someone will call. This little guy (not spayed) has been in the office since 12/27. Marina (vet's office) will call the local PD tomorrow and see if they will release the dog to her. Then her and I will make arrangements for me to get the dog. In Chicago we are expecting LOTS of snow tonight and tomorrow so this is a wait and see game (she is about 45 minutes expressway driving from me). She said they have not heard him bark yet and that he loves to be held and cuddled.

More later as more info becomes available.


Sun, 3 Jan 1999 18:41:13 EST - from Esther

Okay guys I have the two year old male red min pin coming to my home on Tuesday if no one calls the vets office and claims him by then. I will foster until we can find it a home. Apparently this dog was found in the street and brought to the vet's office by the police. He has been there since 12/27. Does this list want me to check with MY vets office to see if the groomer there is still interested in a rescue? Or is there someone in Illinois who is next on the list?

Let me know, before you know what happens (heart strings, attachement, etc.).


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Esther's rescue

Wed, 6 Jan 1999 17:56:05 EST - from Esther

<<Has anyone heard from Esther? I thought she was to pickup a new rescue yesterday. Esther, are you still snowed-in? Just wondering and hoping everything went well. Dee and KoKo>>

Thanks Dee, no we are not snowed in just snowed around. There are piles and piles of snow every where but we are mobile. Sorry I have not had a chance to update the list but have been emailing privately to Liz and Wendy.

"Little Guy" with no name came yesterday and he looks a lot like Kitty. He seems to be a real good dog and I have not heard him bark yet. He got along very well with my other two but of course being the protected mom I kept Kitty away from the "boyz". It looks as though he may have a home in Maryland but we are working out the particulars right now. Even though my husband Tom said hurry up and get him placed because "little guy" was becoming Tom's shadow and Tom was really liking it.

More later, I have to go -- but thanks for asking and everthing went really well. On my way home now to make it up to Little Guy for leaving him in a kennel all day.


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Todd - Rescue update

Sun, 10 Jan 1999 10:43:33 EST - from Esther

I apologize to this list in that I have been very busy and have been privately emailing only some on this list regarding the rescue that I got last week out of the vets office who was found walking the streets.

I had a perspective perm home for him in Maryland, as most of you know we in Chicago have been hit real hard with a winter storm. It was impossible for me to ship this dog out of here via air to Kim. Who by the way has joined our list. Please welcome her and let her know that even though this dog did not work out for her and her husband Donnie that another one will. Please ask her to give us a chance. She seems as though she will be a wonderful min pin mom and we really need her to stay with us.

As for Todd the rescue my step son has asked me if he can keep him. Alex does not live with us but has been around min pins since we first got Java and he is wonderful with them and they all love him. He is a responsible teenager and much thought has gone into this decision between my husband, his ex-wife and myself. And we all feel comfortable that Alex will be a good min pin owner. On the positive end of this I don't really have to let the dog go. I know that he will be part of our home as well as he has other min pins here to play with. So I will be able to watch this dog develop also.

Again, I apologize to the list for not being more communicative but this storm has taken a real toll on all parts of our lives but THIS TOO SHALL PASS and I am looking forward to the 40 degree weather we are promised next week.

Java, Kitty and little no name with the big head who I call TODD

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