8 year old male Atlanta area needs rescue - 3 Jan
--- Update - 4 Jan
Vinny...Adopted! - 13 Jan
Vinnie's new home update!! - 17 Jan

8 year old male Atlanta area needs rescue
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Sun, 3 Jan 1999 19:19:54 -0800 - from Rie

A few months back, I posted about this dog. He had started peeing in the house. They agreed to try belly bands. Apparently either they didn't help, or they didn't use them because the dog is again peeing in the house. From what the owner told just now, they have had company for most of the last 2-3 weeks (with more little kids) and the dog is at it again. She says she is to the point she doesn't care what happens to the dog, even if it means being PTS.

So again, I am putting out this info:
8 year old male, neutered B/R needs a foster home ASAP and then re-homed with no kids since they seem to be the focus of the behavioral problems. He has not snapped, or bitten according to the owner. However, she says he has also now started getting into things like trash and tearing up kleenex all over the place.

Can anyone offer assistance for this guy, someone who is able to deal with behavioral problems?

Please let me know ASAP so I can put you in touch with her before she decides to have him PTS. He really doesn't deserve that.
Rie Shields

Mon, 4 Jan 1999 21:35:47 EST - from Lynn

Been trying all day to find a foster home for this little man....Vinny....I have called 5-6 potential foster homes, but all of them are full up right now. I am waiting on a call for one other and will hopefully get more leads tomorrow. I have at least convinced the owner to try to work with him in the home until we can find a viable foster home for him rather than the unacceptable alternative.

Owner has complained of him pee'ing in the home (under beds, in his crate, on her bedpost), but she has continued to give him free reign of the entire house. I made the suggestion of beginning to limit his space by having him leashed to her all day for 2-3 days (a suggestion made to me by someone who knows), then gradually increasing his space one room at a time, but supervised, of course......his obviously sneaking around when she's not looking.

A description of Vinny follows:

9 years old in May 1999
nuetered male
24 pounds!!
not dog or food aggressive
great with kids
up to date on all shots & heartworm negative as of September 1998, on daily heartworm medication

I will continue to work at this ...... leads anyone?

Lynn and Little G.

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Wed, 13 Jan 1999 14:50:19 EST - from John

Hey All,
Well, in case you forgot Vinny is the 24 pounder in Atlanta that we've been tring to place for a few weeks now. Thanks to Lynn (Zehava1) for finding a co- worker willing to put up a new fence and adopt him!
This guys wife and daughter are in the home and are so excited to get him, Lynn and I will pick him up Sunday morning at his owner's (who has been wonderful actually being patientent for us to find him a GOOD home) and delivery him Sunday afternoon to his new home cross town.The owner wants to make sure his kennel, toys, food, bed and all the other stuff goes with him so he's not as tramitized over the ordeal.
Anyway, wanted to spread the great news and thanks to Lynn G for all she done.
John and Brutus (chewing on his Kong)

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Vinnie's new home update!!

Sun, 17 Jan 1999 17:08:19 EST - from John

Hi Everybody:

Today Vinnie was picked up from his home and delivered to his new home. The family that got him was very, very happy to get him. He will have two little girls to play with and love him. The foster mom had written a long letter to the new owners to let them know the particulars to Vinnie's care. It seemed very hard for her to let him go, even crying all night. Think she almost changed her mind, but she said she envisioned a happy home for him and decided it was for the best. The family that got him was very anxious for him to be delivered, as they called several times in the morning before he got there to ensure that he was actually coming. Another one placed in a loving home!!!

John and Lynn

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