New Foster - Willie - 15 May
Update on Willie (LONG) - 30 May

New Foster - Willie

Sat, 15 May 1999 16:52:14 EDT - from Jeanese

Hello Everyone,

I got a new foster dog today. His name is "William," but goes by "Willie." He is almost 2 years old (August). Black and rust, docked, not cropped, two dew claws, housebroken and debarked. He is about 13" tall and at least 10lbs. The chief complaints from his previous family were excessive barking (now debarked), chewing (although he has not destroyed anything recently) and nipping (what they described as "PAC-MAN" behavior).

It is my belief that he was unhappy in his home. He lived with adults, but I think that they just did not have enough time to spend with him. I have noticed that he is shy. There has not been any destructive or nipping behavior. I will keep a close eye on him though. I took him to Petsmart and Petco and he did fine with all the other dogs. He has been introduced to my three and they seem to be doing fine. He is definitely a lap dog and rides in the car wonderfully (unlike my three).

I have all shot records and the blue AKC registration application. His breeder was a woman named Patsy Fletcher from Booneville, AR. Sire was Buffalo Bob and Dam was Little Dodger. I am thinking that this is a puppy mill????

That's William's story...I am glad he is in my home.

Jeanese, Samson, Sunshine and Scrappy
"If you breed, rescue,
if you don't breed, rescue anyway"
IMPS-Washington State

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Update on Willie (LONG)
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Sun, 30 May 1999 11:29:10 EDT - from Jeanese

Willie went to his new home yesterday. I will give you Willie's background for those of you who forgot. He is an almost 2 year old, black and rust, male, docked, not cropped, neutered and debarked. Complaints from the original owners ... destructiveness, barking and nipping behavior. I had no problems in my house with him really. He was very shy and would hide when stressed, then I would have to stand on the back of the couch and reach down there a bail him out =). He almost had the behavior of a dog that had been abused =(.

Robert, his new owner contacted me (and a few others) I understand, about a month or so ago. At that time I didn't have any rescue dogs available. When Willie came in Robert immediately wanted to meet him. It worked out perfect because I was going out of town for a night, so Robert picked Willie up and he stayed there for 3 or 4 nights. Here are two e-mails from Robert to me during that time:

First report: Obviously I love this little guy!

But I have to tell you, after 45 minutes in the car with me he was no longer the same dog I met at your place. He was immediately in my lap, and stayed there for the whole hour drive. Every time he'd get antsy I'd whisper SIT and he would immediately

We stopped at the store b/c I had a few things to finish up. He just paced at first, back and forth. He was following me and really interested in what I was doing, but I noticed he'd run away every time I'd look at him. So I just sat in the floor and called him, but didn't look at him. About 15 minutes passed as he inched closer and closer and eventually crawled (with no coaxing) into my lap. I petted him for a while then did some more work. He had started following me more closely. And wasn't running away when I looked at him. So I sat down again -- this time it took him about 5 minutes to make it into my lap. So I petted him some more and went through the same routine, and this time, he was starting to be a nuisance b/c he was right under my feet and into everything I was working on. When we I was ready to go, he was in another part of the store nosing around, and I called him and he came right to me and let me leash and collar him with almost no hesitation at all, except he did approach me from behind.

This time in the car on the way home, he kept shoving his head under my arm till my had was on his back, he insisted on sitting that way, he wouldn't let me move my hand from him w/o sticking his nose under it till I'd pet him again. And every time I'd say KISSES, he look back and just lick me...it was really adorable.

I just finished letting him check out the house and put him some food and water on the floor in a bowl beside my bed. He chowed down like he was starved and now he's hopped up right in here with me...see...

Sleeping like a baby...

He's a totally different dog! It really was amazing, he's so affectionate!

I hope all goes well tomorrow when I introduce him to Samantha.

Thanks so much.


Second E-mail:

<<well today I have a new best friend

He went shopping all day with me and was a charmer...prancing around like he owned every place we went. He got lots of pets and attention everywhere, especially at EDDIE BAUER. And we went to a store called BOW WOW MEOW, a specialty shop for dogs and cats. When I petted another dog there, he went crazy -- he was insanely jealous! He stayed all day at the store with me and now doesn't hide at all anymore. He even comes when I call him and his favorite place is in my lap on his back. He sits on command and will even sit and stay when I walk out the door until I say OK and then he'll walk out after me. He always has to have me in sight though, even if it's just peeking around the door, or he starts the shaking.

We went to the park for lunch hour and he played in the fountain and let 3 or four kids pet him and didn't shy away from them at all, one little girl kept kissing him on the back, it was funny. And he just loved it. You can tell because he starts to prance like nothing I have ever seen -- almost like a Tennessee walking horse.

He also has a funny habit of walking upright like a human. If he is being ignored and I am conversing with someone. He'll stand up and start walking between us. He did it 6 or seven times today.

When we come back you are going to think I switched dogs.

I am excited for you to see how far he's come in just a day -- I truly can't believe it.>>

Willie then came back to me for several nights as Robert had some plans that would make him leave Willie alone too much. So yesterday, he picked him up and Willie is on to his new life!!!! Pretty cool...huh? He went to Robert's with a collar, harness leash and brand new crate as his (Willie's) gift from me. I also gave him IMPS' address for a donation.

I hope you all made it through this long post....had to share the good news.

Jeanese, Samson, Sunshine and Scrappy
"If you breed, rescue,
if you don't breed, rescue anyway"
IMPS-Washington State

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