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Another foster..

Thu, 07 Jan 1999 22:36:20 -0500 - from Dawn

Hey guys - Just to let you know, I picked up another one tonight. I'm starting to feel like Doolittle here...just waiting for the Ostrich with the wreath! lol
Anyway - The story is the woman who surrendered her has a daughter that works at a pet shop. Apparently the daughter got her for free as she is an *older* puppy (7 months on the 23rd of Jan.) Well, the 7 year old Rottie they have did not like the new cute intruder and tried to make a snack of her a couple of times. (Who could really blamer her?) The woman has had her since Dec. 9th and she was crated most of that time. They really weren't prepared for the energy level a Minpin has, so they decided the best thing would be to get her a good home. Xena is going to the vet tomorrow to finish up her shots, and then will be getting spayed early next week. She's tall for a Minpin (surprise), but very thin. A full description is: red, not spayed, has had most of her shots, friendly (Yay!), gets along with cats and other dogs, not too much of a barker - only when someone rings the bell (so far!). She is crate trained, and somewhat housebroken (working on that). She is a HIGH energy dog, and so far has kept up with Millie. :-) She does have a potential home that she will be meeting on Sat. Xena won't actually go to live there until after she's been spayed. And that's if she passes the home check.
But, I got another call tonight about a male Minpin in RI. All I know is he's less than a year old, is a pet shop pup, not neutered (is this becoming a trend or what?) and supposedly will chase cats. The owner is supposed to call me tomorrow, so I'll know more then. Is there anyone around the CT, RI area that would be willing to help with foster/transport for this little guy? I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with 2 dogs in the same day, so any help would be appreciated! If you can help, and are not listed on the IMPS contact list (http://members.xoom.com/minpinresq/), please fill out the foster application ASAP!
Dawn, Skootchie, Millie and Xena

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Update on Xena
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Thu, 14 Jan 1999 15:45:05 -0500 - from Dawn

Hullo - I just wanted to give everyone an update on Xena, how she's doing, and what her future will be! Xena is an adorable red girl, though a little on the tall side. She is at the vet right now recovering from her spay. She will be going home tomorrow (hopefully!) depending on the weather. I was going to bring her to her new home tonight so she could have some nice quiet healing time without my monsters jumping all over her, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. Xena's new mom, Dotty, has about a foot of snow now and it's supposed to continue for the rest of tonight and possibly tomorrow. My area has only a couple of inches, so it looks like we'll go to my house from the vet. I'll have to leave her in the crate tonight, my two certainly will want to play and I don't want her to get hurt.

It's been a little on the weird side having a puppy in the house again, haven't done that in a while! But, it was neat in a way as I could see that she was just so happy to be doing normal dog things. If you don't remember her background, she'll be 7 months old on the 23rd of Jan, and with the exception of 2 or 3 weeks, has been in a pet store window playing with 8 week olds for her entire life. Everything is so new and she's so eager to just do whatever mine do and be part of the pack. I've been doing some training with her, she's done well with the housebreaking (only about 1 accident a day), she knows sit and is learning No Bite(!puppy chewing!), come, go pee pee, and kennel up. She's so enthusiastic, she's doesn't yet know those actions will someday go against what she wants to do! But, all in all, it's been fun!

Almost time to leave to get her, I'm leaving at 4:00 today so I can HOPEFULLY be at the vets by 6:00! It's Boston - what did you expect?? : )

Dawn, Skootchie, Millie and Xena

Sat, 16 Jan 1999 18:41:14 -0500 - from Dawn

Heya - Wanted to let everyone know that Xena is now in her new home! I didn't even cry this time, though I will miss her. She had such a great "I'm a puppy and let's have fun!" personality. Her new mother Dotty might be joining the list so she can pick all of our brains when Xena does normal Minpin stuff! On a sad side note, I had to turn down 2 potential homes today....1 because it had an out of control 2 yr. old baby, & the yard was not fenced, the 2nd because they really did not know what they were getting themselved into. My machine had someone looking for a Miniature Doberman. Both husband and wife work CRAZY hours and would not have enough time to spend with the pup. AND they wanted it housebroken before they got it. I politely told the 2nd home that it wouldn't be in the dogs best interest to be in a crate for 9-12 hours and that perhaps they should get a book on Minpins before getting one so they could see if the Minpin was the perfect dog for them. Oh well, you can't win them all! I'm not going to read anymore mail, I'm shutting this off and am going to go snuggle with my 2 babies in front of the TV.....
Dawn, Skootchie and Millie (who are both happy they get mommy to themselves now!)

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Xena is back with IMPS

Unfortunately, Xena's new home didn't work out and on 18 Sep 1999, Xena was back with Dawn.

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Xena's New Home

Wed, 29 Sep 1999 18:00:43 EDT - from Dave, Laura, Laurissa, Izzy and Zena

We just adopted a minpin a few days ago. We went through the process of adoption with dawn sullivan in eastern ma. Found a beautiful red minpin 1 1/2 years old and pretty well behaved. ZENA is our new addition to our family. Years ago we had a male minpin, black and tan "BUBBA". Minpins are energenic! She gets along great with our other dog IZZY an 85 lb. female fawn doberman. If one is chasing the other in the back yard, here they come with the other chasing. Both dogs enjoy the run until they tucker out. Zena behaves very well with my wife and young daughter. A little food agressive but manageable. We will keep updates with Zena and my house full of females. What was that Dawn? Now I need to adopt a male to even things out? thanks IMPS
Dave, Laura, Laurissa, Izzy and Zena

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Xena Update

Sat, 13 Nov 1999 10:32:43 -0500 - from Dave and Laura

to update this page we are xena's new adopt parents. have her about 2-3 months. adopt from dawn s. great min pin. good with family and our other full dobe. need any more info for update? get back to us any time. I guess she was too much for Dottie.

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